To Think or Not To Think – Part 2

Posted on by Sen.

Since the understanding of this pointer is essential to the whole process of living without resistance, it’s important to have a clear insight of it so that there are no misinterpretations in the mind. Below I’ve listed out a few common misunderstandings in the mind about this pointer, with some insights on a clearer understanding on that aspect.

When you don’t think, the mind continues thinking

The work “think” is basically a verb and it implies that there is a “subject” who can think or not think as a conscious choice. But in truth, thinking is not really in our conscious control – rather it happens automatically in the mind. If thinking was in your conscious control you would be able to switch off the mind any time you wanted and switched it on when you wanted, plus you would also be able to ensure that the mind never thinks a negative thought – anyone who is aware of the mind’s working would know that such a conscious control is just not possible.

Controlling the mind is only a “temporary” effort of focus, just like controlling the breath – it does not last long, and mind goes back to its automatically thinking mode. However, in the periods where we try to control the mind with effort, and force it into doing something it’s not motivated to do at that moment, we create tremendous resistance within our being – felt as “stress” or tension in the body.

This pointer helps you see through the futility of trying to control the mind. When you allow your mind the freedom to move on its own accord, it will re-align with the natural movement of your life stream (which is in sync with the totality). It may feel a little chaotic, within, when you first allow the mind full freedom to run without your interruption, but soon the internal chaos start coming to a rest and a harmony comes in. Don’t panic in the initial days when you are getting aligned with the process of letting go of the mind – rest assured that the mind will come into a harmony on its own accord.

The reason it feels chaotic initially is because of release of momentum in it, the way a spring releases when you let go of holding on to it – for so long you’ve been in the habit of suppressing the mind and so when you let go of it, initially it feels like a “chaotic release” – most people get scared of this “momentum” in the mind and try frantically to get the mind back in “leash”. Hopefully, now that you have an understanding of this process you would not panic about it and keep staying in a place of letting go.

Who is the thinker?

An important question you need to ask yourself is, who is this “subject” that’s trying to control the thoughts or who is making an effort to think. In spiritual teachings, this thinker is called the “little me” or the “me entity”, or the “self” (with small s). I sometimes refer to this part in our consciousness, that wants to control the mind, as the “negative ego”.

Basically, if you notice, the part in you that wants to control the mind, is basically a fear-based entity; it’s afraid of the mind’s freedom and feels the need to stay in control instead of trusting the flow of life. This “little me” is rooted in fear, insecurity, doubt, lack and uncertainity, and thus is not trusting of allowing the natural movement of life to take over in the body.

Actually the very pointer of “let go of the mind” is directed to this “little me” part in you. You can easily identify its working in your space. Can you sense an entity in your consciousness which is sitting in fear, worried about what the mind is thinking, worried about what it thinks it needs to be doing, projecting a fearful future, resenting the past, trying to force the mind to effort, trying to control itself and trying to control others, and never trusting the well-being of life. This entity is the “negative ego” or the “little me”. Most of the questions of doubt come from this entity in you.

This “little me” entity is the reason for all the resistance in your being. Its very structure is made from fear-based conditioning, you can call it the fear-based creation of your mind. In essence it’s only a thought structure, and has no reality, but this thought has become really strong owing to years of belief in it. In fact, most of us think that who we are is this thought based “entity”. We identify with this “negative ego” thinking that it’s who we are – that’s one reason why we can’t feel the wholeness of our being.

As long as this “little me” is in the center stage, it keeps your vibration rooted in fear/hatred/lack, it also stands in constant resistance to allowing the natural expression of your mind to unfold because of its beliefs in limited external conditioning. This “little me” is a thought structure, but it can spawn thoughts from itself – thoughts creating thoughts. So the pointer to “Not think” is for this “little me” structure in your human consciousness (or in your mind).

Of course, the “little me” has not interest in letting go because when it does let go it would start dissolving in power – it wants to remain in the center stage. So it requires a deep awareness, understanding and conscious dis-identification to keep letting go of this “little me” part in your human consciousness. As this structure dissolves in you, there will be no resistance, or very little resistance, in your being – allowing the free movement of your mind and allowing the influx of the intelligence of your being.

All struggle comes from the “little me”

Your being is effortless in its movement. As you can notice – the processes of digestion, blood circulation, breathing, heart beat, hair growth, happens effortlessly without you even realizing that it’s happening. This is the nature of the natural movement of life, that it’s always effortless. The same way thinking is also effortless and intelligent, when the little me does not try to control the mind. When the mind is without the resistance of the little me, learning happens effortlessly and you align with the work that tuned to your aptitude producing quality output, attracting well-being, with no unnecessary or wasted actions.

The negative ego is what takes in the fear based external conditioning from outside and tries to force the mind to move in a way that’s not natural to it. This is one reason why people get stuck in jobs that don’t feel aligned with their aptitude or take up courses that they are not really interested in, or even end up in relationships that don’t feel congruent with their nature. If you’ve never identified the presence, or operation, of this negative ego entity in you – it can be quite a shock to realize how much resistance comes from it, and how badly it’s rooted in insecurity, fear, doubt and hatred. It will put forth several clever arguments to keep you from letting go of it, most of them rooted in fear, and its take a deep awareness to see through its movement.

The pointer to “not think” is not a directive for the mind but a directive for the “little me” to let go of its efforts at thinking and allow the mind to think in its natural flow. When the little me stops controlling the mind, there is a merging of the intelligence of mind with the intelligence of your being or wholeness, allowing for a harmonious functioning.

All spiritual teachings of enlightenment ultimately point towards letting go of this “little me” entity in your human consciousness – this is what the Buddha meant by “no self, no suffering”, this what Ramana Maharishi meant by saying “let go the self” or what the upanishads stated as – “the self is an illusion” what Jesus referred to when he said “it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (by “rich man” he was referring to the negative ego or the little me entity that is trying to sit in control, by “kingdom of God” he was referring to the wholeness/intelligence of your being). In fact when you understand this pointer, you can read any spiritual teaching and see that this is the essence of all the teachings.


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    1. Alliswell

      Can a relationship be successful if one person is in their awareness and the other is not? I understand what you are saying, but not all beings are as enlightened. It is very hard to get into the awareness of yourself without letting all the other thought processes affect you. Do you think most people are in this mode? without being aware of it?

    2. Sen Post author

      The usefulness of getting enlightened is that it allows awareness to dissolve patterns of conflict within us. Anyone who is awakened to the truth of their being starts dis-identifying with the movement of “negative ego” (which is basically a thought structure rooted in fear/lack/hate based thinking) within them, allowing a conscious disintegration of negative patterns within thus allowing the attraction of a positive reality. But there are many humans who are “unconsciously” positive too, owing to a healthy upbringing, good parenting, positive environment and societal acceptance which causes them to be rooted in self-love, self-appreciation and abundance mindset. These humans don’t really need to awaken because they are quite happy in their reality, they may not feel any “seeking” within them towards enlightenment either. Of course, there are also many positively oriented humans who also awaken or get enlightened about the truth of life (out of the desire in them to “know” the mystery of life) and thus become even more rooted in the feeling of well-being. So, yeah, it’s possible to be unconsciously positive too, and there are a lot of people in this world who are this way and they attract a positive reality onto themselves, thus enjoy a good experience of life.

      There is a saying that “suffering is the catalyst to enlightenment”, this is quite true because it’s mostly in the time of deep suffering that a person feels the urge to become “free” of the terrible resistance within (some commit suicide, some go into the pursuit of enlightenment). Gautham Buddha himself wanted to get enlightened because he was suffering terribly from the fear that he felt towards disease and death. When one truly gets enlightened, or aware, of their deeper truth it erases resistances in their energy space, and thus aligns them with the vibration of positive. Such a person who has become consciously positive will not get influenced by negativity again because he/she has a conscious understanding of life. Whereas a people who are unconsciously positive can get influenced by negativity, especially during some loss they witness in their life or other’s lives. When you are unconscious of your truth, it’s always possible to get influenced by negativity out of misplaced interpretations.

      When you’ve dissolved conflicts within you through awareness and are aligned with a positive vibration, the relationship you attract, or rather the partner you attract, would be a match to your positive vibration (they may or may not be awakened, but they would have a positive vibration to them).

  2. Aaron

    Hi. Ive been adhering to your advice and not trying to control the mind which has been a wonderful development.
    At the moment im looking for a new job. Im trying to use my time productively, and in my mind I have high expectations. I anticipate a productive day and always think im going to complete certain tasks by certain points. It never works out like that. I never complete the tasks I expect to in my mind. my expectations are so skewed. im trying to apply a detached awareness to these thoughts.
    I also face a great deal of boredom. The mind will say oh lets just go on facebook for a bit, lets just watch this video, lets play guitar, anything to not focus on typing out an application form for example. I dont resist these thoughts, and let my minds activities play out. Often i will act on these thoughts and spend time on facebook etc.

    Generally i’ll spend my day perhaps doing 2 hours of productive job hunting work. Yet im never satisfied with this. If i apply a detached awareness to this maybe i can see that my expectations of doing a full 8 hours work is inaccurate? I can just let the day play out as it does? Is this lifes natural course playing out? If i apply no resistance and only do 2 hours work then this must be fine.

    And yes im constantly conscious of time. Thats a preoccupation. The days seem to pass so fast, hours go quick. I think my life is moving so fast. I dont want to waste my days. I keep applying detached awareness, to these thought process though.

    I guess what im asking is if im applying little resistance and letting life play out, but yet dont seem to be working particularly hard this is this fine? Is this life taking care of me naturally.

    1. Sen Post author

      Fear based ideas of “productivity” can create a lot of pressure and guilt in the mind. From the perspective of alignment, if you are enjoying your present moment, it means you are using your time “productively” because the very purpose of physicality is to enjoy your experiences here. The way you used the word “productivity” is to define some activities which your mind does not feel like doing and making it do it because a conditioned part of you thinks that it “needs” to be done – like applying for jobs everyday and filling up applications. So the way you look at productivity is to get some things done which your mind naturally does not feel like doing. And when your mind is having fun (watching videos or social networking) you feel that it’s not being “productive”. So you can see that there is a skewed perspective that you hold about what “productivity” is and this is one reason why you feel so much guilt in your mind when it’s enjoying itself, which also makes you feel pressurized by time. The way I would define productivity would be any output that’s created through following your joy in the moment. Any output that’s created from a place of joylessness is unproductive by its very nature.

      Joy is basically a feeling of alignment, ease and flow in the being and any output that gets generated from this state of being is always productive in absolute perspective. If in the moment it feels like working on facebook or watching a video or playing your guitar is the most enjoyable thing for your mind, then that’s the most productive thing you can be doing in that moment. You will amazed at how quickly your mind keeps moving into new productive activities as soon as you allow it the freedom to fully indulge itself in its ease and enjoyment. When you are really allowing of the mind, you might suddenly feel the inspiration to write out a job application from a place of alignment and the application that you fill out may be the most aligned one to get you into a job that feels most connected with your aptitude. It’s not the number of applications that you fill out that makes you productive, it’s about filling out the application of the right job – and your mind cannot know what’s the right company because it does not have the big picture, but your wholeness knows this – and when you align with your wholeness (by aligning with your joy every moment) you will automatically be guided to the right job. I know, that people around you would force you to keep filling up job applications, and there is also a lot of guilt within you if you don’t keep filling out job applications every day – but this is the “old fear based mindset”. If you want a shift in your reality, you need to let go of this old mindset – and try out this new way of living, at least for 30 days to see how it shifts your reality. Who knows, when you totally align with your joy you might find out a totally unique way of making money that feels aligned with your being – a totally creative idea can come into you.

      The pointer is very simple – just align with your joy every moment and leave the rest to life. In other words, let your mind do what it finds most “enjoyable” to do in the moment, and let life orchestrate the events required. Rest assured that life know what needs to be done, and it knows the right timing for it – you will be in tune with this intelligence when your mind is tuned to joy. The articles I write on this blog, they don’t come from a place of a forced will – I don’t force myself to write a post everyday – somehow it just seems to happen, I just suddenly get inspired to write about a particular pointer or topic and the words just flow from this inspiration. There is no effort involved in thinking because the words just flow through. If I don’t feel the inspiration to write I don’t write, it’s that simple. I don’t do anything that my mind does not feel inspired towards. The mind is connected to the higher intelligence of life, it’s only the negative ego that puts resistance to the mind’s natural movement that arises from the inspiration of life in that moment. It’s okay if you spend a whole day watching videos, or playing guitar, if that’s what your mind feels like doing – if you enjoyed these activities that means you’ve lived a fully productive day in your life for the first time. The next day your mind might just feel like sending a particular email or calling a particular vacancy by checking out the newspaper, or may be it would just feel like playing the guitar for the whole day again – you never know, your job is just to keep moving in the direction of what feels like ease/enjoyment at the moment and life will take care of the rest. If you don’t trust this way of living, just try it for 30 days and see how much it shifts your reality and then you can decide if you want to go back to the old mindset of following the fear based ideas of productivity.

  3. nic

    Hi. Your comment is very enlightened and helpfull. I wonder about situation in which I go to high school and I have many tests from subjects which I really dislike. There is no posibility to avoid them. What I have to do? or what I don’ t have to? In spite the fact that I like particular subjects and I like going to school I always have neagtive repeating thoughts about disliked tests. It’s like being in a trap, I can’t change school, bacause I will always find mandatory subjects which I don’t like. I understand that in the future I will be able to change the job, and find the most accurate one, which I will really enjoy, but there is no such oppurtunity at school

    1. Sen Post author

      You need to realize that the “mind” will always have likes and dislikes, it will have some preferences and inclinations, and it may find some activities less interesting, or boring, and it may enjoy certain activities. But ultimately, the mind will never be “satisfied”, by its very design it keeps looking for the next thing. No matter what your external reality is like, the mind will always have something it does not like – it’s eternally that way. If you fully identified with your mind, and if your mind is only dimension you are aware of in yourself, then you will constantly find yourself being restless, dissatisfied and frustrated, no matter what the reality is like – there is no such thing as “perfect” reality from the perspective of the mind, because it will always find something to dislike no matter what the reality is like. You don’t have to change the mind, let it be the way it is. But if you want to feel “whole” you need to know yourself as your “being” nature rather that just your human mind nature. Your being nature is the “space” in which the mind operates – it’s a space of aware energy, this is who you truly are. When you rest as awareness, allowing the mind to be free in its nature (with all its likes and dislikes), allowing life to inspire the actions in you, you will notice that a “wisdom” operates in your human self where you seem to do things that are “required” for the moment irrespective of the resistance of the mind. For example, my mind dislikes the idea of buying groceries, going shopping, driving in the traffic, doing bank work, cleaning up etc and if I stay totally identified with the mind I will live in frustration about all these things that’s required to be done – but when I let go of the mind, and allow myself to abide in the space of awareness, then there is a deeper wisdom that operates and moves the body to do the necessary activities (the mind’s resistance becomes irrelevant and inconsequential) – there is no suppression of the mind and there is no over-indulgence in the mind either, it’s a balance – either gets done, that needs to be done in the moment. Sometimes wisdom dictates that some activities be done that the mind may not necessarily enjoy – but if you are totally identified with the mind then you will be in resistance to these activities, but as you let go of the mind and stay as a space of detached awareness or passive awareness, all the required activities get done in an effortless manner or in a flow.

    2. nic

      Thank you for reply. I’m so happy that you mentioned about dislikes which will be inconsequential during the ego-free life. I’m sure it’s truth, because I experienced it when I was young. You reminded me about it. It’s so relieved that even during doing things which we don’t like we can be free of efortlessness- suffering.

    3. Sen Post author

      You have acquired an accurate understanding/recognition of these pointers. I understand you are only in high school presently, it’s quite remarkable to have such receptivity so early. It’s also true that it’s easier to recognize the truth within when the mind is less cluttered with negative conditioning than when its mired in it as an adult.

  4. Jay

    For example, if my desire to be with a girl that I like and suitable for me, what mind set do I need? I have read your other articles on “Why Am I Not Able to Manifest What I Want?” and it did mention that I have to get to the same emotional state. From other source, I also read that I have to believe I already have it and I have to feel abundant too. I also took both of your advise about my need for approval and maintaining a relaxed awareness state. Some of the concepts are too abstract for me and I hope you can help me clarify them. For example, what is “You can only manifest a reality that matches your present state of being.” Does joying my life matches the same state of being? Should I start picking up activities I enjoy doing and just keep doing it while acknowledge my desire for a good relationship? Some says that I should feel abundant even if I have to fake it. If I find myself enjoying everything I do, even work I don’t normally enjoy, does it mean I have found the filfullment I need to manifest my reality? Also, to not make a big deal out of my desire, does it also means that I have to live with or without it but still be aware of this desire? Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      What is “inside” is what is (or what seems) to be manifested outside. The outside reality is just a mirror reflecting your “inside” space. If there are conflicts in your inner space, it will be seen manifested in your outter reality and if there is a balance in your inner space, it will be seen manifested as a balance in external reality. It’s not possible to experience abundance in our external reality, when one is rooted in feelings of lack in their mind/inner space. To bring a balance into your external reality, you need to balance your inner space by balancing your “human aspect” with your “being aspect” only then can you function as a balanced “human being”. If a person is totally lost/identified with his human aspect (his human desires, opinions, biases, perceptions, needs etc) there will be a sense of craving/neediness/fear/incompleteness in his vibration on the other hand if a person becomes totally lost into his “beingness” (like some spiritual addicts who try to shun their mind), while avoiding his human aspect, he becomes lopsided with a vibration of fear towards his mind. To feel balance you need to merge your humanness with your beingness. Your beingness is basically the space of “awareness” in which your mind operates. So when you rest in this space of awarness and allow the mind to operate freely in the wisdom of this awareness, everything comes to a balance by itself. Only when you rest as this space of awareness do you start feeling whole within and when you allow the mind the freedom to operate in this awareness you will be able to manifest your human experiences of relationships, financial success, health etc with ease.

      You cannot “fake” this wholeness, you will need to merge with it by rest as this space of awareness. Don’t try to understand these pointers solely with your mind, read these words from the space of awareness and they will resonate more deeply with you.

  5. Alliswell

    I had a 7 year relationship with a great guy whom I loved very much. He recently passed away unexpectedly.

    I continually tried to sabotage our relationship because of my own insecurity. How do I keep from doing that in the future? I create scenarios I believe are real, but are not.

    I want to be healthy in the way I approach relationships in the future. I just lost someone who meant the world to me, but I was so anxious in the relationship and I don’t believe it was because he did not make me comfortable, it was me and my thought processes.

    1. Sen Post author

      The simple pointer is that as long as you are dependent on the “external” to make you feel whole, you will constantly be ridden with insecurities because the external can “change”/dissolve at any time. As soon as you get into a relationship, you do know that it’s going to be over at some point – at the latest when you die or when your partner dies, physical beings/objects are not going to be eternal, they constantly dissolve. So if you are dependent on the external for a sense of security or wholeness, be prepared to spend a lifetime in insecurity. True security comes from recognizing your eternal nature as the “being” that you are before this body – the space of awareness in which your body/mind operates is the true body of who you are. In essence you are this space of aware energy which manifests into forms like this body that you call “you”. Of course, this body is a part of you but when you forget the other part of you as the wholeness of your being, you always feel incomplete. Awakening is to realize your true “body” as this space of energy that’s everything there is – there is just one being, one aware energy that takes all forms, and you are essentially that being in your truth – it’s just that you are so identified with your mind that you fail to recognize that you are also the space of awareness in which the mind operates.

      As you rest in this space of awareness, more and more, you start connecting with your wholeness. This allows a new wisdom to operate in your physical life, allowing for fulfilling external realities and experiences. You will find that you are no longer craving your desires but rather you are just allowing of them, in a state of no resistance – you feel whole within, but you also look forward to enjoy the physical experiences with no “neediness” in your being.

  6. Suphala

    I am glad to come across your blog .. I pray to God to give me courage to follow my bliss.. my instincts.. and intuitions..your way of expressing the process is actually helping me to step ahead and trust my heart over my mind… I had been a struggler for quite a long time with my mind and its logical thinking, life seemed to be limited .On reaching the dead-end in the logical process of mind, I have realised that let going Ego and taking in charge of myself and allowing myself to follow my heart is the way to live life fully

    Thanks for sharing you experience.. and the process.
    Love you 🙂

  7. Alliswell

    I’ve been able to maintain a level of relaxed awareness and then slowly I start thinking again.. not necessarily negative, just thinking about a solution to a problem – paying for college for my daughter.

    It is your suggestion that I let go of trying to figure out the problem and let wisdom take over? It is a source of contention between her father and I. This is where I have trouble.. when it seems like a decision needs to be made legally and who will pay for what. The decision should come to me freely?

    1. Sen Post author

      A solution, for this problem, has already manifested in your life-stream to allow your well-being, your job is to allow this solution to come forth into your reality in a smooth manner. The only way you can do this is to stay allowing of what arises, and let life move you instead of “trying” to force a solution. If you stay in alignment with your life-force, the solution that comes forth will be in harmony with totality and it will be free of drama/friction/struggle. Let go of notions of who is right and who is wrong, let go of any blame you might be feeling towards the outside, and just let yourself be aligned with a non-resistance state (it a very ordinary state of allowing what arises to arise freely). If any action is required of you it will be inspired in you, in fact your body will be moved towards that action in a movement of energy. If there is no action required of you, you will not have the energy to take any action and you will notice that outside reality is orchestrated in a manner to bring a harmonious solution to your problem. Use this as an opportunity to become aware of the intelligence of life’s movement, so that you can trust this movement in the future and thus be rooted in a deeper trust.

      Don’t try to suppress the mind when it’s thinking, let it think. Just be open to allow the movement of your mind and whatever arises in the moment.

  8. robert

    amazing article , and i really want to follow the ways that you are describing in this article but the only thing is that i am having problems understanding the fact that if we were to do as the article says then for example what do ex drug addicts do when they suddenly get the “urge” to use agin do they just follow their “joy” and what feels right at the moment?

    1. Sen Post author

      This state of being is not an “unconscious” one but a highly conscious one. The presence of a strong field of “awareness” allows the presence of a wisdom and maturity (an inner guidance) that comes directly from your life-stream. The actions you take are aligned with this wisdom, so you would not be attracting a reality that’s negative for you. By “joy” I don’t just mean excitement/exhilaration, though they are part of joy, the joy I am referring to is a sense of inner wholeness which ensure that you are not moving from a place of neediness. The more you let go into the space of your being that more you understand the wholeness that’s the nature of the being that we are.

  9. Abhyasi

    Thanks Sen for very insightful article;
    I have a question. So who is this “I”? life energy? or just mind? Let’s say when “I” want to let go of negative ego is it “I” as life energy want to let go of negative ego or is it “I” as mind that want to let go of it? If I understand this correctly, life energy is pure joy and mind does not have any control over it so it’s our mind that is aware of the negative ego and “I” as mind has to let go of it?

    1. Sen Post author

      Abhyasi, your understanding is right, it’s the mind that lets go of its negativity in the presence of its awareness.

    2. Abhyasi

      Thank You Sen!

  10. Radiance

    Hi Sen,

    I have two questions,

    Im confused when it comes to the value of meditation. If it is useless to try to control the mind, what is the value of meditation? Aren’t most forms of meditation asking us to focus on the breath and acknowledge thoughts but try to have less of them?

    The other question is related to doing what you enjoy. If an activity is not pleasurable, then how will it happen if the mind doesn’t want to do it?
    I had an experience last Sunday where I found miself compelled to do laundry at 7am! I did, but while I typically detest doing laundry, this time it felt enjouable. I was actualy in bliss, the sky was extra blue and the plants around me extra alive. So I don’t see how would I find myself doing a task “naturally” unless it somehow becomes pleasurable.

    1. Sen Post author

      I’ve never been a proponent for “control” based meditation, like focusing on the breath to silence the mind. Basically the value it serves is to suppress mind activity for a while giving a temporary relief from resistance, it doesn’t inherently dissolve the ongoing inner conflicts. The practice of relaxed awareness is about just letting go of the mind and allowing it full freedom to have its thoughts, while also allowing a freedom to your emotional space, while you rest in your space of being – this openness is what allows for a release and dissolution of negativity in the mind.

      If you stop forcing yourself through “to do” lists, and just use them as a reference or reminders, and let yourself be moved from a place of inspiration, you will sense that activity get done, even the mundane chores, at the right time, supported by the energy of your life-stream – I call this working through inspired action. It’s not necessarily about “pleasure”, it’s about being supported by your life-energy, there is a sense of being effortless and the task does not feel draining.

  11. Radiance

    I like this, because by allowing my mind to do its thing, I find it easier to lessen my identifying my Self with it. It is a very noisy and nosy mind, but it is not me.

    So much that it has its own likes and dislikes.

    It is almost scary to watch it, and it is challenging to do so without judging it or labeling it.

    I am looking forward experiencing it losing momentum…

  12. Ahlan

    Hey Sen,

    I have read many of your posts. In one u said: “When you just let go of the “need” to figure things out, and allow the mind the freedom to run freely, you become prone to the grace of life’s intelligence that’s operating all the time when you allow it”

    I would like to understand from a practical example of how to “Allow” and stay in a relaxed space of awareness AND let go of your
    efforting mindset.

    I am a good worker and do my job diligently. I have got promotions and got rewarded for my work. But now I am having lots of difficulties in my job. Of late people around me left or got transferred and got replaced by narrow minded and aggressive ones. They are trying to spoil my name for their own gains and constantly question or run down my knowledge or decisions. They feel by overpowering me they can stay in control. I am cornered from all sides. I am worried that I may lose my job for this.

    My question is:

    When I am sitting in the state of allowing. A thought comes to my mind about losing my job. How do I let the “little me” take a back seat and let the mind run free? Could you please guide me on this?

    Usually I get thoughts where in i try to fgure out my options where i try to console myself and think of alternate ways to either save my job or quit it.

    At other times a chain of fear is unleased. I am in my late forties and getting a job in the IT field is rather difficult(i know this is an assumption based on my knowledge)

    I get thoughts that I may never get a job, my savings have dried up. i end up in a financial mess, i cannot provide for my family .. this goes on and on until i picture my peniless death(scary isnt it? but thats how thoughts are like sometimes).

    If you would kindly tell me what is the right way of allowing i would be so greatful.

    My second question is: In this state of Concious Awareness/Allowing. Do i deliberately think of my current problems(since u use the word ‘concious’) OR just go with whatever comes to mind. Ther eason i ask is that For almost a month when I sat in this state, I never got any negative thoughts during this state of allowing.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, your life experiences are usually the best ways to unearth your inner insecurities and imbalances. Sitting in a state of allowing is not meant to be an “isolated practice” rather it’s supposed to be integrated with your life experiences, and what’s going on in your mind with respect to your thinking. What you mentioned about feeling intimidated by the change in management is like a growth call for you to integrate with your dark nature of inner power – basically when someone has an imbalanced towards light-nature one is bound to be subjected to influence of dark natured elements (your own imbalance attracts it) until you balance out in yourself. For ex, someone who is meek is found subjected to constant influences of fear-based elements, relentlessly, until he/she learns to connect with his/her inner power (dark nature aspect) and let go of the imbalance of light-nature (present as meekness). Sometimes we can’t be aware of our imbalances until we are subjected to some life-situations that trigger them (or unearth them) – when it happens, you have to bring awareness to this imbalance within you and through the state of allowing (which directly allows for the required integration/balance of the light and dark) dissolve the imbalance. I talk about the dynamics of bringing this balance in the recent post – the phase of release.

  13. Fingaladinga

    I’m not sure if this is odd or not:

    Recently I’ve entered into a deeper level of release (that is, I only seem to be able to do this when I am at home in a quiet environment with some time on my hands). I can feel stuck thoughts pass through me, it feels like breaking a dam, and after a while it feels pretty good. Sometimes it takes a while for me to actually find my space of awareness, and sometimes it takes a while longer to find a resistance and let it dissolve.

    But heres where it gets weird.
    After each release, I tend to fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of a release. I usually detox late in the day because I’m busy early in the day (college) and its harder for me to allow during all the triggers that keep popping up.

    Do you think I can eventually expect to stop nodding off like this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Fingaladinga, sometimes it can be mentally exhausting to deal with a release and hence it’s normal to feel sleepy (especially if you are already tired from your day’s work) during a session of allowing. Over time, as the momentum reduces, this stops being the case.

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