Understanding the Guidance of Your Emotions

Posted on by Sen.

Your emotions are your guidance of whether you are in alignment with life or are in a place of discord. Whenever you feel “bad”, it’s an indication that at that moment you are thinking, or doing, something that is not in alignment with your true nature. Usually it’s never the doing that’s the problem, it’s the thought behind it. Thoughts of guilt, jealousy, anger, hatred, resentment, spite, inferiority, lackful-ness and worry, produce emotions that feel “bad” in the body – this an indication that these thoughts are not congruent with your true nature, with who you really are.

Aligning with life by understanding the guidance of your emotions

At any moment you can either stay aligned with life or stay disconnected. When you stay in alignment with life, good fortune flows into your existence and your reality starts shifting towards a constant reflection of well-being. Staying disconnected with life creates unpleasant realities that end up fueling even more negative thoughts, creating a vicious cycle of unwanted reality.

It’s easy to align with life once you understand the guidance that is offered by your own emotions. If you are feeling “bad”, just look for the thought that caused this feeling, and then let go of it. The bad feeling is an indication that the source does not want you to focus on the thought that produced the feeling. If you continue focusing on that thought, you will continue to feel bad, and ultimately end up manifesting something unpleasant, and unwanted, in your life.

Letting go of a thought simply means that you stop giving it your attention. It’s simple, but most people find it really difficult to shift their attention from a negative thought. Just practice letting go of your “focus” every time a negative though arises. Relax your focus so that you don’t contract on the negative thought. The thought will just pass through your space of consciousness like a cloud. It may come back again, but it would be much weaker than before.

Choose good feeling thoughts or no thoughts

Ideally you’d want to transcend the mind altogether so that it does influence you with its constant noise. In the interim however, you can find relief by focusing on good feeling thoughts or staying in the space of silence (no thoughts). Be conscious enough to not give attention to negative thoughts. Every time a negative thought arises in your mind just let go of it, don’t fuel it with your attention.

With time you will have enough “presence” power in you to transcend the mind’s influence altogether. You will no longer be pushed around by thoughts, and there will be more and more spaces between your thoughts. As you rest in the space of your being, your mind takes a secondary place, and true intelligence can then operate in your life.

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  1. Sasha

    Hi Sen,

    I’ve been reading your articles for a few weeks now, and they have helped me exceptionally. However, I still have a problem. I would like to say I’ve mastered the art of creating and staying in a space of awareness, letting negative and unwanted thoughts and images pass through my mind. However, I have trouble understanding how to create a space of awareness and sticking to it so that I don’t get caught up in giving attention and focus to the negative thoughts. I end up feeling I’m back at Sqaure one, and often find myself think whether I’ve stop thinking of the negative thought. I also feel that I cannot let go of the fear of my mind and end up getting scared. Could you offer a suggestion please?

    1. Sen Post author

      Love, joy, hatred, fear, boredom and sexuality are 6 dimensions present in any human mind, and it’s not possible to “get rid” of any of these dimensions. The purpose of awareness is not so you can get rid of any of these dimensions in your mind – rather’s it’s about understanding these natures in your mind, and not be totally “lost” in any of these dimensions, while allowing the mind to have its movements. It’s about no longer being in “resistance” to the mind’s movements. Just allow the mind to “be”, and understand as a human being your mind is bound to have the light nature of love & joy, and also the dark nature of hatred, fear, boredom & sexuality, and this is never going to change. What changes is your “response” to the mind, when you are “aware” you are not lost in these dimensions of the mind and hence there is a space of wisdom/maturity/intelligence which is operational in your consciousness, which is not present in a human being who is unconscious lost in the mind.

      I sense that your awareness is strong enough, and you don’t need to distance yourself from the mind’s dark natures. Allow your awareness to touch the dark natures of ur mind (like fear, hatred & boredom), thus allowing a wisdom oriented channeling of all these energies. Don’t try to get rid of these natures in the mind, because it will be a futile effort, as these natures are hard-wired in the brain and hence will continue to exist as long as the brain is alive. The dark natures of the mind are not the problem, the problem is being “unconsciously” identified with them or suppressing them out of fear. You can allow the mind to have its dark natures in the space of your awareness, without any suppression – you will see how a “constructive” channeling of these dark natures happens when you allow these natures in the light of your awareness. As long as you stay in fear of these dark natures in your mind, you will be a “prisoner” to them and hence will always feel suffocated by their presence. But once you consciously “allow” them their movement, and also align with them in the mind without “resisting” their presence, you will see a wise and harmonious channeling of these energies in a productive way – this is how you become an authentic human being, where you are not hiding behind any mask of denial of your mind’s natures.

  2. Sasha

    Thank you Sen, I’m happy this my awareness is strong. Thank you for you’re quick response and I will do as you’ve said. I feel much better already!

  3. Orlando

    Sen, this is one of the most valuable articles I’ve read.

    I finally understand the idea behind “letting go”.

    First, we must become aware of the thought or root-thought creating the “bad feeling”, but only subtly enough to recognize it’s negative nature. We then allow it to dissolve by replacing our mind’s focus with life’s focus. This isn’t ignoring the thought because we are initially becoming aware of it, in order to dissolve it, while consciously choosing not to fuel it with attention. (Law of Attraction)

    Once this understanding was applied, I noticed a large increase of space in my being.

    I now have a sense of calmness and interest for my usual daily activities. This is notable because for the past 2 weeks I’ve been clouded in negativity, somehow trying to “release” it by letting negative scenarios play-out in my mind (the opposite of letting go). This was extremely unnecessary because not only did the feelings linger afterwards, but also that my mind continued to re-create the same fears in new ways.

    Although I’ve been reading your blog for 2 months, this is my first time actually understanding the concept of identifying and dissolving fears.

    I can see how this process may take some time because I am also noticing that some fears are being dissolved in layers, leading to the dissolution of the root-thought that the other fears stemmed from.

    1. Sen Post author

      Orlando, Thanks for sharing your experience and personal insight

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