Freedom From The Mind

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The term “human being” is an accurate description of what’s present – the “human” body and the “being” that’s focused in it or through it. Of course, in essence the “body” and the “being” are one and the same thing because they are the same energy, but the body is a “physical form”, created through the condensation of this energy, and the “being” is the “non-physical” wholeness or formless space in which the physical forms are operating. Hopefully the above description is clear enough to allow your mind to imagine how the physical and non-physical are one and yet different aspects.

When the “being” part of you is a prisoner to the “mind” of the body, you are not free in any sense and your reality will reflect the same sense of “imprisonment” or bondage in some form or other. Freedom from the mind is about the “being” part of you becoming fearless of the mind’s movements. Only from this place of freedom can the true potential of this human body be fully expressed.

Keep observing the mind and one day you will be free

Most beings cringe when their mind becomes noisy or when it start spewing fearful thoughts – this “cringing” from the mind is what it means to be a prisoner of the mind and it’s a terrible state of being because you will always be in fear of what your mind will throw up next (or how your circumstances will instigate your mind). To be free of the mind does not mean that you “shut up”, or suppress, the mind (because it’s not possible to do so until it dies) – it just means that you become free of its influence; you no longer “fear” its noise, its momentum or its negative thoughts.

The only way to be free of the mind’s influence is to stay as the aware “presence” that you are, as this “being”, and observe the mind’s movements. The first time you do this you might feel a griping fear owing to the tremendous momentum of the mind’s thoughts. But as you keep staying as this aware presence, you slowly start seeing through the mind and know it for what it is – a “computer” or a neural network with programming, nothing more nothing less.

The human mind has fears, desires, excitement, boredom, sadness, enjoyment, likes, dislikes, talents, limitations – and it’s all just a part of its programming, a male mind behaves differently from a female mind in some respects, a human’s mind is more developed than an animal’s mind, and yet it’s all just a “mind”/brain, a machine made up of cells – a vehicle through which you , as the being, experiences life. You as the “being” has no gender, no race, no name, no status, no prejudices, no bias – all this is only programmed in the mind (either through external conditioning or internal/natural conditioning). Why be so afraid of a programmed machine? It’s like you being afraid of your car.

See through the all the dimensions of a human body – its feelings, emotions, sensations, drives, it’s all “limited” – physicality is a “limited” domain, it’s not limitless in its expression. Once you see through the boundaries of your feelings and emotions you will not longer be overwhelmed by them. It’s only when you are unwilling to bring a full awareness to these bodily movements, and sensations, that you stay in fear of them. Once you see through the boundaries of your mind and see through the boundaries of your bodily movement, you’ve basically seen through physicality as a whole. When you’ve seen through physicality, every aspect of it, you will no longer fear it. This is when you truly become a free being – this is the start of true enjoyment of physicality.

Reduction in the intensity of feelings

When you become free of the mind, you no longer identify with it totally and hence don’t fuel it with focused attention when it throws up negative thoughts. As you keep doing this, the intensity, or load, of negative energy within you keeps reducing or ebbing away – this will manifest as a reduction in the intensity of “feelings” in your body which are created through “resistance” or negative thoughts of the mind – in other words, your feelings will stop overwhelming you. Also the ebbing away of the momentum of negative energy will ensure that your body’s energy field becomes more harmonious, allowing for the dissolution of any internal/external diseases/physical-disorders that may be present in you.

As the intensity of feelings reduce, you will feel more free in your movements as you are no longer restricted by overwhelming fearful feelings created by the mind through it’s paranoid thought processes. A few readers have written to me about the freedom they feel within themselves as they are becoming more and more fearless of the mind, as they keep deepening in the aspect of their “being”, within just a few months of staying in awareness. It truly feels like being free of a prison, only in this place of freedom do you realize how “bondaged” you were in the bars of resistance created by the mind fueled by your identification with it.

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  1. Jim

    this sounds like narcissistic identification with the ego ideal. In other words, if the brain is capable of fooling us for year even lifetimes, how do you know its simply not creating a fresh new positive self based on enlightenment ideas?

    1. Sen Post author

      You can notice that your brain has a way of making everything complex and you are helplessly buying all its thoughts and hence fueling its momentum further. The pointer is to just “relax” and allow yourself a few moments of being free of being anchored in the brain. When you relax this way your awareness is not lost in the brain and hence it allows the brain’s momentum to start reducing and it also allows you to not be a prisoner to its pull. If instead of getting the essence of the pointer you start going into the brain again for over-analysis, there is no way out.

  2. Jim

    the brain is incredibly complex. all I’m saying sen is not to underestimate it or the ego for that matter, and think that it will dissolve automatically by simply relaxing. but I do agree its a good place to start.

  3. nano 05

    Sen accept my regards. my question is that why we get so much pulled by our mind? why does it feel that what mind is thinking is correct ? can our mind give us the right interpretation ? why mind demands that it needs clarification on every confusion that arises within oneself ?

    1. Sen Post author

      As is evident in the torrent of questions you put forth, your mind obviously has a high momentum going for it, and hence you are feeling agitated and restless in its wake. The answer to all these questions is that your mind has a high momentum and hence you feel helpless to its pull. You will need to allow this momentum to start coming down by practicing staying as a space of relaxed awareness (where you just sit without distractions and watch your mind in an open manner without judging it, or suppressing it, or trying to figure it out), starting with may be 15 or 30 minutes a day.

  4. Bill

    Sen, I only hope you too got the pleasure of this experience that i get from reading your post. The freedom from the prison of the mind, being able to seee through the limitations that your mind presents… Its laughable almost when you realize so many people live as a victim of thier own mind. Our state of evolution is no where near where most people would scale it overall. This message needs to get put out there.. This isnt just a theory or opinion. This is life.. you can experience and feeeel this inside your being… there must be a way to globalize this information to more then just the people looking for it on the internet. This needs to be in every schoool. This is alll school should be about, allowing you to authenticate yourself then you can educate on whatever field you would like… our society’s structure is ass backwards. Any thoughts on how we can change this?

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