When Your Desire Feels Ordinary, It’s On the Verge of Manifestation

Posted on by Sen.

One of the misguided understandings people have, especially those who are learning about law of attraction, is that – “exhilaration is the highest vibration to achieve “, and that the more exhilarated they stay the quicker the manifestation. In truth, exhilaration is simply a state of transition when you are moving from a low vibration […]

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  1. Dawn

    Thank you Sen. This is helping me in my quest to understand what is meant by “letting go.” But I’m not quite there yet:-)
    You are saying that until I feel nonchalant about my desire it can’t manifest. But if I simply cannot visualize or fake ordinariness, isn’t that the same as saying that I can’t really manifest any desire that is outside of the realm of what is ordinary to me?

    For example, if my desire is to win the lottery or something akin to it, then first of all, a feeling of exhilaration about this desire means that I’m not aligned with it because I’m not focused on the potential reality of it… such as the frustration of trying to hide it, or the fear of someone finding out about it and hurting me in some way, or the taxes I’ll have to pay, or the headache of maintaining all of the luxuries I think I want, or wondering if I’ll have any real friends anymore, etc. And, second of all, having access to virtually all of the material things I think I want should feel as “boring” or natural as it does to, say, Paris Hilton. Until then, no dice, right? And what if I feel exhilarated for a few minutes in the morning and then I carry on with my day as usual? Most people begin to feel like whatever thoughts I’m thinking throughout the day of doubt or worry or fear are slowing down the manifestation.

    But if I focus on all the potentially unwanted parts of my desire manifesting, or the “reality” of it isn’t that the same as sending mixed messages to the Universe? And doesn’t that lack of clarity sabotage the manifestation too? Like, “I’d love a new luxury car, but damn, who wants to have to keep it clean all the time or get $200 oil changes, or worry about someone dinging my $100,000 doors in every parking lot?” It seems to me that the calm mind would reason that “it’s just a car – albeit a very nice car, it’s still just a car, so, yeah, I’d rather deal with all that than to drive my old beater for one more day.”

    Abraham Hicks calls this ordinariness the “next logical step” and they frequently advocate mind calming strategies like petting your cat or taking a nap to release the resistance that most of us have to our desires. But they also say, and so does Neville, that the Universe doesn’t care if you’re offering a vibration to something real or imagined, either way it must respond, it is law. That usually motivates me to try to pretend that I already have what I want. But I’m not crazy enough to think that because I want a dream house, that I’m going to have “fun” on moving day.

    Also, what about ordinariness as it pertains to physiology? Research has shown that by altering your body’s physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state. The mind will follow whatever state your physical body is in and not vice-versa, and then manifestations that match your state unfold as a result. Tony Robbins, and others teach and seem to experience tremendous success with this. Can you help me reconcile or merge this idea with visualizing ordinariness? In other words, what do I do with my body when I want to visualize ordinariness?

    1. Sen Post author

      Dawn, my take on manifestation is that whatever is really aligned with you will manifest around you, you don’t need to use any special practice or force for it. All that’s needed is that you release aspects of imbalance/resistance within you, through the state of allowing (from a place of awareness), I talk about the process of finding balance in the recent post – the experience of finding balance.

      This is not about “faking” a sense of nonchalance, this about reaching a state of inner balance where you naturally feel a sense of openness towards life, you are not clinging to anything specific, neither are you opposed to a reality from a place of “detachment”. In this place of balance, all the realities that are a match to your inner balance will manifest around you, in their harmonious sequence. If winning a lottery is aligned with you, in a state of balance, then it will manifest, or else it won’t – you don’t have to worry about specifics of manifestation, whatever is right for you will manifest in your reality when you are in a state of balance. Winning a lottery by itself is not a proof of alignment/balance, sometimes winning a lottery can be attracted from a place of imbalance and it simply magnifies the imbalance (there are people whose lives become highly imbalanced after winning a lottery). So don’t worry so much about the specifics of what you want to manifest, rather just work towards finding an inner balance, the rest just falls in place.

  2. Lora

    I wasn’t sure where to post it. My question is about dealing with uncertainty about desire manifestation.
    I have a major desire which cannot be further from manifestation. I actually had a major set back today. It looks like that my desire will never come true (relationship). I am feeling sad, confused. I am trying to make sense from this situation in order to go on. I feel that I am so close to reaching wholeness and feel that I really have so much less resistance than before. Of course, I am not there yet, I have set backs now and then. And then I have experienced a complete and total break up. Does it mean that it was a part of old reality that is dissolving in order to give place to a new reality to be built instead? I realize that my desire is too specific. Should I give up on my desire totally? I am really confused. Please help.

  3. Mark

    Thank you for the very helpful information. I do have a high iner imbalance (in both mind and body), and it have sure been tiring.
    But now I know what I can do about it, this will help me well on my journey.

    And reading the comments and your replies to other is very helpful to get things even more clear, with extra details and another perspectiv.

    I once where on this site before and thought it was great, but I was even more imbalanced there, and could barely have the clear overview I desired over the site and the understanding of your information.

    I am using the ‘Andy Shaws – Bug Free Process (two books)’, but it’s not clear enough for me to really get results. But with this I can attain the clarity and iner balance I lack at the moment. Thank you very much this.

  4. Sonia

    Your article has answered so many questions of mine. It’s true that when we are least attached or bothered with our desire, it manifests very fast. I’ve had many such experiences. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

    1. Zain

      Hi Sen , your articles are so very interesting and makes so much sense !!! I need your help.. I have been trying to manifest my perfect partner since almost a month and a half , the things I’ve been doing – asked for him , visualized him & me , felt him with all my heart and I had set a date “20th Oct” to meet him in my head , although I did meet someone but he was not at all the kind I visualized and wanted!! So I was quite disapointed and a lot of negativity took over me for those 3-4 days but I carried on Because I have Full belief that this stuff works , I carried on visualizing him and expecting to meet him!! Now I’m at a place where I am mostly calm about it.. would like your help as to show me if I’m doing anything wrong or If I am missing anything here… Thank you.. It would really mean a lot to me.. and Thank you for your wonderful articles!!

  5. Jillian Willcott

    I want to give you the biggest, greatest hug for this. Feeling at first an overwhelming state of peace, now it is just ordinary. Much love & gratitude. Xo, Jill

  6. Mike

    Hi, Im new to the site and stumbled across this article while searching for this exact thing. I know this post is over a year old but hope you can answer anyway.

    I’ve been visualizing a goal of mine for over a month, every day at night and I’m pretty good to get my feeling fired up and really feel happy with the images, I even catch my self smiling in real life or even moving my face according to the emotions I’m feeling. I constantly repeat my goal during the day and try to have it present constantly.

    On top of this, I’ve really worked at directing my thoughts only for the positive in life while making sure I don’t entertain negative thoughts, and I’ve learned to choose my reaction towards different situations and not get carried away by emotions.

    Honestly most of the time i feel at such peace and joy, I appreciate everything I see, from trees, to people, to little things, when before I was constantly in a bad mood focusing on all the bad.

    Well my experience lately has been that while I visualize my goal I no longer get as fired up as before, I mean I feel happy when I think visualize my self in it, but since I already feel happy most of the time I don’t get that exhilarating feeling as before, and I was starting to worry that there might be something wrong with me, do I not want it bad enough? Am I losing interest? Then I found this post and it was a like you were describing exactly what I was going through.

    I tried to find other info on this but nobody seems to mention this concept, every one else says to feel the “excitement, joy, etc, etc”.

    Is what I just described what you were referring to in the post? Do I “get it”? Thanks

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