The Innocence of Who You Really Are

Posted on by Sen.

Who you are is like a “wise” child. It’s a paradox because a child is not really wise, a child is “innocent”, deeply innocent, but not wise. Who you are is deeply innocent but also highly wise, creative and intelligent. You are love itself, you are joy itself, you are peace itself, these are not states in you but your permanent nature. It’s also your nature to be “creative”, you love creation, you love to express, you are an artist and you use this world as your canvas. These words may seem poetic, but there’s nothing “fictional” about them, they point to the reality, the truth, of who you are.

You are not what your mind tells you, you are. Wake up from this delusion, and come back to your true nature.

You forgot who you are, and you became lost in the mind

It’s an innocent forgetting. Who you are is “invisible” and so you lost yourself in the visible. You take yourself to be the physical form, not knowing that the physical form is your creation, it’s your child. You are before the created, you are the creator. Every being that awoke to this truth realized that the body is the “Son of God”, and who I am is God.

Look around you, at the nature – the clouds, the stars, the flowers, the trees, the river, the breeze, the ocean and the sun. All these are your expressions. You created them so you can see yourself in your expression. The formless manifesting as forms. You can create anything, because you are creative by nature. You are a vibrational being and you can take any form, create any reality you desire. This is your innocence and your power. You are a creator, but you don’t create from “need” but from love.

You are lost in a trance. You take yourself to be an “ego” based identity that the mind has created. You depend on the mind to tell you who you are. The mind has no clue, it’s a machine, it’s a tool, it has no wisdom. Why are you depending on the mind, can you not see that its just a mechanical tool, it’s not your master. Wake up from this wrong identification, and reclaim your birth right to be free and joyful.

Let your expression flower through this body

Each body is unique, but its uniqueness will never shine through as long as you are a prisoner to the “external” conditioning given to you by your parents, society, culture and media. Your natural expression cannot flower when you are riddled with limiting thoughts. As long as you identify with the mind, you will be a prisoner to this unnatural conditioning which based in fear.

Let go of the mind. Don’t fear the consequences. The only consequence of letting go of the mind is “Freedom”, joy, true love and peace. Don’t be afraid, you are in good hands, because who you are is God. Let go of the limited mind, and you will fall directly into your unlimited intelligence, unlimited wisdom and unlimited creative potential. Your body will move from a deeper intelligence and become an expression of love, joy and peace. True abundance will kiss ever moment of your life, as is your birth right.

Freedom from the trance of mind reveals your true nature

The mind has a momentum because you were so strongly identified with it for so long. It’s not easy to let go immediately in one shot (though it has happened in some cases). For most it’s a gradual process. It’s no different than letting go of a deep addiction. There will be withdrawal symptoms. An addict feels fear, sometimes stark depression, when he starts letting go of the substance that he was addicted to. Trust that this fear is only temporary, keep letting go, and all fears will start dissolving automatically.

When there is no mind identification, your true nature will shine through. You will know who you are, not as an idea, but more as an experience. You will be grounded in love, joy and peace as your permanent state of being. You will feel fulfilled every moment, and every action you take will reflect this fulfillment. You will create a beautiful reality, but it won’t be from a place a “need” but from a place of fulfillment. You are innocent, everything is innocence itself, but you are also the deep intelligence that governs this universe.

Once you know this truth, it’s easy to let go of the mind (slowly but surely), or at least not as tough as when you have no idea of what’s happening. Joy is your birthright, but you can only come to it when you are not longer deluded by mind identification.


  1. Myra

    Dear Sen, why is my happiness dependent on external things? One moment I am happy and the other I am sad. If I am treated well I feel great and if I am not appreciated I feel low. Is it really possible to be blissful no matter what goes on around you? Is it possible to feel good all the time? At this point in time in my life I am in a financial crisis. Its so depressing. When I see others living a lavish life I go into depression. I know it’s not good to feel so but I can’t help it. I feel so helpless right now because nothing is happening to improve my financial condition. I’ve been looking for a job but nothing is coming my way. I have so many material desires but there seems to be no way to fulfill them. I try to be ”positive” but the effects are very temporary. I want to have a rich and lavish life but I don’t know how to get there. You say that we should let go and things will start happening but something in me is too scared to try that. What should I do? I will appreciate some words of help.

    1. Sen Post author


      You have a very strong/focused signal going on within you with respect to the reality that you desire to manifest. In your mind (or heart, whatever metaphor you like using) you are very clear about the reality you wish to experience. This is how you co-create new realities – the mind (physical consciousness) comes up with desires and this desire becomes manifested “non-physically” immediately (becomes the Now of the “non-physical consciousness” part of you). So basically the reality that you desire has already manifested, it’s real, and living. In fact, the reality that you desire is the “present tense”, or the Now, of your life force. This “non physical” reality is now “attracting” onto itself into order to condense into a physical reality (that’s how consciousness takes form, by attracting onto itself). This is the same principle that lead to the creation of planets, nature and the cosmos per se – a desire (non-physical consciousness) attracted onto itself to condense into a physical reality. One of the main components that is being pulled in by this non-physical reality is “you” (the physical consciousness), because without you the desire can never be manifested. So basically you are being pulled towards your desired reality – and it’s a very strong pull because it’s coming from the wholeness of life itself. The only way you can align with this pull is when you start thinking/believing in the direction of your desires.

      When something so strong is pulling you, why is it that the manifestation is not taking place quickly? Because in your mind you are so constantly resisting moving towards the pull of life. Everything time you think a thought of “lack”, or when you think “I don’t know how it’s going to happen”, you will feel a “bad feeling” in you because in that moment you are resisting the pull of life. The “bad feeling” is simply created because when you think a negative thought you are moving in an “opposite” direction to the movement of life – it’s like walking against a very strong current of water, you are bound to feel the pain in the body.

      Don’t be scared by the word “let go”, I don’t want you to let go of your mind and you thinking process. What you need to let go is the “resistance” in your mind. Stop delaying the manifestation of your desire by thinking negative/limiting thoughts, that’s all you need to do – let go of thinking negative thoughts. You will see tremendous results manifesting in your reality as soon as you start letting go of “resistance” within you, because I can sense you have a very focused signal going on with respect to your desires and thus the pull is really strong. As soon as you start letting go of resistant thoughts, you will be pulled swiftly towards your desired realities. Don’t ask the question “How will it happen”, life knows how to make it happen (it’s the same intelligence that created the stars, the sun, the cosmos), and it will take you towards the manifestation by inspiring the right ideas, motivation and action. It’s not the job of the mind to figure out how to manifest a desire, the mind’s job is to desire and then align with it – let life bring forth the ideas/inspiration with the right timing. If there was no resistance in you (limiting/negative thinking about your desires), the manifestation would have happened within a month of initiating the desire.

      For so long you’ve never allowed yourself to think in the direction of your desires without doubting them. Doubt is a highly negative thought, and create huge resistance within you. Change this mindset and start thinking in the direction of your desires, knowing wholeness of life is moving towards bringing its manifestation. We seem to think so low of our desires, as if it has no value, but each desire of a human being has tremendous value in creating new realities that are the cause of expansion in life. Your desire can manifest within a month or so (because there is a very strong pull happening right now), depending on how quickly you are able to let go of resistance in you. The less the resistance within you, the sooner you get pulled towards the manifestation. Abundance is the birth right of who you are, it’s just that most us don’t even know who we are and hence we never stake claim to this birth right.

  2. Myra

    Thank you so much. I’ll make it a point to to stop all thoughts of doubt. I am really clear about this now. Could you please guide me on how to be so strong that my happiness should not depend on what’s happening in my external world? I’m very weak at remaining balanced and this really hampers my personal progress.

    1. Sen Post author

      It would not be possible to “stop” the thoughts of doubt immediately, because they have a momentum due to your past attention/interest to these negative thoughts. What you can do is stop feeding “attention” to these thoughts, and allow their momentum to ebb away – your in-attention is the poison that eliminates negative thoughts. Anything you give your attention/interest to will keep perpetuating in your consciousness. There is a difference between “Giving Attention” and “Staying Aware”. When you give “attention” there is a belief/interest in that thought and hence there is identification with it. Whereas, when you just “stay aware” you are not identifying with the thought but are just aware of its movement in you. When you just “stay aware” of the negative patterns/thoughts that arise in your space, they no longer influence your vibration actively and your “dis-identification” with them causes them to ebb away in momentum. I call this “relaxed awareness” because you don’t contract down on a thought-movement but just stay as a open space of awareness in which the thought happens.

      As you start practicing staying as a space of “relaxed awareness”, you will automatically see a stability coming into your movement – a balance/wisdom starts entering your life. Just be easy about it, don’t make too much of an effort to stay aware, but just allow yourself to relax into a place of just being “aware without any identification” with the negativity that arises within. You will find a new kind of intelligence operating in your life as this awareness starts deepening in you. As the momentum of negativity ebbs away, under the light of this awareness, you will see your desired realities manifest around you effortlessly, through synchronicities that can’t be figured out through mechanical thinking. It’s possible to negate the influence of any negative pattern that may be operating in you within a couple of days to a week, just by dis-identifying with it and staying as a space of relaxed awareness. Don’t make negativity personal (see it only for what it is, the way a scientist would observe a phenomenon), because if you make anything personal you will stay identified with it.

  3. Elle

    Very Interesting Article. I hope to focus on dis-identifying myself from my own negativity. Thank you.

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