How To Be Free of A Noisy Mind

Posted on by Sen.

The one trying to be free of the mind is also the mind. How can mind be free of mind? The whole effort to want freedom from the mind is motivated from a place of fear and powerlessness, so it’s bound to keep you in the same place of fear. Its fine to have an intention to be free of the negative noise of the mind, but one then has to question – who is judging the mind to be negative? Is it not the mind again? By judging the mind to be negative, and then trying to control it or change it, you are just entering into a vicious loop of negativity. So the first thing you need to realize is that the mind is not the problem but the one who is judging the mind is.

There is the Mind, the “Me” entity and the Pure Consciousness

You must become aware that there are three aspects operating in your consciousness – there is the mind which is the container of thoughts, there is the “me” entity (which is a thought based structure) and there is the “pure consciousness” or unconditioned formless intelligence. Not all thoughts in the mind are negative – some thoughts arise from the place of pure consciousness or formless intelligence, these thoughts are highly creative and solution oriented.

The thoughts created by the “me” entity are usually fear based and judgmental. The thoughts created by the pure consciousness (or higher intelligence) are based in creative solutions and inspirations. The bottom line is to be free of the fear based thoughts, which are created by the “me” entity, and be a channel for the creative thoughts (created by higher intelligence) to come forth easily.

Stay as a field of awareness

Awareness is intelligence itself. Anything that is happening in the field of awareness gets touched by the intelligence of your “formless” nature (also called source nature in many teachings). Instead of judging the mind, or the thoughts, just stay as a field of awareness – don’t make an effort to think or take action. If you simply stay as a pure awareness, the right action will be initiated from you by deeper intelligence.

The noise of the mind seems to slow down as soon as awareness is brought into it. If just stay aware of the noisy mind, without judging it, there will soon be a transformation of energy and a solution may emerge that brings peace to the mind.

The “Me” itself is a thought

The “Me” entity is the one that gets fearful, confused and judgmental of the noisy mind. The “Me” itself is a bunch of thoughts so it only adds to the noisiness of the mind. When you stay as field of awareness, or presence, you can notice the movement of the “Me” entity (without judging it), this awareness will slowing start dissolving the negative movement of the “Me” and will create an opening for thoughts based in love, peace and joy.

The “Me” cannot be free of the noise of the mind because the “Me” itself is part of the noise. It’s the emergence of pure “Awareness”, or pure consciousness, that brings an end to the entire cycle of negativity. Allow awareness to rise in you, let it become brighter. Through out your day stay in a relaxed “awareness” of the movement of thoughts. There is a deep intelligence that takes over when you move in awareness. The clutter and noise of the mind dissolves in the light of awareness.