How to Attract Financial Stability?

Posted on by Sen.

A part of being aware of the reality of physical life is to understand that there is never a permanent state of “stability” in physical reality – if you sense that you have a stability in some aspect in your life, where you “presently” see no scope for improvement or betterment, you can be sure that it’s just a temporary state, and in sometime you will observe a lack creeping in – it’s just the nature of physical reality.

Of course, the lack is not a negative indication, it’s just an indication that it’s time for growth, for improvement, for expansion. If you look at lack as a negative, you will never be able to sense the seed of growth which is hidden in every situation. So it’s not about the lack which is present (because your physical reality will always have some lack) the question is what is the “intensity” of the lack? The intensity of the lack is the indication of the intensity of your resistance. When you are in tune with your life-stream, you will never be at a place of intense lack (or stark insecurity) in your physical reality. But even an intense lack is just an “indication”, or a reflection, that you are not allowing your life-stream in, that you are holding some strong resistance patterns – all that’s needed is for you to lower your resistance, and the lack will start reducing on its own.

The way I define stability is by the degree of your “alignment” with yourself – the more aligned you are with yourself (which directly means you are in alignment with your life-stream), the more stable your life will be. But remember, that there is never a point where you reach “perfection” or “permanent stability”, it’s just not the way physical reality works, it’s a constant movement forward towards growth, improvement, betterment and expansion. Of course, from the “non-physical” perspective, life is always whole and stable, because life is all there is and nothing adds to, or deletes, from life energy. It was put aptly by Isaac Newton – “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes from one form to another”.

How intense is your financial lack?

There is no “universal standard” that defines what financial lack is. A millionaire, who aspires to be a billionaire, but is not able to manifest it, senses an intense financial lack in his mind, to the same degree as a worker who has an income of 10 dollars per day, and aspires for a 50 dollar income, senses financial lack – but someone outside would imagine that this millionaire does not have financial lack while the worker does, but in their own individual minds both of them feel the same intensity of lack.

The only place you can determine the intensity of your financial lack is in your own “mind”, ask your mind and it will tell you honestly about the intensity of your lack. If your mind tells you that it’s quite comfortable with the financial state of your present reality, it means the intensity of lack is low. If the mind feels starkly insecure about the financial state of being, it means the intensity of lack is high. It’s a “personal” deal, you can’t compare your standards of financial lack with someone else, you have to align with what your mind’s standards are. Of course, your mind’s standards will always keep changing especially as it grows in awareness, for example, with more maturity, your mind may re-evaluate its standards of defining financial lack, and it may sense that the lack is not as intense as it was imagining out of its deluded thinking – a mature mind is in the perfect platform to have a balanced view, as it’s more grounded in reality, and hence its evaluation is not out of proportion.

A mature mind is the pre-requisite to really enjoy alignment with your life-stream, and hence be privy to stability in life (you can read this post – moving towards a mature mind). An immature mind, no matter how much money it attracts, is always going to sense “intense lack” because its lack is amplified several times over by the inner lack that it feels out of disconnection with its life-stream (what I call lack of inner wholeness). So the first thing you can do to reduce the sense of intense lack is to move towards a mature mind, through the power of awareness. In the presence of a mature mind, you can evaluate the financial lack in a clear way, and are in a position to develop a clear minded focus towards the growth you intend or desire for.

Attracting financial growth

Once you have a clear minded focus on the type, and amount, of growth you desire “presently”, you’ve basically become a strong signal that attracts this growth onto it. Being clear-minded is the first step, and it’s the most crucial step. If your mind is wavering about its intention, or it feels a lot of uncertainty about whether it really wants the growth, or if it’s not ready for the expansion, it just means it’s not clear-minded enough and that you need to bring awareness to this conflict until you dissolve it and reach a place of certainty.

Take some time to evaluate if you feel any “strong” sense of resistance towards the financial growth that you desire – some feeble resistances, in the form of fear of the unknown, are likely to be there in the mind (because the mind always has some nervousness about the unfamiliar reality) and it’s not a problem. It’s just important to dissolve strong resistances which may be present, a few questions that can unearth these resistances are

– Do I feel a lack of self-worth regarding the financial growth/stability I desire?

– Do I feel that it’s going to be tough to acquire this financial growth?

– Do I feel that I won’t be able to handle the financial growth I desire?

– Do I feel the need to struggle rather than aligning with my joy/inspiration?

– Am I fully trusting of my life-stream’s intelligence to orchestrate the financial growth through the path of least resistance?

– Can I let go of the need to figure things out for a while, so that I can be receptive to the inspiration of my life-stream?

– Am I trying to suppress my desires owing to some misguided spiritual belief system?

– Do I feel a sense of meaninglessness towards life which makes me feel that there is no point to anything? (this does not mean you have attained spiritual transcendence, it just means you are stuck in fear of living)

It’s important to allow these questions to go deep in your mind, and be willing to be totally honest with yourself. The more honest you are, the more likely you are to detect the underlying resistances. Unearthing resistances, and bringing it to the light of your awareness, is all that’s actually needed to dissolve it because once you really “see” it you automatically stop fueling it unconsciously. The problem is that most people are not willing to see their own resistance, because it makes them feel “bad”, or makes them feel uncomfortable for a while – this discomfort is something you need to allow, so that your awareness can touch your resistances. Anyone who is willing to be authentic with oneself, regarding their underlying negativity/resistance, is always on the path towards faster growth, than a person who wants to sugar-coat his/her resistance and stay in denial.

Allow time for the physical reality to condense

When you’ve dissolved your strong resistances, you reach a clear-mindedness where you don’t sense yourself conflicting your own desire for growth. At this place of mental clarity, towards the financial growth you desire, there is very clear signal of attraction, and from here on your job will just be to move through the inspirations that arise in your being. There is no need for struggle, or force. If you are in alignment, you are inspired towards the right actions at the right time, and you need not push yourself into any form of unnecessary struggle.

Also, remember that physical reality takes time to condense, and you need to be allowing of this time. I would say that from the point you acquire clear-minded focus about a certain desired reality (where you’ve erased your strong resistances), it can usually take 6-8 months, or less, for strong evidences to start unfolding towards the reality you wish to manifest, these evidences basically are the bricks that build your reality and soon the solid reality is in place. Also during this “interim” period, you will notice, that you are taken care of by life in a smooth manner, so as to make this whole experience a pleasant journey.


  1. rossana


    I have managed to put myself in a state of allowing everything and resisting nothing. But through doing this i feel like i am not making any gains in regards to my”awareness”.

    By allowing everything to flow through us are we building up awareness as well? If not which do you believe to be more important?

    1. Sen Post author

      It requires a conscious choice to “allow” what arises in the mind and emotional field of the body. Such a choice cannot be made an unconscious person, who would basically react to what arises and try to suppress it. So the fact that you are in a place to allow what arises in your body/mind, shows that you are gaining more awareness. You will need to give yourself time to sense the stability in your consciousness/awareness, it’s not something that will grow overnight, it usually takes a few weeks to find some stability in it. However, as you practice this form of letting go, you will allow the momentum of negativity in your mind to ebb away quickly, for a while it may seem intense, but it gradually starts reducing in intensity. There comes a point where you are no longer in fear of the mind’s negativity, this is when you become free of the mind’s influence.

  2. Rafael

    I hear a lot of stories on current spiritual masters and their process of awakening and how they became enlightened. One thing a lot of these stories have in common is the fact that many of them after their awakening seem to drift off a couple of years leaving everything behind ( work, responsibilities , etc.)

    My question is, is it possible to go through that process of awakening and at the same time continue with your current lifestyle and the reaponsibilities one currently has? Or does this enlightment usually cause such a drastic change that everything that was important to you before no longer is?

    1. Sen Post author

      Rafael, It’s important to not associate extra-ordinary ideas with awakening, that’s usually the cause for a lot of deluded behavior among some people who associate some idea of worldly detachment with being enlightened. In truth, to be awakened is simply to become “aware” or conscious of your mind and thus no longer be unconsciously lost in limiting/in-congruent patterns of thoughts, it’s not about becoming detached from the mind but about dis-identifying with the negativity that acts as a resistance to your natural expression. It’s okay to take some time off to be with yourself so that you can understand your imbalances/resistances more deeply, to allow for a balance – but this does not require out drop out of your responsibilities. Awakening is an invitation to allow for a balance in your mind, and to align with your natural expression in a harmonious way, this causes realities, that are not congruent with your joy, to start dissolving and you attract realities that are in alignment with your natural expression.

  3. soul

    I would like to share my own experience regarding this. A few months back(5), i was in a state of utter disappointment with my life when i stumbled upon this blog and the rest is history.
    I used to get extremely angry on the minutest of issues, had no job, wanted a new laptop but there was no way to get one..Things looked pretty hopeless at that time.
    After going through this blog, getting counseled by sen and really working on myself and the negativity i had, today, 5 months after that, there are miraculous changes in my life situation. I have the laptop i s badly wanted, i have a job which i love doing and its exactly what i used to imagine, and last but not least, my anger tantrums have drastically reduced and i feel much more balanced than i was at that point in time..
    Just letting go, relaxing and being in a state of “awareness” has wonderfully changed my life..
    Thank You Sen!

  4. Stephon J

    I read on here that you read think and grow rich, I would like to get your feedback on that. I read that some years back and I am in the process of rereading it and I would like to know if you feel that the practices in the book are a good way to manifest or are they contradicting trusting the life stream?

    1. Sen Post author

      Stephon, the crux of the book ‘think and grow rich’ is that you can attract financial abundance when your thoughts are “consciously” focused on financial abundance and you are no longer fueling thoughts of financial lack – and of course this is true, because what you are focused on is what you attract. The only problem is that it’s not easy for a majority of people to so efficiently focus their thoughts on the positive especially when they are in the midst of negative situations, owing to presence of negative momentum in their brain. This books is great to get people to become aware of the power of their focus, and it’s a good starting point to start understanding how to let go of a negative mindset. But this whole journey of letting go of negativity has far more dynamics than are discussed in that book. The momentum of negativity can become so strong that it’s extremely difficult to simply re-focus on the positive, and this where it’s important to go through a phase of “letting go” allowing the momentum of negativity to start ebbing away in force. This process of letting go itself requires some understanding of the mind and understanding who you are in your physicality, which requires a stable awareness. Also one requires some understanding of the various pitfalls one can encounter on the journey towards coming to a vibration of balance/wholeness through inner alignment, so that one is not stuck in any imbalances. In the place of inner alignment you are have a clear mindedness about what your natural expression is about, plus there is a stability in your being, what I call inner wholeness which is basically the space that’s required to not be lost/imbalanced in mind identification.

      Once you’ve reached a place of inner wholeness, you are basically in “control” of your mind because it no longer has a forceful momentum of its own. In this place, you can focus on what you desire and allow a steadfast manifestation of it. I call this the phase 4 in awakening, but to reach here one inadvertently needs to go through a phase of letting go of the past negative momentum and gain a deep perspective on life which is what phase 2 and phase 3 of awakening are – you can read about it in my post – Awakening, transcendence and return of focus. In phase 4 you have a clear mindedness, in that you are not confused about who you are and there is a stability/wisdom in your being – in this phase you can easily maintain a clear focus on your desired reality which is in tune with your natural expression (you feel connected with your heart and life’s intelligence) and thus allow for your life-stream to express into physical realm.

      In some ways, the book directly asks the reader to get to a clear minded focus (the focus being on a positive reality) which is basically only possible in a place of deep awareness and inner alignment. And hence most readers who start practices the techniques of this book (like writing down the goals, and visualizing) are usually doing it from a place of inner lack without realizing it.

  5. Stephon J

    Thank you for your prompt reply, it was well said. That was my biggest question about it – the process. Saying the dollar amount that you desire out loud everyday seemed practical but other readings such as Abraham Hicks did not seem to suggest the same type of procedures.
    Thanks again for clarifying.

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