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The ones among you who have been privy to spiritual teachings would be very familiar with terms like oneness, non-duality, emptiness and “nothingness”, used by some teachers to point to the sense that one has in the state of wholeness. These terms can be quite flabbergasting to someone who has no real perspective on what they imply and can also cause a lot of fear when one comes to an “extraordinary” imagination about all this. Of course the mind prefers positive terms like fullness, oneness, fulfillment, wholeness and balance, compared to seemingly negative terms like emptiness, nothingness – I personally don’t use terms like emptiness/nothingness because they tend to create far worse imaginations. However, there is a very good reason why a lot of teachers use the term “nothingness” to point to the state of balance, because in this state there is no “feeling” of opposition in you – the main term here is “feeling”, it’s not that your mind does not have preferences (likes/dislikes), it’s just that there is no force of opposition that you “feel” in you. This causes you to feel like nothing (unwavering peace) inside, though you have thoughts of like/dislike; you don’t become all-loving in terms of your thoughts, but there is no force of opposition in terms of your feeling – this is best description I can provide of what it means to live oneness/wholeness.

There is a huge difference between trying to be all-loving in your “thinking”, and “feeling” no force of opposition in your being – people who try to be all-loving (in their thinking) totally miss the point of the teaching, because they are basically trying to manipulate themselves based on their idea of what the teaching of “oneness” implies. Dark nature cannot be avoided, as it’s a part of your nature as life-energy, so you will always have the dimension of hatred operational in you, and it’s best that you stop fighting its presence. The dimension of hatred serves a very useful purpose in allowing you to have likes/dislikes, to have preferences, which are part of your individuality – so let go of trying to be “neutral”, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not about being neutral, it’s about being natural. It’s just that there is no need or necessity for you to “feel” a force of opposition within you, that makes your body feel this sense of suffering or agitation. It’s a huge freedom when you are free within, in terms of feeling resistance/opposition, and hence can operate naturally without emotional suffering. A simple example – in the state of wholeness you still have a preference that your nation’s soccer team wins the world cup, and in your mind there is a “thought” of disappointment if it loses, it’s just that there is no “feeling” of disappointment in your body – this is why this state is called “nothingness”, and this is how you live oneness in your being.

The science behind wholeness

A thought, initially, has “zero force” – it’s like an empty plastic bag with no weight. When you give a lot of focus to a thought, by identifying with it, or opposing it (fighting it), it gains force because you are imbuing it with “energy” created by your focus. The more focus you give it, the more energy it absorbs – its like the plastic bag is now being stuffed with goods and is becoming heavy, and is now felt like a burden to carry around. This is how the natural state of wholeness, which was present in your being to start with, is disturbed, by the “heavy thoughts” that you accumulate within you. Remember, that thoughts are not heavy to start with, and you can play around with any type of thought – joy, love, hate, fear, boredom, sexuality – all these different types of thoughts are privy to your being, and none of them are a problem, including the thought of “ego” (or the “I” sense). It’s only when you make a thought heavy by imbuing it with the energy of your focus, through over-identification or suppression, that it starts becoming a problem, because now it’s a burden in your being, it slows you down, it causes resistance, it becomes a “force” of its own.

A “heavy thought” is what “emotion” really is. Emotion is what you “feel” in the body. A thought, originally, has no emotion, it just has a “distinction” – just like a color does not have a smell, but you can distinguish colors, in the same way you can distinguish thoughts (as love-based, fear-based, hate-based etc) without needing to feel the emotion. It’s only when you fuel a thought with energy of your focus, that it starts getting stored up in your “being” and starts creating feelings in your being, which can be felt in a “body” in which your being resides during physical journey. Your being carries this burden of “emotion” (or heavy thoughts) until they can be cleared out consciously by letting go of them. The good news is that a thought cannot sustain its energy, unless it’s constantly fueled, and the natural state is for the thought to keep releasing it past acquired energy when it’s not getting any new fuel – this is the simple science behind why the state of “allowing” brings you to a state of wholeness, naturally. (You can read more about what I mean by the state of allowing in these posts – Reaching a state of total allowing and FAQ on the state of allowing).

As a being/soul, you have been carrying a lot of “heavy thoughts” (or emotional energy) through having lived several life-times in a state of unconscious identification. And, of course, when you are identified with your emotional energy, you are bound to keep attracting realities that are a match to this energy – because those are the realities you will unconsciously gravitate towards. For example, if you are carrying a lot of hate-energy (because you were unconsciously identified with hate-based thoughts, strongly, during your life-times), you inevitably incarnate into a reality that’s a match to your hate-energy in some way (an environment that matches your emotional energy). Seeing the hate outside you can make you realize the dysfunction of living this way, and hence can cause you to break out of the pattern of hate within you, or it can cause you to reinforce the pattern within you, both these probabilities do exist – it’s just that sooner or later, you are bound to get exhausted of the “burden” of this emotional energy, as it causes too much suffering in your being, and hence you inevitably choose to desire freedom from it, and that choice makes you open to a conscious release (which is what awakening is). So everything works out eventually.

In case you are wondering, what happens if one carries a lot “love-energy”, in terms of identifying purely with love-based thoughts, giving strong focus to it – well, such beings become highly “light-natured” (or rather imbalanced towards light nature) and thus become “weak” in terms of handling reality, they also become highly “unwise” to boot. In Hindu scriptures, there is a reference to “Devas”, or heavenly angels, who are highly light-natured, laced with liquid love, and one may think that they are in a “perfect place”. However, the same scriptures also talk about how these Devas are constantly attacked/disturbed by “Danavas” (imbalanced dark nature beings, demons) who take a perverse pleasure in scaring the hell out of these beings. The Devas, inevitably, run to the Gods for help because they don’t feel the power to defend themselves, since they are so imbalanced in light nature. The primary Gods, in Hindu scriptures, are basically Shiva and Krishna, and both of them are examples of beings balanced in light/dark nature – these Gods have a loving presence (light nature), but they are also warriors (dark nature), and they carry weapons (Shiva holds a trident, Krishna wields a spinning blade). The Devas come fleeing to these Gods for protection, which is always rendered – in that sense, the Devas are constantly in need of being “baby-sitted”. This is what happens to anyone who is imbalanced towards light-nature, they become “weak” and are not in a position to handle the reality of life – this becomes very evident when these beings/souls incarnate on planes like Earth (for the sake of growth), they just feel incapable of dealing with reality and usually get exploited, until they “grow” and balance out.

Wholeness is not dramatic

Most of our drama happens under the influence of emotions. As I mentioned above, emotions are nothing but “heavy thoughts” stored up in your being, and they have a “force” of their own. This force is what drives you to “react”, in dramatic ways, when you are under the influence of these emotions, when they are triggered in you. Without this force, that impels you to get agitated in some way, you would not be a dramatic person. You can spell out your disagreement, you can voice your opposition, and you can be critical, but without being gripped by the force of emotions, and the other person can feel your “freeness”, in that, your energy does not hit them; you are only putting forth your thoughts, you are not sending out any emotional energy. And, after the episode, of disagreement, you don’t sense yourself re-living it “emotionally” in you, because there is no energy that clings to the thoughts, you are just constantly in a state of unwavering inner peace, nothing disturbs your inner wholeness. It’s a totally non-dramatic way of living, nothing/no-one has the power to hold you hostage through triggering your emotional energy (because you don’t have any).

Being free of the emotional energy, does not make you “insensitive”. It’s important to understand that sensitivity is actually a “thought”, it’s not a feeling. I can think about helping people (have empathy), without having to feel suffering within me, this way I am not sending out any more energy of suffering into this world, I am just operating on my way of thinking. People who “feel” sensitivity, as a strong emotion of sadness, fear, grief or agitation, are the ones who are carrying a load of emotional heaviness and these people end up taking action more out of the need to find “relief” from these feelings than out of a place of wisdom, and hence their actions eventually just end up creating more suffering since they are coming from a place of suffering – nothing is really served, and it’s a painful life for the person.

You’ve accumulated a load of “thought energy” in your being, unconsciously, possibly over a few lifetimes, and now you just need to take the time out to consciously release it all. The reason why it’s important to be “conscious” is because the unconscious tendency is to either suppress the emotion (when it tries to release) or get identified with the emotion (and thus refuel it). In a state of total allowing, it takes the “minimal” time required to release the load that you are carrying, but your time depends on your load. This whole process of release is very scientific, and it’s very practical, there is nothing “dramatic” about it – it’s simply a release of your past emotional load. You will not “disappear” or vanish, you will not lose your sense of identity or memory, you will not become “nothing” – it’s best if you drop any spiritual imaginations you may have. Living oneness is very different from what your mind might be imagining, it has nothing to do with your “thoughts” becoming all-loving (or one-dimensional), it’s just that your being is free of the “feeling” of opposition/resistance/suffering – this allows you to be constantly in touch with wisdom, rather than move from a place of being driven by emotions.


  1. La'gurl

    What will happen once everyone on earth reaches a state of internal oneness?

    1. Sen Post author

      It’s not about everyone (100% population) reaching wholeness at one time, rather it’s just about a decent percentage of individuals having a higher awareness that can ensure a better balance/consciousness on the planet. On a physical plane, there is as much a need for low-awareness individuals as there is a need for high-awareness individuals. Even if 5% of the population has higher awareness, it makes a huge difference to the balance in the “vibration” of the planet.

  2. GB

    When somebody irritates or angers me a lot, I usually scream at them. I tried
    letting go of the angry thoughts(state of allowing) but there is this uncontrollable urge to shout at them.I won’t feel better unless I yell at them.What should I do in such kind of situations?

    1. Sen Post author

      GB, it’s just a response to the high momentum of energy that you feel arising in you, and the screaming becomes a way to find relief from this pressure. Since it feels uncontrollable to you, it’s an indication of a high momentum of fear/hatred present within which you would need to balance out through the practice of allowing (a release) consciously, you can read the post – FAQ on the state of allowing.

  3. abet

    But if the vibration of life is pure positive then how can vibrations like hate, anger,boredom,envy be included in the “wholeness” of this pure positive vibration?

    Somethings not clicking to me

    1. Sen Post author

      Abet, reality of life-energy is that it has a dark nature along with light nature, it’s when you are not aligned with this truth that you keep feeling confused about life. The mind is just a creation of this life-energy and hence is made in its “image”, and hence will always have a dark nature and a light nature component – the problem is not with these natures, the problems is when their expressions become “imbalanced” in a being.

      Aligning with “reality” is all about having the freedom/courage to want to see reality as it is, without wanting it to fit in with what feels convenient to you (under your conditioned, and possibly deluded, model of thinking). The way you see the natural state of being is when you let go of trying to “manipulate” your mind, when you stop trying to control/coerce your state of being to fit in with some ideas you have about “pure positive”. When you don’t manipulate your mind, you will naturally see the presence of light and dark nature component and you will also see that it’s not possible for the mind (or life-energy) to ever become fully light natured – hatred will always be a dimension in the mind, it’s just that in the state of balance it’s not a “negative” rather it’s a dimension that allow for preferences, desires, improvement and growth. For example, if you did not dislike something you would never want to improve upon it, and that basically ends the prospect of growth – and the very nature of life-energy is to grow. If you see the reality of life, openly, you will see that it has light and dark nature, it’s not purely light natured. Your idea of “pure positive” may be a purely light natured state, but that’s not what reality is, and that’s the reason why I use a term like “positive” and I use another term like “light nature”. For me, positive is simply the state of balance between light and dark nature, where there is no resistance to the reality of life in its dark and light aspects – and in that sense life is pure positive, in that it has no resistance to its own nature, it’s totally in acceptance of its dark and light nature.

      You need to let go of holding imaginations about what the state of wholeness “should be”, rather it’s more prudent to want to find out for yourself by letting go of trying to “control” your mind, and thus finding out its natural state of being (as it loses its imbalanced momentum) – you will see that in the state of balance it has the presence of dark nature as well as light nature, but neither of them have an intensity of imbalance that’s the cause of psychological suffering.

  4. Dan

    Hello Sen!

    I return with a question. One of the things my mind uses to keep me emotionally hostage is that this process is taking a toll on my health since its been going on for more than one year, and the reason it cant progress I guess its because of my ego’s dysfunctional preoccupation with the physical body, its appearance etc it causes me a lot of emotional strain seeing myself lose weight, always looking tired… My question is as I reach stability, can the body revert back to its normal functioning as per its biological age, if this is desired? Thank you very much!

    1. Sen Post author

      Dan, the body does regain its harmony, balance and vitality as the release gets done with (in a much better manner than how it functioned during the “resistance” state). A part of the process of release is to let go of an over-identification with the body-image (or body concerns), which is part of the ego-force attachment that’s brought down during this process.

  5. J

    Hi Sen,
    thanks for clarifying thought and sensitivity. Yes, it is a very painful place to be. As I look back, I can see a shift that took place in my life. I had a spiritual mentor yrs ago that taught me about our spirit nature and separating our thought process from our spirit nature but I realize now that the teaching only went so far. At that time, I felt very awkward as I became aware of the spirit nature, among other things and sometimes wished I had not become so aware. I didnt know how to adjust. I learned just enough to feel awkward for awhile but then eventually came to feel good about my new identity. It was working really well for awhile but like you said putting the buggy before the horse, I think it was just enough to cause destruction in my life. I was never told what to expect, or how to manage my thoughts to work through this process. I was told about the light and dark nature but not in that sense. It was God and satan or the enemy. Which I grew up knowing but never was there so much emphasis put on the enemy. It was creepy. Whenever I was struggling, Id hear “thats the enemy” and then I was referenced back to God and I quit asking for more help because I thought I wasnt strong enough to “focus on God” or ” give it to God” or to know ” what is God saying ” I didnt know what God was saying because I could stop all the other noise or what I thought the enemy was saying………sounds so crazy when I think about it now. It was so cut and dry and I felt guilty that I couldnt live in my spirit the way it seemed I was suppose to. I have always felt strong in my faith but as I got deeper, I have felt so lost that now I can see why people walk away from it.
    As, I continue to seek for truth and buy book after book without finishing the first one, I keep coming back to your site. It really gets to the core and most of what I have found from other sources, points right back to what you are saying. As I experience the awareness and release of emotions the way you have explained, I know it works.
    I would like to know if being in the state of awareness and allowing takes you to the alpha, theta levels?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Sen Post author

      J, the brain finds a balance in terms of balancing its states of beta, alpha and theta levels. A brain with a high/imbalanced momentum does not reside in the alpha levels long enough for a balance to be present. Through the state of allowing, since the momentum of the brain, and emotional momentum, comes to a state of balance, the sense is that it resides in alpha frequencies in balance with beta frequency, the beta frequency is just as much required during the waking state for “activity” and mechanical thinking, the alpha frequency allows for a better connection with inner wisdom. Also in a state of balance one connects more easily with theta levels during sleep since the mind is not carrying an imbalanced momentum of thinking.

    2. Markus

      Sen, I’d like to echo J and express gratitude for your words. So many books or teachers sweep the reality of dealing with the dark nature of our mind momentum under the rug. It is very helpful to find insights that deal directly with this key part of understanding what is going on.

      Yes, it is unpleasant; Yes, we all have these dark parts to let go; Yes, it takes time; Yes, one may feel miserable or unwell or discomfort while this energy releases. It’s just the reality of the process, and many would be helped simply by knowing that this is just how it unfolds.

  6. J

    So it seems, that it would be possible, no matter what illness one may have that kept them from sleeping at night, once they reached a more balanced state of mind, they would be able to sleep and it is not really the illness that keeps them from sleeping?
    Also, once one becomes more balanced, the healing would then take place because you are able to reach these levels of your brain naturally.

    1. Sen Post author

      J, that’s right

  7. stormy

    Hi Sen,
    I have been reading this blog for a few months along with the Power of Now, and I can honestly say that I’ve gone through the process of allowing and I’ve released most of my stored up negative energy. It was very painful and intense and scary, but I listened to your posts and understood that was the only way out. I feel light, definitely have a higher vibration (I can feel it and people are responding to me differently), I’ve had more energy to cook and eat better and have fun trying different foods, and I can go through the day – especially most of the boring times – without feeling bored or wanting to be somewhere else. It’s great! I don’t even feel like I have to be entertained whereas before I would spend hours and hours watching tv. I also don’t feel any over excitement about accomplishments I have worked for that are about to pay off, where as before if I knew I had an upcoming event to look forward to, I would be too excited to wait but now I understand it’s no big deal because when it happens, that’s it. I’m still the same. I’m still proud of myself, but I see it for what it is now.
    I feel clearer and lighter and my emotions/thoughts pass through me so I can just feel them, watch them, and make decisions that aren’t just automatic reactions, which I never thought was possible before! I’m also standing up for myself and noticing when I should, when before I couldn’t tell when people were taking advantage of me. I’m more alert, I guess.
    Now having said all that, I feel that underneath all of the old stored up emotions that are now gone, I feel this nagging sense of “who am I” and / or “what is life about?” I don’t know what is going on, but it’s this vague, persistent feeling like each day is passing and I don’t know what I’m here for and I feel so alone. It’s a feeling, so those questions are just as close to the feeling as I can put into words. Is this still the phase before I can go back to completely engaging in life, like you mentioned? Because I’ve just been “floating” and like you said, what needs to get done gets done, and I’m still going out and experiencing things and being with people and working, but I feel this nagging sense of being so alone and empty and it’s this awful feeling kind of underneath the new higher vibration since the majority of my negativity is gone. I used to have hobbies and exercise, whereas now I just want to “be,” and it mostly feels good except for that nagging, aloneness feeling. What do you think is going on with me at this point? Please help, Thanks!

    1. Sen Post author

      Stormy, it’s possible that you are yet to come to a place of inner freedom where you are free of the grip of your mind and emotions. If you sense that your mind still has a grip on you, where you constantly feel the need to satisfy its questions or feel fearful of their presence, it means you are yet to find a total inner freedom – what’s needed is to not allow yourself to be taken in by the mind’s thoughts, and develop the power in your being to not be a prisoner to assuring the mind all the time. However, if you sense that you’ve gained inner freedom, then it could just be that you need to allow a focus back to your physicality. It’s easy to get trapped in “philosophy” of “who am I” instead of just bringing awareness to what it is that you feel like experiencing/expressing in your life, and start living out, on a daily basis, without looking for extraordinary revelations. Don’t be stuck on extra-ordinariness, rather just allow yourself to focus back on the ordinariness of living. May be there is a desire in you to socialize more, make friends or party a bit, and you are just stifling them through some philosophical/spiritual view of “what’s the point” – it’s important to realize that life ultimately is about experience, and so the question of “what’s the point of experience” is totally moot. Start bringing back your focus towards daily living, and allow yourself to consciously think along the lines of what types of realities you would like to experience, and what type of experiences you can live out in your present reality. The habit of your being (after having gone through the letting go phase) would be to just keep wondering if you should take the control back, and that’s why it’s important to understand that a “return of focus” needs to be consciously entered into.

  8. kenny

    just wanted to say thanks Sen. always appreciate and respect your insight. you always come off as sincere and not overly authoritative like most humans. much appreciation for truth no matter if i want to hear it or not.

  9. Sean R

    I was browsing the net & I was very interested in your article.

    I have been suffering from obsessive silly thoughts that cause intolerable nervousness and pressure in my head .
    For example a thought comes to my brain that “Did I put the mail away? did I lock the door ? ” even though I know that I have done it , I get nervous and severe pressure in the head that make my life miserable.

    At first I was able to overcome these thoughts by analyzing worst case scenario, but recently it got worst to the extent that if I attempt to analyze any of these silly thoughts , I got severe pressure in my head.

  10. Tejasvi

    Hi Sen..I am very grateful to you for this Post. It has really increased my faith in the universe..I was told by someone that i should try to understand oneness. I tried a lot to realize it but could not understand…When i read your post it was like the universe (life energy) itself was showing me the way….Thank you so much…

  11. Anu

    hi Sen,

    Over last 1 year I have had several interactions with you and I just been through a very strong emotional storm that brought me lots of suffering.

    I have question on “allowing”. The way I see allowing is very simply just be. Just have all emotions and let mind think and react the way it wants to. Total surrender, including allowing desire/effort to control the mind.

    Let mind do anything and everything it wants even it wanting it be controlling its reactions. If it wants to overthink, over analyze and be afraid and look for techniques, allow that as well. Let it be.

    Can you please validate this?


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, that’s right, also the posts – the foundation of openness and the phase of release, provide a detailed description of the dynamics involved in the state of allowing and releasing the past momentum

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