What Are You Driven By? – Part 2

Posted on by Sen.

This is a follow up on my previous post – What are you driven by?

The term “love”, being so widely used for so many different contexts, can create a lot of imagination in the mind about what it means to be “driven by love” – hopefully you don’t imagine this state to indicate some sugar-toned, over-sensitive, “wanting to come across as nice” being, that’s just a person who may be imbalanced in his/her light nature. The simplest way to define a being driven by love is a being who is not driven by fear, hatred, detachment or distraction – when you are no longer motivated by these driving factors, you automatically know that you are being driven by love alone, because that’s all that’s left. And, to not be driven by hatred doesn’t mean you have to be “all loving” towards the outside – it’s just that hatred no longer is your driving force. Being driven by love is just a state of being fearless within to engage in physicality, not trying to detach yourself through some concept of spirituality; it’s also not motivated by wanting to live for entertainment alone.

It would be a misunderstanding to get the impression that you have to “try” to be an “all loving” being, that’s never the point and any one trying to do that is just going to come across as fake. If you don’t try to force yourself to behave in a certain “spiritual” way, you will automatically evolve towards being driven by a fearless, transparent state of being – which is what being driven by love is.

Letting go of being driven by high states

At some point you get over the enticement of high states – it’s like getting over candy (no offence to candy lovers) and developing a well-rounded outlook towards food. To be obsessed with chocolate flavored moments is to be driven purely by joy alone, and though it’s more evolved than being driven by hatred/fear, it’s deeply limiting with respect to your growth as a stream of consciousness wanting to explore life in a greater depth. Of course, one is bound to be obsessed with the lure of the high states, and it’s only through a natural maturity, that comes through the deepening of awareness, that one starts moving beyond this outlook. There is a lot of richness to life that can only be accessed when you let go of your obsession with high states.

Though desire manifestations, and enjoyment of them, is a part of living, there is far more to life than just that. In fact, your ability to create deliberately is far enhanced when you are not making such a big deal out of it. When you are driven by love there is a depth in your being which actually causes you to sense a beauty every moment even when the body is feeling low, or when you energy levels are somber – you sense this beauty because now you are not trying to change this moment into a high state. With all the books being written on law of attraction, and the need to be “high” all the time, a lot of people have become masters at suppressing their body/mind’s natural cycle, trying to pump it into a high state out of fear of manifesting something negative – the usual result is a sudden cycle of fatigue, anxiety towards low states, restlessness and attraction of negativity created by this imbalance.

When you let go of your attempt at forcing positivity, and allow yourself to “experience” the states that naturally arise in your body/mind (whether it be fear, hatred, boredom, sexuality or love) you soon start releasing all the pent up, suppressed, energy and come into a state of inner balance – this state allows you to no longer push against anything, rather you let whatever arises to bring forth the growth, expression, or experience, that it wishes to bring forth. It’s amazing how everything automatically transmutes into a “wholesome” state when you don’t resist it, this state of being non-resistant within, is what it means to be fearless within, and is the state of being driven by love. For example, when you feel a deep hatred towards someone, just allow it fully instead of trying to change it and you will see how it transmutes into some form of a deeper understanding which eventually brings a dissolution to this hatred – allowing does not mean that you are saying “yes” to the mind, it means you are just allowing the mind to be (instead of judging it) and thus are in love relationship with your mind, instead of being in a fear/hate relationship. This love relationship is what ultimately transforms the mind towards a state of balance – again by “love” I just mean a state of allowing, I don’t mean that you have to keep smiling at your mind.

Staying true to your own inspiration

Our physical bodies are not “separate”, floating as independent islands, fending for themselves – we are inherently connected, without any separation, to our non-physical vastness of consciousness. There is no inherent separation between physical and non-physical life, just a difference in “condensation”, for example, when you put ice in a bucket of water, it may look different from water but it’s essentially the same “thing” and the ice melts back into water. Our bodies are like these pieces of ice, floating in the space of life, we are the same energy inherently connected to this space, and this space is where we merge back when we remove focus from this body. A lot of us move around as if we are “orphaned” by life, when in truth we create this disconnect by no longer staying in touch with the guidance of life within – your life’s guidance can only be heard clearly when you are not blurring it out with your own negativity. When you tune out of negativity, you tune in to the constant inner guidance available through your connection with your non-physical vastness.

Don’t feel obliged to do anything against your inspiration, or instinct – this attitude is a big part of being driven by love, in that you don’t ever compromise on yourself. When you compromise on yourself, you are no longer being driven by love, you are being driven by fear. Anyone who is observant of life will know that “things always work out for the best”, when I say “for the best” I mean in your best interests whether it be for a required growth, a required insights/maturity, that aids in creating a better life for you in the future, or for your immediate well-being as the case may be. When you feel like you are stuck in a “desperate” situation, just be patient and allowing, and observe what happens instead of assuming/projecting some negative conclusion – this is a part of being driven by love, where you feel an inherent/unending trust towards the intelligence of your life-stream. If you are skeptic about life, you are either being driven by hatred or fear.

When in doubt, just trust your life-stream

Faith is a very powerful state of being. A faith in well-being is about the most positive outlook one can ever have. However, you don’t have to develop a blind faith, you can simply observe life till you see how its intelligence always brings the right solutions, how it does the most amazing orchestration of events to make things fall in place. The more you observe life closely the less you have to live in blind faith, your mind will just grow into a knowing of the incredible intelligence of your life-stream in orchestrating events to bring forth solutions or manifestations. Having gone through some desperate situations in my life, I’ve seen how a solution always manifests, how seemingly unrelated events merge together to make things fall in place. Even when you are resistant to life, it finds a way of working out for you (though not in as effective a way as it can do if you are open in your being). The more trusting you are of your life-stream, the easier it is for it to channel the required manifestation – being “worried” about the future is normal for the mind, but if you stop giving so much focus to its worries, and let yourself be consciously “open” to life, you automatically come to a low resistance state.

The mind, in its survival mode, knows very little about openness or love – it’s mostly just judging, coming to hasty negative conclusions, harboring doubts, discriminating and holding a fearful stance. Your inner being (which is your sense of presence outside the self-image of the mind) is already rooted in a fearless love, and it brings this love to the mind also, it’s not creating any bias or distance. This love of your inner being gets expressed in your human form through your mind when you allow it to be touched by your space of being – how it gets expressed through your mind is unique to you, it’s different for each person. Your inner being is “all loving”, but your mind is not meant to be all loving, it’s just meant to be balanced and guided/inspired/driven by your inner being, living its unique expression in an aligned manner. It’s not about meeting the model of a “perfect human”, because there is no such thing, it’s about moving towards the best expression possible for you as a process of constant growth, not for anyone else, but for your own sense of alignment.


  1. La'gurl

    Your words resonate to the deepest depths of my soul. I’ve finally reached this state on my journey, and it feels wonderful. My mind still wants to freak out and analyze every negative thought sometimes, but i just stay relaxed and let the thought come up and not freak out. I know now that thoughts are normal and that i don’t have to freak out about bogus ones. Sometimes i get headaches or my mind will throw up bogus thoughts to get me to go back into my bad habit of unconcious slavery to my mind. im so happy i woke up this year, especially before college. I was just wondering, what is it that wakes up the unconcious mind? My mind could have easily continued its unconcious slavery to bogus fears, but something inside of me (i don’t know where it came from) woke me up. What is this force that opens our eyes to the world we’ve been missing?

    1. Sen Post author

      It’s all part of your journey as a stream of consciousness, your evolution and awareness as it grows with your experiences in physicality. The non-physical part of you is intimately aware of the nature of reality, and the more you let go of the “conditioned thinking” and allow yourself to connect with your space of being the more insights, understandings and alignment that happens. In the end it’s all just you, you as the physical and you in your non-physical consciousness that moves you towards growth.

  2. chetana

    Hi Sen,

    There was quite a bit of drama and unveiling of context behind the drama going on in my personal life in April. In a sense it felt like it was a climax. Since May my husband is discharged from the mental health facility and is now on drugs for bipolar depression. Things have quietened down in the home front with both me and my husband digesting this information about his diagnosis. We are supportive of each other but neither of us know which is the best path for us. Since then i have discovered the last few years with him and constant struggle has drained me emotionally and physically and while i empathize with him on his condition, i no longer fully desire to continue to build a life with him. However i find myself not able to make a complete break. Our child loves him dearly and he is a good dad to her. I am letting things be and life move us all through the course of least resistance. There is no real momentum left in me and i no longer seem driven by fear as a dominant force. I still sometimes feel fearful of being on my own but i also know i can be and possibly me more happier coz of it. I can feel things and see things without feeling the need to act. I also had a phase in May where i just felt things were silent both within and outside me.

    I got a job offer and accepted it. I am not inspired by it. There is a feeling inside me that I am close to finding that inspiration. I accepted it as it will help me support my family. I feel it is a compromise. I identified that I compromise easily for a variety of reasons (fear, insecurity, nit knowing what my specific limits are makes me flexible, conditioning)but my attitude is one of compromise. I feel i do not how to stand my ground, to be true to myself. How do i address this and adopt a joy based life? I almost feel a kinship towards a struggle based life, a natural affinity towards struggle. Examples of my struggle based thinking are: It will take time to happen, it is already too late, i have committed to it, i must suck it up, inability to have difficult conversations leading to difficulties to self, seeking approval at times, thinking things will not come easy to me, at least great things, and so forth.

    How do i adopt a non struggle based life? In the beginning are there any steps so i can approach a non-struggle based thinking and build a life true to me thru deliberate intent.

    love, chetana

    1. Sen Post author

      Chetana, Presently you need to look at each perceived “negative” situation that arises as a mirror that helps unearth any suppressed, or evident, negativity in you be it fear, hatred or need for detachment. Don’t be too focused on the situation, rather just see what’s the negativity that the situation triggers in you – and just “allow” it to surface without fighting it or judging it. This allowing is what causes the transmutation or the transformation into wholeness. There is no short cut really, one does have to go through the layers of emotional clearing and the external events aid in this process. Also, it’s not only about the emotional clearing of the past suppressed energy but also a clearing of several immaturities in the mind that are not aligned with the state of balance/wholeness/stability, and you will see several limiting/fear-based patterns of behavior, thinking and beliefs to be brought to surface so that you can let go of them. If you don’t see the situation as negative and purely see it as a means of life to help you evolve and grow, so that you can come into a wholeness, you will be able to make quick progress through this journey. Remember that if a situation triggers a negative response in you, or a negativity within you, it’s just means this tendency is already present within you and the situation just helped bring it to awareness – so instead of feeling bad about the situation, focus on doing the inner work instigated by it. The more you reach inner stability, the more you will see stability ensuing in your external reality.

      You can’t change a struggle-based mindset into a struggle-free mindset in a quantum leap, it happens in layers, through phases and this involves going through a few situations that help clear up the mind and emotional space. Rest assured, that your present awareness, and understanding of life, is only going to take towards wholeness and there is no regression, it’s just that it’s a journey or a process of going through the layers until its all cleared up.

  3. Courtney

    Well, this started my day off on a good note. Helpful as always. These posts you make are inspirational, not only to your readers but to everyone that surrounds us. :}

  4. sharad chandra

    Any desire, (except for those where your heart truly summons), put in simple words, deep down, is a “want”, in fact an intense want. Now the way i have understood the wisdom through your posts, almost all negativity is either fear-based or lack-based. Come to thing of it, isn’t ‘wanting’ something purely lack-based or fear-based, that is sugar-coated in the name of that individual’s natural expression ? Isn’t it like saying I want Abundance, because i DON’T have it now, but let’s call it my natural expression because this way it has been nicely disguised to make myself feel happy, content and peaceful that i am not wanting something out of a fear of its lack but rather because it is my true natural expression.
    And if wanting something is driven by lack or fear, by the law of attraction, a desire should never be fulfilled for it is based on negativity.
    Another question, i have a very broad nose. The truth is, i myself don’t like it. I desire to have a better nose because that will make me feel the kind of vibrations that are in complete harmony with the life energy, that is to say, i will feel better, happy, peaceful, confident, basically all those feeling that would put me in total sync with the life energy rather against it. Now i know, through cosmetic surgery, i can make my nose better, and essentially the way it will enable me to enjoy all those qualities that life energy is-joy,peace and pure positivism.
    So, basically, i have 2 questions here:
    1) If i have a hugely broad and crooked nose, don’t i have the right to fix it ? Is it wrong to have such a desire ?
    2) And, having a straight beautiful nose has always been one of my strongest desires, but in the heart of my hearts, i know it is both fear and lack based ?
    I wanna go ahead and have a beautiful nose but i am guilt-ridden on 2 counts, firstly because it is fear and lack based and more importantly, i feel that i have no right to be unhappy with what this life has offered me naturally, it accounts to an insult to life if i go forward and try to fix my nose.
    But then when i look around so many people get themselves to be better looking through cosmetic surgery, and them seem all the more in sync with the life energy with joy, peace and positivism rather than despair, anxiety and negativism while having to put up with what they felt looked horrible and needed some beautification.
    So now i am getting all confused because i have made it too completed for myself. This desire being both fear and lack-based, by the law of attraction, because it is based on negativity, it mustn’t manifest. However i know i can get it fixed so easily with cosmetic surgery. Doesn’t this clearly beat the law of attraction ? Or was this a desire inspired by my heart, but it can’t be, because i clearly know it is mind playing here.
    Hey, i just wanna have a better nose like all others who have it or have got it through plastic surgery. If it is as simple as that why am i making life so complicated. Where has my understanding of life failed ? Sen, could i request you to shed some light on this dilemma of life because it seems that i haven’t understood what a true desire is. I understand that we evolve all the time, both as an individual and human race, and that we grow everyday. We would want to grow. So is a desire to ‘feel good with what we have but trying to get better’ ? If that is the case, isn’t it again lack-fuelled, because better really seems to be better than good.
    To cut this long story short, do i have the right to desire a better nose for myself?
    And isn’t any desire actually a want, an intense one, in fact ? And when you are wanting something, isn’t it that you are telling the universe or the life energy that i am lacking that thing, and by the law of attraction, because lacking is one of the major causes of all negativity, should any desire ever manifest at all ?
    I am sorry somehow i get a feeling that a desire has been sugar-coated as a natural expression of that individual but deep within, except for those that are truly inspired by your heart, aren’t most desires actually wants ?

    1. Sen Post author

      Sharad, you said you had a experience of inner wholeness for a while, it’s basically a foretaste of this natural state of being. And as you continue in this state of allowing, you will sense this space coming into the foreground fully. When you are firmly established in inner wholeness, what you will realize is a strong desire for some expression – that’s how life is. Life-energy is already whole, it’s vast, eternal and basically “its all there is”, so it has no “lack” – but this condition of being whole is a “dead” state, there is no movement, just wholeness. And life doesn’t like being “dead”. If you can put yourself in the place of a “whole” life-energy you will sense the invincibility it feels, and in this space of wholeness it has a deep desire to express and experience – it doesn’t want to just be a dead energy (you can call it lack, I would just call it “nature”). So life knows this art of balancing between wholeness and expression – simply because it knows its wholeness in its non-physical form. Also, in the non-physical life it’s much easier because a desire is “experienced” immediately because the non-physical thought is felt as real in the non-physical realm – so it’s easy to maintain focus on the desire, and no lack is felt because the desire feels “expressed” already, and this causes the desire to take shape into a “physical” form soon enough (if that’s the intention). The “physical realm” on the other hand is a challenge, and the experience of this challenge is what causes life to incarnate into physicality. It’s like when you play a videogame, you start with level “easy”, soon you get bored of it, go to level “hard” and finally into “God mode”, you can look at physical life as playing in God mode – the highest challenge for a creator like life-energy. The reason physical realm is challenging is because of three reasons,

      1. when we come into physicality, we are focused on the outside and hence we lose touch with your inner space of wholeness
      2. we are inundated with ideas of being “inferior” in some way, mostly due to religious or spiritual teachings, that give us several fear-based beliefs.
      3. desires take longer to manifest in physical realm because it’s is much more “dense” medium, than non-physical, and since we don’t see the expression of the desire immediately, we lose heart, we start doubting and hence we can’t sustain our belief/focus on the desire. Hence we don’t realize our potential as deliberate creator, and I agree it’s a challenge here on the physical realm even when you have all the understanding – you are playing in the hardest mode, and it’s this challenge that you actually came to experience.

      Is desire a “lack”? Only because you don’t see its manifestation immediately. In the non-physical realm a desire would not be felt as a lack, because you “feel” it immediately, as real, because “thought” is felt like a real thing in the non-physical. In the physical realm, we don’t give much importance to thoughts, we want to see physical proof – but when you don’t focus on the thought, it’s not possible for energy to condense enough to solidify into reality. In fact, you being “life-energy”, in physical form, your choice is respected and when you choose to “deny” a desire then this choice of your is respected as your free-will – even though you are denying it out of an ignorance of your potential as creator.

      So it’s true that in physical realm it’s natural to find a desire to be a form of “lack”, because after we desire we see the absence of it in our “physical” reality. And this sense of lack obviously is a resistance towards the manifestation, and if this sense of lack transforms into anger, frustration, disbelief, cynicism, hatred or strong doubt, then it basically ensures that the desire doesn’t get manifested. “Fear” is also a focus, and it’s a powerful focus, so we can manifest from a place of fear, we can also manifest from a place of hatred, we can also manifest from a place of deep lack – a lot of relationships are manifest from a place of lack/neediness, and they reflect this quality in them. A lot of business are manifested from a place of hatred, and they reflect this quality. The vibration from where you manifest something is reflected in the manifestation and that’s what is experienced by the manifestor in some way. Hatred attract hatred, fear attract fear and lack attracts lack. You may have millions, but you may have created it from a place of intense lack, and you feel this lack more through the millions now.

      The way you work with a desire in physical realm is to first realize that it’s your nature to desire, secondly you realize that the lack you feel is because you don’t see a physical manifestation immediately. This realization should remove your sense of feeling “guilty” about a desire, knowing that it’s your very nature to desire. The feeling of lack is normal, it’s not about avoiding it, but about balancing it – if your feeling of lack is not “intense” it’s fine. When you have inner wholeness, it ensures that your feeling of lack is never intense. Hence having inner wholeness is the first step to being resistance free (or less resistant) towards manifestation of a desire. Seriously, what else is there in life beyond expression? Sitting as a statue of wholeness doing nothing? Or praying all day long? It’s important to look more deeply and authentically at life instead of just wanting to believe some “spiritual philosophy”. Once you touch inner wholeness you will see there is nothing else beyond just wanting to enjoy expression and experience. So if you want to get your nose fixed, do so, drop all these naive notions of “life made me this way and it will feel hurt if I fix it”. Look at it from this perspective – you are life-energy as it were and this manifestation of a “bodily contrast” was your choice in your non-physical perspective to create a challenge in your physical for your own growth of awareness and your experience of creation. A cosmetic surgeon is as much an expression of life as a spiritual teacher.

  5. chetana

    Thanks Sen. Since staring to use your website, I have come a long way. The biggest shift for me, thus far has been moving from a mindset of predetermined destiny to being the deliberate creator of my life. As co-creator of life I feel motivated and inspired. I have always been a happy person at heart, even when things were not at best in my life, but i am moving closer towards feeling joy, which was a missing element, and experiencing life including happiness as a creator and not as a passive recipient of destiny’s intent. I was open to life and wanting to experience all that life has to offer, but in an unconscious way, which led to me feeling helpless at times. Love and boredom appear to be the dominant unconscious elements in which i may have lost myself.

    Thank you again.

  6. rossana

    sen i have been in this process of reducing mind momentum and allowing all the negativity to be released . With this process i felt as if i had gotten rid of a lot and especially of my most bothersome fears. Unfortunately i now feel a lot of hatred and anger coming up to the surface but according to your article the hatred is supposed to come before the fear not after it.

    Can you help me understand what is going on

    1. Sen Post author

      Rossana, the sequence does not matter, it can happen in any sequence, and in fact can happen all at once depending on the individual.

    2. Markus

      My mentor has explained it thusly: The energy we are shedding, just as we are, is present in many layers. Things will return again and again because we are, with each experience, peeling away another depth of what it is. Like an onion – eventually we get to the core and are truly done with that experience.

  7. Carrie

    You have touched so many lives in a positive way. The way you communicate your message is so easy to comprehend and has helped me immensely. I was focused on my mind chatter and so lost in the identity with it, yet I couldn’t see what the problem was… until I found this blog while searching for “coping with grief”. Thank you, Sen, for all of your hard work to help others.

  8. Suhasini

    Thanks once again. Your posts make complete sense and resonate to the core, to the deepest depths of our being. This understanding makes me feel that the traditional spiritual teachings are misleading by pointing to partial truth. For example, Buddha’s primary teaching is: DESIRE IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING. Under the concept of renunciation many Hindu teachings deny almost everything (including food and water).

    I understand how desires cause ‘suffering’ in the unconscious minds. Your understanding and explanations make complete sense: desire is natural, manifestation from the place of inner wholeness being in sync with life expression etc.

    You may say and I agree with you that the traditional spiritual teachings had a place and value in the evolution. What a journey it had been following those teaching!! Thank you.

  9. sharad chandra

    Hey Sen, Thank You Very Much for your help!!! The way you expanded on the desire, lack thing, well, you answered all my questions and dispelled all my doubts, and to my heart’s content. You are so very right ! Each to his own! Every action of every person, almost every moment, is so primarily, exclusively and with single-mind inspired by his own happiness. A sage, monk might like to spend all his life under a tree but no one can just say on his behalf that he does not have any desire. Come to think of it, even achieving a desire-less state in itself is a desire, in fact one of the biggest single-minded, exclusive and personal desire where the person becomes so detached with everything and everyone around him and so attached with that single desire of desirelessness. And if everybody would want to be a monk with no desire, the whole world would have turned into a natural monastery with every individual sitting peacefully under a tree. Life really would be super dull!! There would be no variety and all the life energy would be so dead and uninspiring. Your parting shot “A cosmetic surgeon is as much an expression of life as a spiritual teacher” takes the cake. Now i will never feel guilty of having, expressing a desire that is a part of my natural expression.
    Sen, like I mentioned in my very first thanksgiving post to you, it has only been about a couple of weeks, or even less that I started reading your posts and every time I felt I required a better understanding about a pointer that I found a little subtle, intricate or sometimes completely incomprehensible, strange as it may seem, I could find the answers to my questions in your posts that I would go on to read the following day. Quite easily, your wisdom, intelligence and understanding of this life is one where my heart, and I can vouch, the hearts of almost all those who stumble on, and then inevitably, of course, by choice, become a permanent reader of your posts, can resonate with. I simply cannot find words to thank you enough, you have been such a revelation for me! You are doing a splendid job of being a light on to all of us! However like I said I still have a few doubts.
    Sen, I have had the good fortune of reading about 60 percent of your more than 300 different posts. Most of the posts have the Joyful, The Love and Peace-based, The Dynamic, The Eternal, The Invincible, The All-Powerful, The All-Knowledgeable, The All-Present “LIFE ENERGY” has its premise, foundation or basis. In fact, I can find the undertone of this life energy in almost every third sentence of your post in almost every post.
    Through many different posts of yours, you have so lucidly and so absolutely described and explained the true powers of this life energy.
    There are more than 720 billion people like me. And human species is just a form of life on this planet. They say, that more than 90 percent of all life on Earth is in the water. There are so many such planets like the earth, so many galaxies, so many milky ways, so many stars and what not, and these have been here for billions of years, and they are going to be here for billions of years more. Considering all the above facts,( I say facts because Science says so) I understand that in the larger scheme of things, I am so infinitesimally tiny, that the terminology ‘tiny’ needs to be redefined by far, that my life of 50-60-70 years or whatever it would be is just a very brief fleeting moment for this cosmos. So, even though I know that I am a part of this totality, when I realize that this totality is such gigantic, such enormous, such incredibly, unbelievably, such inconceivably, impossibly, unfathomably, inconceivably powerful entity, I can’t help myself but to tell myself that “Hey mate, you are only a cosmic product, and a part of human evolution. You are here for no reason. Your life has got no purpose other than survival, hence it is meaningless. It hardly matters when you die. So enjoy yourself before you die.”
    Yes, I want to survive. And yes, when I have got 2 choices, between happiness and sad, like everybody else, I would want my survival to be a happy one because happiness is any time a better state of mind than unhappiness.
    So the definition of life for me is – Life must be inherently Wonderful, Happy and Meaningless (that is to say, don’t make it too complicated with all the seriously gross disbelief, skepticism, devil, unholy spirit, heaven and hell, and what all rubbish one gets with limited beliefs and conditioning of mind from time to time, every time). So I want to make my life happy, rather whole, because I have experienced the wholeness, and it is bliss.
    You might wonder what made to go off the tangent and wander off the subject “Life Energy”. There was a reason to my madness, I thought I needed to present some background as well, because my only concern through all this post is completed related to life energy. Once I consider that I am only an individual, and that………… There are more than 720 billion people like me. And human species is just a form of life on this planet. They say, that more than 90 percent of all life on Earth is in the water. There are so many such planets, so many galaxies, so many milky ways, so many starts and what not, and these have been here for billions of years, and they are going to be here for billions of years more………………
    a few things are so crystal clear that only a fool won’t be able to see it
    These are:
    1)Life energy/God/Creator/Universe is Omnipresent-It is Present everywhere
    2)Life energy/God/Creator/Universe is Omniscient- It knows everything
    3)Life energy/God/Creator/Universe is Omnipotent-It is all powerful
    Because Life energy is Omniscient, I fully trust its wisdom and intelligence. I think one who can appreciate the above would be an even bigger fool to not to trust its supreme intelligence. Yes, again considering all the above facts, life energy’s intelligence and wisdom must be, rather is, trillion times trillion times trillion times trillion times trillion better than my mind’s. And I would any day love to be guided by this life-stream with all its powerful knowledge. In fact like you fondly put it across all your posts to completely and absolutely let go, allow and surrender to the unknown to enjoy this life, I would so like to do the same to let go, to allow the life energy to take care of me because it always has the bigger picture I mind. However, I have a slight doubt, which ironically, considering the mammoth significance attached to the notion that I am doubtful about, makes it a ‘make or break’ case. It is either I may end up being Fearless or Fearful. And I want to embrace life with all openness and with no fear whatsoever, of the past or future, of myself, of people and anything life has got to offer me. I want to embrace life with all love and no fear at all.
    So here are a few of my doubts, starting with the most significant and make-or-break, swim-or-sink one:
    All you posts talk about life energy been joy, peace, powerful, whole eternal and “that’s all there is”. The posts also invariably say that life energy is positive. And I remember you mentioning that life energy because it is so invincible it won’t like to be dead, it wants to express itself, it wants to experience itself, it wants to enjoy itself, its creations. And for this reason, there are some challenges too, which are not inherently negative however one’s response to them makes them a negative feeling or experience.
    Now life energy is itself “WHOLE”, and even in its expression it is whole. So we have got the day and we have got the night, we have the light nature and the dark nature, trees cannot blossom all the seasons, they need to shed some leaves some season, it cannot rain all seasons, so life wants to balance everything because it is “WHOLE”. So here’s what baffles me no end. I know it’s little intricate, intriguing and tricky while trying to explain this out to you but I am sure that person that you are you would know what I am trying to say here – How come life energy that you describe as WHOLE, and that which even in its expressions (day-night, dark-light nature, highs and lows) tries to balance to make the whole experience “WHOLE”, be a COMPLETELY POSITIVE ENERGY. Perhaps, if I have not made myself clear to you, in simpler words, the question is: Why is life energy, that which is itself whole, and whole in its expression too, completely positive? So won’t it make sense to say that life energy too must be a combination of positive and negative, a complete balance. If I have to ask you directly
    1)Is there a scientific proof that life energy is inherently and completely positive?
    2)If it is inherently and completely positive, doesn’t it seek wholeness here (a combination of positive and negative, rather than positive alone) like it seeks wholeness everywhere, with itself being whole?
    3)If it is inherently positive, is it that life energy was always and absolutely positive, is positive and will be positive?
    4)If it is so Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, can it someday or some moment deliberately decide to be negative, just for the fun of it or as a part of its natural expression, or as part of a bigger, intelligent picture?
    5) Are all the natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis etc an act of the life energy going horribly negative, deliberately, whimsically, or by accident ? Or life energy can never, even once, be negative ? Or natural calamities or catastrophes have got nothing to do with life energy going negative ? What could be the reason of such calamities then?

    What makes me ask you these questions?
    -Why would a 1 year old, 2,3,4,5,6 years old baby/child die ? These kids don’t even know what “law of attraction” is. At this young age, when they don’t even know what life and death is, how would they attract death onto themselves? And there are millions of 6months-6years kids dying everyday. Or were their parents so negative that the negativity got passed onto them through cells and dna and they attracted death? Or did their parents want them to die so soon? No parent would, right !
    -There are millions of people who go to sleep either on half-stomach or empty-stomach almost every day (in a few African countries and elsewhere) while the super rich squander food. My mind doesn’t seem to agree to the fact these people attract hunger or don’t wish hard enough to get food, the most basic of survival elements.
    -There are hundreds getting killed everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan, all for the oil. Do we have the right to say that all these Iraqis and Afghans never wish for peace hard enough or are they so negative?
    -Somewhere in India, a 13 year old minor girl from a lower caste (dalit) is gang-raped and then murdered by five sadist and brutal men from higher class. The girl is burnt alive, I think we all sure know how it hurts when we feel even a minor burning sensation on a small part of our finger, that too for a few seconds only. Imagine a pain that is so excruciating, so long, that your entire body is charred to death, you are reduced to pulp and die a slow, agonizing death. And the rapists/murderers go scot-free because the police can’t do anything against them because they are of the higher class, rich and powerful. It is really incomprehensible to even start to think that a 13 year old girl could attract a gang rape and such horrifying death onto herself through her thoughts. Indeed, the very thought, that your external reality is precisely what you are inside, and so by this token, that is, by the law of attraction, that poor little girl, who knew very little about life, but who would have surely pleaded a hundred times to get God to help her, was herself to be blamed both for the gang rape and her tortuous death is so loathsome and repulsive that you are ashamed of the law of attraction itself because it claims that it is all that poor girl’s fault. And this is not a one off incident. These have become shockingly regular occurrences.
    -I read your post about the Lion-kills-deer, where the predator Lion need not be looked upon as evil, cruel, merciless or heartless, but rather a life’s form of life’s play to entertain itself or to express itself. Honestly in the animal kingdom, I really don’t care whether a cat-kills-mouse or a lion-kills-deer because in all honesty we as human beings must admit that we know little about the animal and plant kingdom or the ecological system. I somehow can’t find the lion-kills-deer analogy equal to a 5 rich men- rape and kill-1 poor, minor girl. Can the God/life energy sometimes be so sadist so as to carry this heinous event out, at the expense of the huge suffering of a minor girl, just to entertain itself?
    -Does the law of attraction apply only to the rich, the successful people, the powerful ones, the successful stories, and well those who suffered brought their misery onto themselves all by themselves?
    So to cut the long story short
    1)Considering the magnitude of this cosmos, universe, do “I”, as an individual really matter? Or am I really of as much value as a small pebble that has been loitering for hundreds of years, in some small part of some completely virgin, remote and uninhabited island? Or am I like the millions of micro-organisms that we kill in millions everyday?
    2)Or in spite of being a part of this cosmos, of this totality, life can use me the way it wants (giving me a lot of pain, death), to express a larger picture, which I have got no idea?
    3)If I matter to life, and I embrace life fully, fearlessly with openness, do I have the right to know that life energy is inherently positive and will always remain positive? Tomorrow I don’t want to see myself having embraced life fully and positively only to see myself with broken limps, or serving a 14 year rigorous imprisonment, or be at life energy’s mercy, for no fault of mine but as a part of some larger picture.
    4)There is a brand of people who call themselves “Nihilist”. A nihilist does not believe in anything. In fact in most of your posts you too urge readers to have no belief system, only to know them as pointers, to not cling onto them. So a nihilist does not believe in anything. He does not believe in God, law of attraction, moral values, pains, sufferings. He does not believe if life has got any purpose at all other than survival, and because happiness is a better state of mind than unhappiness, he does what all it takes to make his survival a happy one. He tries to be as independent as possible. He says that the naked and unpalatable truth is that you have to live life all on your own, nobody is going to help you. Be independent. This is the sort of person who fends for himself. He prepares himself to face the world for what it is.
    Then there are some who believe in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, in Natural Selection, where every species evolves with time, and only those who are the fittest can and will survive. In today’s world, if I have to survive, I know I have to fight the corrupt politicians, manipulative people, the corrupt system, and the anti-social elements, basically everything life has got to offer. Only if I am the fittest and battle it out against the elements of life I can survive. Here’s a mail I had once received from a friend of mine who believes in the ‘Theory of Evolution’ and Natural Selection and nothing else

    ________________________Start of the mail__________________________________

    Before believing in any other theory –
    God, nihilism, karma, positivism, power there is only one theory you need to believe and this can change your life for the better.

    The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin

    Before I go ahead, I HIGHLY recommend that you get these two books, and you must read them, because I think they are going to help you.

    Men No Clue, Women No Shoes
    Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

    Both by the same author.
    After you read these two books, your entire perception about humans and purpose of life will change. They are available for free download on torrent websites.

    Evolution theory says that our great grandfathers were hunters, gatherers, and lived in caves. Soon we got a neo-cortex (which is a part of our brain) and we could do math, think logically, and do a lot of other things that other animals can’t do.

    When we got the neo-cortex, we created concepts like god, ghost, monsters, daemons, black magic, superior race, altruism. This is what our parents taught us.

    But the truth is that we still are no different from our cave men grandfathers, except that we have a corrupt neo-cortex.

    The only two important things are survival and procreation.
    Now procreation is not that important either, because we don’t want more human population, but in cave man times, people died like rats, so more and more babies were needed for the survival of the tribe.

    So now it’s about survival. You need to survive. In today’s world to survive, you need to make money.
    So that should be your primary focus. Some people develop good money making skills because they have got those business genes. Some don’t. Now you first need to understand your genes.
    Then you need to decide what you want in life. How much money you want? How many women you want?
    You’ve to be realistic when you think of all this.

    Now this is why my priorities are
    1.) Making money – at least 2 crores in life to start with.
    2.) Getting a girl who has better DNA and genes than I do.

    Reason for money is better survival chances and for getting a girl with better dna is so that i produce healthy kids who can do something better that I did.

    In order to stay motivated you also need to understand that sex is the fundamental drive of our species. It is what we desire. Everything we do, we do it for this.

    Cricket, movies, business are only ways to channelize your energy in order to get sex.
    Let’s assume that you become the next Sachin Tendulkar, you make a lot of money,
    you play a lot of cricket, you gain popularity, but your life would still be unfilled without sex and love.

    Now, when you don’t feel bad about other people’s suffering – it’s clearly means that your energy is now focused more on your survival than other people’s survival, which is great. It’s a good progress.

    For the next few months, you might go through a lot of changes in your mind, and be under a conflict, but gradually you’ll come out of it.

    I don’t want to make this email any longer, and I hope I put my point across. I tried to at-least.

    Think about this, and let me know what you think.

    __________________________End of the mail______________________________

    I honestly find that living such a life would be not only difficult, hugely challenging but also drudgery.

    So all I want to know is:
    -Is the law of attraction scientifically validated and verified? Or is the theory ‘like attracts like’ based only on the experiences of people? Or is it something we have to take as the gospel truth without knowing the scientific reasoning?
    -Is there a scientific proof that life energy is inherently and always positive? Or is it based upon people’s experiences? Or is it something we have to take as the gospel truth without knowing the scientific reasoning?
    -Why would an energy that itself is whole, and whole in its expression as well, would be purely positive and not a balance of positive and negative to be whole?
    -Is the life energy inherently and always positive? Or if I whole-heartedly embrace it with all openness and all positivity, some moment or some day, it may whimsically or erratically turn negative, just for the fun of expressing itself? Or can it turn negative, no wonder how much I embrace it, just as a part of a larger picture, I have no clue of?
    If I have embraced life with all openness and I am positive and whole I certainly can’t imagine to lose 2 limbs or see myself behind bars for 12 years, or see my sister raped and burnt alive, all as a part of life’s bigger picture.
    I will be the happiest person on the earth to know that the life energy that is so whole is always positive. I know I mustn’t be making this into a belief system because I don’t want it to be a crutch all my life. But this is a question very direct to you, Sen, with all your posts based on life energy, and that you have embraced life with all openness, and you don’t want to have any belief system, don’t you know somewhere at the back of your mind, may be in the tiniest corner of your mind, and in the heart of your hearts, deep within, that you BELIEVE that life energy is taking care of you? And isn’t this fact that life energy is taking care of you the most reassuring, the most pleasing, the most revitalizing, the most soothing, the most joyous pointer of all?
    Sen, I know this has been a woefully long post, crossing 4000 words. I am also aware that I have asked you too many questions. I also know that my thoughts, questions, doubts and everything else I have put up here may appear highly disconnected and disoriented. Yes, everything was almost random as if I was pouring my heart out to you. Throughout this post, I have so freely used “You”. It is only as a respect to your knowledge and nothing else, I mean, no offence. I am in no way trying to challenge your capacity to answer my questions. However, while I agree to almost 99 percent of whatever you write( well, just for the record, I have read ,”The Secret”, The Silva Mind Control Method, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Law of Attraction, How to Heal Your Life, and few other self-help books, and all these books did nothing but only added to my woes) I feel it is my mind’s inability to grasp certain pointers of yours where I need more guidance from you for better, clearer and correct understanding. Perhaps I might have not completely understood what you meant in a few of your posts or maybe I haven’t read a few posts of yours at all. So I know you are going to try to help me out in the best possible manner. You will also recommend a few posts which you think I need to read or reread for a better understanding. If you could convince me that ‘life energy is positive’ is scientific, my life hereafter will be a thousand times better, fuller, wholesome, joyous, peaceful and positive. Also, I am going to pass on all this knowledge to my family, my male/female cousins and friends. While I know that they will find this theory reliable, meaningful and worth-their-while, if I fail to explain all this to them scientifically, I am afraid that I would have disappointed not only myself but them as well. Nothing can be sorrier for my dear ones than to dismiss something as whole as life energy only because i wasn’t able to establish it scientifically.
    (Please note: When I reflect on my life, I think the law of attraction has worked almost 99 percent, even with most of my dear ones, I find this law has worked almost 90-95 percent; however there are some uglier cases in the outside world, the few that I mentioned above, where I just can’t bring myself to believe that this law really works all the time. Secondly, in my first post, I did mention that I could live in the now for about 30 straight hours, with complete inner wholeness, where I felt life energy helping me all through. Yes, this is indeed true however I must know that life energy is positive is a scientific truth so that I, along with all those I love so dearly, can embrace life fully, fearlessly and most importantly, with love )
    Sen, I thank you for going through this unusually long post with all your patience. I am certain your wisdom and intelligence has got the capacity to transform my life and that of many others, for the better!!!! Cheers mate !!!!

    1. Jim

      sharad, interesting post. I look forward to sen’s response

    2. Sen Post author

      Sharad, you are also made of life-energy, so you can do experiments on yourself to see the properties of life-energy – to understand the properties of an ocean you just need to examine a glass of water taken from it. A simple experiment to examine your body’s reaction to a negative thought and the compare it with its reaction to a positive thought. Let’s say you think “nothing good can ever happen in my life” – this is usually a negative thought for most people except may be someone who enjoys a sadistic outlook (remember that “negative” is relative, and is always personal to you). You will notice that this thought of hopelessness makes you feel bad, in fact it can create a very low state in your body to the point where it feels physical pain, like a contraction or a “stress”. Now switch the thought into something positive, and see how your body reacts – you will sense a good feeling in the body, it’s no longer “contraction”, there is no “tension”. Basically, if you look at yourself as a rubber-band, when you think negative you feel stretched, painful, stressed, tense and thus uncomfortable, and when you think positive you feel relaxed. For a rubber-band, being stretched is an unstable state, and when you let go of this force of stretching it comes back to normal state. So in your case, as a life-energy, a negative thought is like an “unstable state” or a stretched state, and a positive thought is a relaxed state or normal/stable state – so what is the conclusion you come to based this experiment?, the stable state for life-energy is “pure positive”, that’s why I call it a pure positive energy. However, this energy can be stretched into low states also, it’s like a “frequency” – the stable frequency is pure positive, but its frequency can be brought to low levels also, it’s just that the low levels will feel “bad” to your being because it’s a “stretch” from your normal/stable state. If you don’t think anything, you will naturally be in a stable state, you don’t have to even think a positive thought forcibly.

      Life-energy does not support “negative vibration” simply because a negative vibration is a low state and not a natural state, and a low state is an unstable state which can only sustain itself through a constant negative thinking – the moment the negative thinking is let go of, the energy is naturally pulled back to its stable state. Just like a rubber-band is pulled back to its relaxed state the moment you stop exerting the pulling force on it. This is the actual concept behind why “letting go” (or the state of total allowing) automatically brings you back to balance. You don’t need to “believe” anything, the moment you let go you “physically” feel the balance coming in, with time – the reason it takes time is because all the layers of negativity have to be brought to balance, and the more layers you have within you the more time it takes. This is the reason I said there is no need for any beliefs to come to a balanced state, it will happen naturally when you let go of your struggle. So a state of inner wholeness is not a “belief”, it’s a real/permanent physical state you can come to, in your energy space, when you let go of the momentum of negativity through the state of total allowing. However, as you move towards inner wholeness all the belief structures in you that are not aligned with this state will be moved towards dissolution, if you just stay allowing they will be dissolved.

      When we talk about “beliefs” it’s important to realize that they are just thoughts. An, as I mentioned, positive or negative is “relative” to you, something you find positive someone else may find negative. However, you don’t need beliefs to come to inner wholeness, it’s just a natural state of being that you come to when you let go into a state of allowing. So basically the only teaching that might be needed is “let go”, that’s it, so why write so many posts? Basically, letting go is not easy, the mind clings to a lot of negativity, and makes an identity out of it, and the only language the mind understands is the language of “logic” or understanding. So it’s important to give the right understanding to the mind so that it can be “assured” enough to start letting go. That the only value all the pointers in these posts serve, they assist the mind is gaining the right understanding so that it can start letting go.

      As for your friend’s mail, I’ve no idea what’s the point being made. I gather that his point is that life is about survival and getting sex and creating “good quality” babies by finding a good mate, and that you can only get a good mate if you are successful (through having money, an ambiguous amount like 2 crore – that’s his definition of success) – to me this looks like a seriously naive thinking, a highly narrow outlook towards life. A mail like this would end up in my thrash bin without a second consideration, it’s just too naive, however, your friend is entitled to his way of thinking and his point of view, because that’s what feels right to him at this point. I am sure I might have be at this level of thinking at some point in my life. The more you grow in understanding of life the less you feel inclined towards some “pigeon holed” outlook.. Life is way more than just making money and having sex, procreation is an aspect of life, it’s not the meaning of life – the very reason for life moving into an expression is for it for know itself through itself, what’s called “self realization” or “self appreciation”, it uses physicality as a mirror to know itself, and see itself through its forms.

      The physics of physical life is that all matter is “held together”, or condensed, energy. So when life energy is condensed it gives the appearance of a form. Now to condense something you need “force”, so what is the force that condenses energy into matter? The force of “attraction”. Everything around you, including your body, is kept together, through a force of attraction. What generates the force of “attraction” – a focus. Again you can experiment with yourself since you are life-energy, anything you focus your attention on will seem to amplify in your reality, if you focus on fear you will find more reasons to fear, if you focus on negative you will find more reasons to be negative, if you focus on positive you will find more reasons to be positive – your focus is what “attracts”. An obsessive thought is nothing but a thought you’ve focused on enough to create an amplification of it – it’s law of attraction. Your focus creates the force of attraction on anything you focus on. If you extend this to wholeness, this whole creation of the cosmos is “held together” in a focus of life-energy, without this focus there will be no force of attraction to hold everything together. So the principle of creation is the force of attraction generated by focus. This again is not a “belief”, it’s scientific, it’s pure physics. The simple fact is, anything you focus on will keep amplifying in some way in your reality, in some essence – you have this power because you are the same life-energy (in essence and nature) that’s creating the cosmos. However, if you can come to inner wholeness you will automatically be in a stable vibration, and from this vibration you will automatically attract a stable reality – so just keep it simple.

  10. Jim

    Sen, You say that, “So the principle of creation is the force of attraction generated by focus. This again is not a “belief”, it’s scientific, it’s pure physics.” Which physical force are you referring to?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, basically, matter is just energy in vibrating in a condensed manner (that’s what E= Mc2 stands for, energy = mass/matter). The energy needed to vibrate in a “condensed” manner is provided by the force of attraction. “Thought” is the most non-physical form of matter, and as a thought condenses it becomes more and more dense and comes through as a physical form – just like water condensing into ice. A thought becomes condensed (which is just a phenomenon of attraction) through “focus” created by life-energy, you being life-energy also you can see this in yourself where a thought which you constantly focus on gathers momentum within you until at some point it manifests a physical expression/evidence.

    2. Markus


      Brush up on quantum physics and string theory – while keeping in mind the idea of our bodies being only the densest manifestation of energy. They are uncannily on-target. String theory opens the doors to multiple dimensions and parallel existences. Quantum theory deals directly with energy manifesting (or not). It’s not chance, it is intent. The theoreticians do not see the forest for the trees, as they are not looking for spiritual answers. A bit like finding an exquisite chest, but tossing it aside because one did not find gold inside.

  11. Fel

    Sen, I noticed that the article titled “A Conscious Obsession” that you had written a few weeks ago had been removed. Is there a particular reason? That article had really resonated with me as I have been allowing the obsessions in my mind. You had mentioned that I should align with it instead of fighting it. Does that article still resonate with you or has a new understanding come in place. Thank you for your insights.

    1. Sen Post author

      Fel, I had taken down the post because there was a thought about adding a few paragraphs to it (because the explanation felt like it could create an ambiguous understanding, and that it could be explained more clearly with more examples), but I didn’t really get around to doing it and now I feel it’s fine as it is so I’ve re-uploaded it.

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