A New Beginning

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Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. Let this year herald well-being, ease, positive growth and abundance in every form, by staying aligned with your life-stream.

Technically, a year, 365 days, is the time it takes for Earth to make one full revolution around the sun. So basically we can start a new year on any day, at any hour – and actually different calendars are in existence among different cultures based on the time they started calculating their year (an estimate says there are close to 40 different calendars used in the world today). However, we require a “standard” that can help facilitate measuring time, and days, on a global level, hence the whole world has accepted the “Gregorian calendar” as the standard of measuring a year. So this New Year is a new year with reference to the Gregorian calendar. In truth, since the earth just keeps revolving in circles, each day is a new year, a new beginning, a new start, and a new celebration – you don’t need to reserve your celebration to just one day every year, rather let every day be a celebration of your physical life here on this planet.

A lot of us stay burdened by our past so much that we are hardly “light” enough to be carried towards our new, fresh, realities swiftly. The past is done with, it’s dead and over, every new moment is a new beginning, a new you, just learn the simple art of letting go of focusing on the past – especially the negatives of the past. Don’t live in a “past identity” and keep allowing yourself to come into this moment in a “fresh” manner, so that you are fully open to the invitation of this moment. If you keep holding onto the past, you will continue missing the “present”(the gift) that this moment offers in the form of inner guidance, inspirations and enjoyment. You can use this New Year as a symbolic beginning of a new journey where you drop your old baggage, your past identities, past judgments and start afresh, connecting/aligning with your life-stream in a deeper way and opening yourself up to a new adventure. Travel light and enjoy your physical journey in 2012.

It’s a nice coincidence that this is the 200th post of this blog.


  1. Gairmac


  2. Rafael

    Sen, at what point do you know you have reached a space of complete relaxed awareness ? What are you suppose to be feeling like? Thinking? Etc.

    1. Sen Post author

      There comes a point where you are no longer fazed/over-whelmed by the mind’s movements, there is no real fear of the mind, and the mind is allowed full freedom to its movements, I would say this is the point where you’ve really become stable in your being, in your awareness. At this place, since you are allowing your mind a full freedom of movement, you start understanding its natural make-up and also start seeing through patterns of limiting thoughts and beliefs.

  3. Harman

    Happy new year brother SEN

  4. Arsh

    Happy New year Sir

  5. Mark

    Sen, how does one get over the loss of a person important to them? I am trying to look forward, but this sense of loss and despair is really affecting my daily life, even when my mind isn’t thinking of it. This feeling that part of me has died won’t go away.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sen Post author

      Everything physical is bound to dissolve, and it’s required to bring a full awareness to this reality of life. However, the life energy that we are is eternal and keeps continuing into new expression, so in that sense though bodies die, there is no death for the essence of who you are as the life energy – you just keep continuing into new expressions. It’s important to understand your true nature is not this “physical body” but the wholeness of life itself – you are essentially the life energy that created this physical form. You can use the sense of suffering that you feel through the loss of a loved one to be the invitation, or catalyst, for you to now start understanding your true nature, your truth as this life energy and thus connect with your wholeness. Suffering is a great teacher, and is a great catalyst for awakening and aligning with our inner wholeness. You can also read my post on – what happens after death, for a deeper perspective on the eternalness of the life energy that we are, which simply has no death.

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