Soothe Your Resistance

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When you imagine yourself to be a channel through which life force can manifest realities, you understand that the “rapidity” with which your desires manifest depends solely on how allowing you are of this life force. The more resistance that’s present in you the slower the movement of life force through you, and thus slower, and less abundant, the manifestations. The more open you stay, the faster life force can move through you (and thus move you) into new/improved realities that you desire.

A big part of this life journey is about having new experiences, rendezvousing with new realities and allowing growth/expansion in the physical realm. If you understand how the movement of life force is created from the desire for betterment, or the desire for expansion, you will know that its movement is always in the direction of well-being, abundance, ease, growth and improvement. So if you are allowing of this life force (that you’ve created), you will have a much better quality ride on this journey of physicality, that you are on as this body.

Resistance is created by “identification” with low frequency thoughts

Thoughts of fear, hatred, sorrow and lack are all low frequency thoughts because they drag your vibration into far lower realm than your natural vibration of joy/love. Of course, the mind will always have some low frequency thoughts now and then, the question is how identified are you with them – without your total identification the negativity of the mind does not have the power to influence your vibration in any strong way.

The more aligned you are with your natural vibration of joy/love, the more open you are to life force – a person who is aligned with joy for most part of the day has really had the most “productive” day no matter what actions were taken or not taken. If you spend most part of your day in lower vibration thoughts (no matter how active you’ve been), it has been a low productive day for you because you’ve disallowed your life force for most of your waking hours and thus stood in opposition to your own abundance. It’s not the actions that you take that defines your productivity, it’s the vibrational state of being that you hold that defines how productive you are (the only real measurement of productivity is about how allowing/aligned you have been of your life force to operate).

A lot of conditioning that we receive from our fear-based society seems to push us in the direction of living in resistance. There are a lot of people who feel “guilty” about aligning with joy, and it just take them a few minutes of being in joy before questioning the validity of their being joyful – this is what I call “proclivity towards negativity”, where your mind finds any reason to feel miserable. Ask yourself, what purpose are you serving by feeling miserable? It’s true that the being that we are in highly sensitive, but if you allow yourself to be dragged into lower vibrations, all the time, based on some realities that you see outside you, it would just cause you to stay in resistance to allowing positivity/well-being into this reality. A person aligned with joy is doing far more service to this world than a person who is rooted in misery – the vibration of joy is what allows your life force to move freely through you and thus bring well-being into this reality.

It’s true that for so long a good majority of human consciousness was rooted in fear, hatred and lack, this has lead to the creation of several inhumanly negative realities. But as more and more human consciousness starts rooting itself in its natural vibration of joy/love, the more we manifest a reality of well-being collectively and personally. Just let go of aligning with thoughts of fear, hatred and lack, no matter how compelling the arguments of your mind.

Stop defending negativity

If there is one commitment I would recommend you make to yourself, it’s this – “I won’t defend negativity no matter what”. If you stand true to this commitment you will always be moving in the direction of alignment. Negativity is not just present in fear and hatred, it’s also present in sorrow and misery. You defend negativity every time you align with lower vibration thoughts or lower vibration state of being. Take a stock of your state of being through out your waking hours, and figure out the percentage of time that you are aligned with joy/love/peace (or at-least moving in the direction it) and the percentage of time you are aligned with fear/hatred/sorrow/lack (through total identification) – this will give you the reason for the presence or absence of well-being in your life.

If a thought feels good align with it, if a thought makes you feel bad don’t identify with it – any excuse to align with a bad feeling thought is in the defense of negativity. It takes conscious commitment initially to stand true to positivity and let go of negativity. To let go of identification with negativity requires “awareness”, and a willingness to not make excuses to defend your right to be negative. Always remember that thoughts that make you feel bad are not in alignment with life (irrespective of how much the mind justifies these thoughts). If you are asking – “how do I let go of negative thoughts?”, the pertinent question would be – “why are you identifying with them?”, because without your identification/belief a negative thought has no power over your vibration – even if the mind keeps producing them now and then. It’s your belief, and interest, in the negative thought that fuels it and gives it momentum.

The best way to soothe your inner resistance is to let go of defending negativity, or being identified with it in any form. When you reach a point where it’s impossible for you to align with a negative thought, you know you’ve become grounded in your natural vibration of joy/love, grounded in a trust of life’s intelligence – this is a place of wholeness because now you are no longer a hold out who is standing in resistance to his/her flow of abundance and well-being.


  1. nora

    Dear Sen,

    I really need help….I have the worst case when it comes to the mind…I have so many many problems that I just can’t seem to explain. So I just keep it hidden in my mind…. yet It keeps coming up and I feel like it is eating away at me.

    I can’t focus on the important things in life, and I have no one to talk to about this and I feel like I am falling in downfall spiral.

    Also finals are this week, one of my professors called me a disappointment…and I just went to the bathroom and cry….

    How do I get the confidence to email my professors, since I feel like I was cheated with some of my grades…

    so sorry for writing this comment, but your blog is so uplifting from the current thoughts that I have. thanks for comfort words


    1. Sen Post author

      The starting point is to start valuing yourself for who you are “unconditionally”. The negative/critical feedback you are getting from your external reality is basically just a “mirrored” reflection of the negativity you have associated with in your mind owing to identification with patterns of self-criticism. As you start understanding the truth of who you are, as this aware universal energy, you will stop associating with limiting thoughts of your mind about yourself, and thus start allowing the flow of well-being inherent to your life-stream. The energy that you are is a “creator” and it creates realities based on its focus, so when you stay focused on negativity you end up creating negative reflections in your reality. Understanding this scientific truth about your creative potential and thus aligning with your natural vibration as joy is the journey towards freedom from negativity. Several posts on this blog address the various ways in which the mind tricks you into negativity, and the various limiting ideas we have about ourselves and how to align with our wholeness by understanding the truth of our “being”.

  2. Jay

    After reading your articles numerous time, especially the one about the art of letting go, I realize that I should stop chasing after good feeling. Since then, I have gradually begun to feel somewhat at peace. Before that my mood used to swing between high and low. Meaning, one day, I would feel extremely exciting and feel extremely down the following day. Currently, I feel somewhat at peace but sometime bored. I am not very sure if I am making progress and have no idea where this is going or if I am heading to the right direction. Also, I have also read your article on different phase of enlightenment. Am I in phase 3? I am just having doubt about all these new feeling that I have never experienced before. I have been staying at this “relax awareness” for a while and I can feel that voice in my head is getting less and less intense. Also, all the decision I need to make needs to be effortless and does not need to follow the conventional logic. Meaning even if it does make logical sense but if I have to make an effort (not being inspired), I shouldn’t go down that path? I really appreciate all your guidance. Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      Chasing good feelings also comes from a place of fear, where we afraid of just allowing the fears/negativity of the mind to arise in the space of our awareness (which is only way to truly allow a dissolution of the negativity). When you are stable in your space of awareness so much so that you are not afraid of allowing the negativity to arise (in all its intensity) and be touched by your consciousness/wholeness, or what I call the love of your being, you are in a very strong place and the momentum of negativity ebbs away swiftly in this state of being. All of this happens during phase 3 or the phase of letting go into the space of awareness or “relaxed awareness” as I call it. You are at phase 3 right now, and it’s good that you’ve reached understanding where you are no longer chasing good feelings but have allowed yourself to just let go into what arises. The mind would label this place as “boring” mostly because it’s a kind of a “limbo” stage where you in the middle of the transition and hence have not come to a permanence in the natural vibration of your being. Just allow all these feelings to arise without being too concerned, just stay open to everything that arises without feeling the need to escape it. You will soon come to an end of this phase, and you will know it because you will sense the aliveness of your being as permanent place towards the end of this phase – which allows you to go to phase 4 where your focus fully returns to physicality in from this place of wholeness.

  3. Jay

    Dear Sen
    Thanks for the assurance.

  4. soul

    Dear sen, i try being in a state of relaxed awareness by sometimes feeling the energy within me e.g starting with my hands and proceeding to the rest of my body and at other times by feeling the peace deep within..
    Both methods are very relaxing but i am confused as to which of them is closer to being in a state of relaxed awareness as you put it?
    And secondly,how to keep the ‘good feeling’ i get after this for long?There is immense relaxation when i practice this but it lasts just for some time..
    I appreciate your guidance on this..

    1. Sen Post author

      I am never really a proponent of techniques or practices, because eventually they are “temporary relief” mechanism no different from some drug or medication we take to suppress the symptoms of inner disharmony. By all means, continue with the practice if it makes you feel good, but also realize that the path to actual find freedom is always about bringing awareness to your inner conflicts. It’s not very pleasant when your awareness touches your inner conflicts, your fears, your doubts and questions, but these are the dark areas which create resistance in you and only by shining the light of your awareness on these areas will you be finally able to dissolve them. If you notice, none of my posts are about using techniques but about “identifying” patterns of negativity within and allowing your awareness to dissolve its influence on your vibration. Bring awareness to the fears, resentments and limiting beliefs in your being, and just stay with it without distracting yourself – this pure awareness has the power to dissolves these conflicts and bring in solutions in your life.

      The paradox of coming to a place of wholeness is to stop chasing temporary good feelings and allow yourself the temporary discomfort of bringing awareness into your inner conflicts/resistances/fears. It requires a maturity to be able to bring an open awareness to all the negative energy in the energy space because it can feel unpleasant when your awareness touches the negativity – but this temporary discomfort needs to be allowed so that you can dissolve the negativity in the light of awareness and thus automatically come to a place of good feeling or wholeness as the momentum of negativity ebbs away. This is not a technique, it’s a movement of really understanding yourself, being with your mind and getting to know its fears/insecurities, not from a place of concern but from a place of open awareness (which is almost impersonal awareness).

  5. soul

    But after recognising a negative pattern in myself,what next?how do i find peace in every moment?in other words how do i remain in the state of relaxed awareness in every moment of the day,even when i am in a negative situation?

    1. Sen Post author

      When the mind becomes negative, when it has fears/insecurities or negative patterns operating, instead of resisting/suppressing it or trying to shut it up, just stay with what arises in a place of relaxed allowing as an open space of awareness (without becoming lost in the pull of the thoughts). When you stay this way, there is a gap between the mind and your being, which allows for the wisdom/intelligence of your life stream to start bringing solutions to dissolve the mind’s concerns/fears. Your job is allow this connection to happen by staying as a relaxed space of awareness allowing the mind to have its movement, even if its being negative. If you keep trying to suppress the mind using techniques, you will not be able to dissolve the patterns of negativity which are running in it. Only when you allow the space of open awareness to touch these fears they will start dissolving. The answer to “what next” will come from your being as you allow your open awareness to touch your mind’s fears. Don’t try to fight the mind, just bring a space of love to it just as you would treat a child. The mind is not your enemy, it’s only negative because it has some fears and it has some desires that are not met, as you stay in this allowing state of being you will let your life-stream function smoothly thus bringing the solutions and manifestations that will relax the mind.

  6. soul

    i partially get it…thanks:)i’ll work on it..

  7. sara

    There is an excellent book I got at the library called ” Excuse me your life is waiting” It talks about feelings and how to bring more manifestation into our lives. Give it a try. It all starts with us. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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