A Drama-Free Life

Posted on by Sen.

The “unconscious” mind is highly dramatic. You just need to switch on the daily news to see all the antics of the dramatic human mind – domestic violence, political warfare, arguments, hate-laden opinions, violent protests, blame games etc. You will find plenty of examples of the dramatic nature of the mind in your office place, in your online communities, your friends, relationships and, of course, in your own mind (a lot of people find it easier to see the negative behavior in others than in themselves).

The life of an unconscious mind is not different from a cheap soap opera, laced with drama of every kind. Since the unconscious mind is mostly rooted in hatred and fear, its expression is mostly along the lines of jealousy, insecurity, resentment, guilt, blame, spite, vengeance, competition, anxiety, frustration, anger and panic. Even when there are moments of peace, love or joy, the unconscious mind finds some reason to sabotage it with its fear rooted perception because it’s “drama addicted” and cannot align with peace, or love, for long. One of the direct-effects of an awakened mind is possibility, or invitation, towards the manifestation of a drama-free life, which is rooted in peace.

How dramatic are you?

When you start observing your mind’s thought patterns, you will start getting a revelation towards the various dramatic tendencies present in it. Some minds haven an inclination towards dramatizing every small event that happens around them. Constant thoughts of past resentment, complains, self-hatred, blame, self-pity, jealousy, defensiveness etc are the norm in a drama oriented mind. Here are certain behavior patterns that are present in a dramatic person.

– Is rooted in the habit of complaining and exaggerating mistakes on the part of others

– Is always looking for the negatives in any situation

– Loves spinning stories, in the mind, that are rooted in self-pity

– Is more inclined towards being “hyper” than being relaxed

– Has the tendency to hold on to past stories that are rooted in pain, and finds a “victim” identity through it

– Is oriented towards sulking or being passive aggressive, rather being communicative of the problem

– Enters into arguments quite easily and usually gets quite offensive or defensive while putting forward his/her perspective

– Is mostly aligned with fear than with trust or faith

– Is rooted in the habit of critiquing or down-playing others and is rarely appreciative of anything

– Inclined towards distrust and jealousy

– Always feels that others are thinking negative about him/her

– Would rather blame others than look for the inner negative in him/her

– Feels restless and irritated majority of the time

The more mature your mind is the less inclined it is towards dramatics. The way I define a mature adult is a person who is more oriented towards a mindset of peace rather than a mindset of drama. When a challenge arises, the way your mind reacts to it will give you an idea of its maturity – if it jumps into a dramatic reaction, it just means that there are some strong unconscious tendencies present in it and requires a deepening of awareness to bring in more stability.

Make a choice towards peace rather than drama

As you become more rooted in awareness/consciousness, you will be able to make choice towards aligning with peace rather than being dragged into the dramatic tendencies of the mind. This choice is not present in an unconscious mind. Consciousness allows you to be stable rather than be “reactive” in the way you deal with life. Initially one needs to make a conscious movement towards aligning with peace rather than aligning with the dramatic inclination of the mind. When you make this choice on a consistent basis, with time, alignment with peace will become the nature of your mind. It always starts with a conscious “commitment” towards peace rather than drama.

Life can unfold in a harmonious way, for you, when your vibration is rooted in peace and love. For this, you have to make the choice to dis-identify with the dramatic negativity of the mind, towards itself and others, by deepening your alignment with peace. Usually people are ready to make this choice when they are truly tired of the drama of the mind.


  1. Wynone

    So, if jealousy pops up from time to time, when we allow it, will it eventually stop having a hold on the being?
    I’m usually not experiencing jealousy often, but on occasion I do. I absolutely hate the jealousy in me, when it arises, because I know why I do it and that it’s irrational in every way possible.
    By allowing its energy in the mind and in the body, I need to just be fearless towards it.

    1. Sen Post author

      The more you understand that your wholeness is internal to you, and is not obtained from something external, the less importance you give to an external condition to determine your sense of security – this changes your thinking about a sense of “possession”, and hence you no longer identify with the old patterns of thinking in terms of jealousy. Also, when you understand the deep ordinariness inherent in life (because all realities of life come with their light and dark nature) you no longer have any delusions about a certain reality (that someone else may possess, which you don’t have) and hence you don’t associate anything extraordinary with that and hence don’t feel this pinch of jealousy in you. The more you become aware of these truths of life, the more aligned you become with reality, and the more aligned you become with reality the less identified you are with delusion based thoughts – and jealousy is one of the delusion based ways of thinking.

      As a being, when you become more aware of life, the less you will be caught in an unconscious way of thinking – however, this form of thinking can go on in your mind for a while (based on past momentum) and you can simply allow it to run out with time, since you are no longer identified with it there is no reinforcement of these patterns of thinking. As you can see, “allowing” is not a blind technique, it involves awareness of life also, if you are not clear in your awareness of life you will find yourself unconsciously identifying with deluded thoughts in spite of knowing that they don’t resonate with you.

  2. Wynone

    Yes, that feels just like it. You know, it’s so strange… in a great way. I feel like, for maybe only a week, I’ve actually grown so quickly. There’s no fear behind this growth- feels like something that has been temporarily forgotten inside of me, for a short period of time, and now has been restored.
    As I’m not holding on to the feel-good feeling, and just letting it be, I am able to observe the spontaneity and the peace that’s within.
    It’s very nice that it seems to happen really fast with me. I mean, yes, in layers, but at the same time, by reading your articles and resonating with them, there comes this deep sense of bliss at all times. I’m very glad my being progresses this way, and I don’t fear a potential setback, because I know I can return to this bliss just as quickly. That’s the feeling right now.
    Thank you so much, Sen, for having written your articles as they are.

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