There Is No Final Destination To Reach

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In .life, you will never reach an “end point” where you feel you have finally made it. Even death is not an end point because your energy will continue further into new experiences of the non-physical nature and may further manifest into a new physical form as a matter of movement. There is no “end” in life because this whole movement was never about fulfilling any fixed agendas – it’s just energy experiencing itself. Life, as a movement, is all about experience – and one experience is not better than the other from an absolute perspective, even the most elevated experience is still just an experience, nothing more nothing less. Having this perspective keeps you grounded in reality and acts as a “leveler” each time you feel that you’ve reached “perfection” or have illusions of reaching such a place.

Every time you reach a certain stability with one experience you will want to move on to a new experience. Even awakening/enlightenment is an experience. Living consciously is an experience different from the experience of living unconsciously, aligning with your natural vibration is an experience different from the experience of disconnected living – but in the end its all just experience, to say one experience is better than the other is like saying that being an adult is better than being a child, because that’s not really the case. Being a child is an experience of its own and being an adult is another experience having its own flavor – of course, it seems to be better to have more control and maturity in life, but that’s just one perspective, and such a perception also constitutes an experience. There is never going to be final destination where you feel you’ve reached the “peak” perfection of life, there will always be the next thing.

Life is an eternal movement

By “eternal” I just mean there is no end to its movement because scientifically it’s not possible for this energy to ever stop moving because its very nature is to “intend” the next thing. You can look at your own mind and observe that it will always want the next thing once it reaches stability in one experience – there is not one human who would be okay with “sameness” all the time, everyone wants “variety”, a change, a “newness”, the next thing, the next level. If you’ve played a video game, you will know how the mind once it gets acquainted with one level of play wants to upgrade to the next level of play to keep it challenging. That’s the very nature of mind and since mind is made in the image of the energy that we are, it’s evident that the very nature of this energy is to be eternally in a forward motion towards the new. Destinations are just ideas in our mind, in reality there are no full stops, life as an energy movement just keeps moving constantly to the next thing.

A lot of people have this misconception that through spirituality they will finally reach some point where they would no longer feel any desire for newness and just become rooted in some state of basking in bliss. In truth, as you let go of negativity (which is an experience of its own) you will reach a point where you become very stable in your natural vibration (and might even sit basking it for a while) but then you will desire to move to the next thing – to some new experience. The stability you feel (when you feel aligned) will itself be the new flavor, a new way of experiencing life. Life will always be a journey. This is the nature of the energy that you are, it will never be “dead”, it will always be in movement.

When you are ready the next reality will manifest

A lot of people talk about how impatient they are to move to a new reality, but what they never focus on is whether they are really ready for it yet. Life will never give you something you are not “mentally” ready for, because scientifically your present state of being is not a vibrational match to that reality. The next reality, is not going to be an final place of rest, because once you reach the next reality you will want to move to the “next” one. It will always be the next thing, so relax the impatience and enjoy the journey (savoring each moment of the journey is of course just a different experience, from just jumping from one destination to another in a haze or frenzy). You decide the pace of your journey based on how quickly you get ready for the new reality, but it’s completely okay to spend time basking in your present without feeling any real haste to move the next reality.

I am sure you’ve all heard of the clichéd truth of life – “Nothing really matters”, and this is the freedom of life that there is no perfection to reach for, no-one is ever going to reach a state of elevated perfection from where there is no next thing. There will always be something else to move towards and all experiences are ultimately fleeting and temporary. No-one has “made it”, if you have such a perception about someone you need to take a deeper look at their life.

Perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad, are of course valid, and necessary, from a human perspective, because it defines our approach to life, but from an ultimate perspective all experiences have a value – if you are not able to see this, you would just need contemplate life from a deeper perspective. Life wants to experience being a teenager driving a Mercedes Benz on a free highway at 150 miles/hour as much as it wants to experience being a nurse in service to ailing people – one experience is not more elevated than another from the perspective of life. If you look at it from life’s stand-point, a Mother Teresa is not more elevated than a Michael Schumacher – both are expression of the same life wanting unique experiences. The perspective of one person being more elevated than the other are just human perspectives and it’s totally valid from a relative stand point to have such perspectives – it’s a human thing.

You let go of feelings of unworthiness, of feeling less than others, when you realize how your expression is just as unique as some other expression – from life’s perspective every experience has a value because life is all about experiencing different expressions. Life, as an energy, is eternal and invincible, it’s just enjoying this play of experience – there is nothing really serious about this play (but if you want to make it serious it’s fine too, because that will be an experience for you). Who you are is life and it’s freeing to see life from a wholistic perspective rather than from a narrow “judgment based” perspective.

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