Freedom from Realities You Dislike

Posted on by Sen.

When you find yourself in the presence of a manifested reality that you “dislike” it’s an indication of a belief/thought in you that is contradicting your true nature. Since your true nature is rooted in love and abundance, any thought in you that is rooted in hatred, fear or lack will cause the attraction of a reality that you “dislike”.

You can only “like” a reality that is based in peace, love, joy and abundance, because this is the very nature of the conscious energy that you are. As a human being it is possible for you (and is inherently your power) to exist in a reality that you don’t dislike, even if you have desires of manifesting more things. To exist in a reality that you dislike is an indication that you have certain negative vibrations dominant in you owning to certain thoughts/beliefs. You can be free from such negative realities by identifying the patterns of negative thought in you, and thus releasing belief in it.

Ending the cycle of manifesting undesired realities

Every negative reality that you are privy to is attracted by a negative thought within you. A lot of people state firmly that they can only think positive when they are in the midst of a positive reality, and that it’s not humanly possible to think positively when you are in midst of a reality that seems to reflect lack, hate and fear. And yet, it’s actually the presence of a negative vibration in you that attracted a negative reality, and by focusing on negative thoughts you only keep re-creating this cycle of manifesting undesired realities.

The only way to break free from the cycle of undesired realities is to make a conscious choice of not identifying with negative thinking even when you are in the midst of an undesired reality. This requires a conscious commitment to staying dis-identified with negative thinking, which may not be too easy initially because till now you were in the habit of dwelling on negative thoughts in response to your undesired reality. A human being who is not conscious of the mechanism behind creation of realities would, unconsciously, be stuck in undesired realities by constantly giving energy to negative thinking instigated by observing the undesired reality. It takes a conscious human being to break this cycle by consciously dis-identifying with negative thinking of the mind.

Negative thinking serves no purpose

It’s a huge revelation when you realize that nothing is served through negative thinking, in fact it’s counter-productive because it has the tendency to attract further negative realities. In other words, all the different ways in which we think through the lens of fear/lack, like complaining, feeling guilty, arguing, worrying about the future, resenting the past, criticizing and fuming, serve no purpose in changing the “negativity” in your reality – it’s just wasted time and energy. Not only that, these negative thinking patterns also fuel the attraction of more unwanted circumstances in your life, so it’s just a double whammy.

So when you realize that negative thinking serves no purpose, why exactly would you still give credence to negative thoughts? It’s either because it’s a habit you are not willing to let go of, or because you feel more at home with negativity. It’s true that there are many people who find security in their negativity, and feel “vulnerable” about letting go of their negative thinking patterns. You most often see such people defending their right to think negatively with all their might. This is a quirk of the mind, because the mind would rather stick with the familiar patterns of thinking than make a leap into a new way of perceiving reality. But if you are committed to making a positive shift in your reality, you will not hide behind excuses, and be resolute in your stand to no longer give credence to negative thinking.

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  1. Harman

    Hello Sen, What do you mean by concious commitment. Arnt you enforcing your mind to do that. You mentioned to listen to Adhyashanti and Abraham hisk. Adhyashanti believes that achieving enlightenment will not get you out of a cycle of life and death. It is too confusing. Please enlighten. I am deeply engorged in negative thoughts. Do you think If I think about someone too much they will find out, For example: sometimes, from fear I think My boss is probably not very happy with me. this irritates me alot. This cause great anxiety that my mind just keep on thinking thoughts like these over and over. I feel very battered. I don’t know what should I do. I was successful that I could somehow un attache my self from my mind for a little bit than I am in this cycle of misery again.

    1. Sen Post author

      The very term “enlightenment” can create all forms of imagination in your mind and cause to you to associate it with some “other worldly” state that needs to be attained. But in truth enlightenment is simply about the mind becoming free of the grip of negativity by understanding the truth of its existence, and thus becoming free of resisting life’s movement. A mind that starts understanding that inherent truth of its natural vibration, the conflict of negativity, the true nature of consciousness and its power as a co-creator of reality, will automatically start letting go of its conviction and attachment to negative thoughts, and become more aligned with love/joy. Even as if you start understanding the truths of life’s movement, it still takes the mind some time before the momentum of negativity in it can ebb away. For several years you have been unconsciously identified with negative thinking, and so it does take a few months of letting go of belief in negativity before its momentum can fully ebb away.

      The crux of Adyashanti’s teachings is that he points you to your true nature as the universal consciousness, and helps you realize that the mind is not who you are but an aspect of you. He never asks you to get rid of the mind, but rather to be free of identifying with its limited/negative thoughts. Adyashanti does not talk about your power as a conscious creator, or the science of how creation unfolds through thought – he mostly just focuses on pointing you to the fact that who you are is essentially the universal consciousness that is before all forms. If you must listen to a teacher it’s important that you don’t listen “out of context” because then the mind can create a lot of misinterpretations and imaginations which may have nothing to do with what the teacher is really saying. There is no such thing as getting out of the “cycle of life and death”, It’s such a imaginative idea. Who is the one who has to “get out” of this cycle? There is only life, how can life get out of itself? Life energy takes physical forms, takes “birth” and dissolves back through “death”, but “life” is eternal. The energy that you are is eternal, and its pure positive in its natural vibration. This energy takes form, and plays out as a form till the form dissolves, and this cycle continues forever and has been going on eternally.

      The mind has to make a “conscious commitment” to let go of belief in negativity. When you fully understand that negative serves no purpose, and that its counter productive to your well being, you have the foundation to start letting go of your attention to it. Negative thinking is a habit that you have lived with for several years, so much so that it seems out of control. But its not out of control, it’s just that it has gained huge momentum in your mind because of past habit/attention. But you now have the choice to start letting go of this habit, slowly but surely, just like you let go an addiction to a drug. Initially its not easy because old patterns of negative thinking keep running in the mind due to past momentum. But you need to start making a conscious choice to stop believing in the negativity of the mind and allow yourself to “dis-identify” from negative thoughts. It’s possible for someone to guide you towards the truths of life, or the science of creation, but then it’s your commitment to the being free of the negativity that takes you to other side of being aligned with life.

      See through the negative thinking patterns of your mind, by bring a deep awareness to its movements. When there is a space of awareness in you, the thoughts of the mind cannot have a full grip over your consciousness. Let the mind play out the negative thoughts, and you stay as a space of awareness allowing it to ebb away in intensity. The only reason you fear the mind is because presently it seems to have a lot of “intensity” and so its noise is overwhelming to you. But as you stay detached from the negativity of the mind, its momentum/intensity will keep ebbing away and there will come a time when it will no longer be able to overwhelm you in any way. Don’t be scared of your mind’s intensity presently, just focus on relaxing and let it ebb away in momentum – it can take a few months depending on how much attention you gave to the negativity in the past. But every day that you stay dis-identified from the negativity of the mind is a progress towards becoming free of its negative momentum and you will see positive shifts in your reality as you continue dis-identifying with negativity each day.

  2. nomind

    Thankyou Sen, I am trying. It seems like sometimes I do Sync with the space but like you said, sometime the thoughts are overwhelming.
    One more point. I really enjoy your teachings are more profound and much empowering. But you did not answer, that do you think if I think about somebody alot, would they be able to catch up on that. I feel like everyone is reading my thoughts. Its crazy I know

    1. Sen Post author

      People can perceive the essence of your thoughts about them because, as a being, we have the capacity to sense vibrations. If you hold a negative/positive thought about a person, this person would be able to sense this vibration in you about him/her. You would have noticed that when you are fearful of someone, they automatically seem to sense your fear of them and either try to dominate you or try to make you feel comfortable (depending on their perception of your fear). On the other hand, if you hold certain negative thoughts about a person you will sense this person behaving antagonistically towards you almost in a subconscious manner – this is just their unconscious reaction to the sense they get of your vibration about them. If you have fear based thoughts about a person, or a situation, it’s best to let the energy of the fear move through you and allow it to transform the part of you (the belief/perception) that is creating the fear. When you allow fear to move through, without running away from it, there is a deep transformation that starts taking place within that clears up the belief or perception that causes the fear in the first place.

    2. alchemista

      Dearest Sen, in your response here you point to allowing fear-based thoughts to move through and that in turn it leads to transformation. In my case, it’s been several months now I was observing the rising and passing away of intense fear-based thoughts interspersed with loving thoughts towards another. There has been several breakthroughs for me that have lead me to feel stronger and less fearful. Now there is mostly a feeling of indifference towards this person and the thoughts have almost ceased but still there is underlying an aversion to this person. This person is the poster child of your ‘over-excitement’ profile, wherein all the points you listed apply to them; add to that aggressiveness, control, manipulation and the lying which made me very uncomfortable being around this person. This was very draining for me and eventually I realized how unhealthy it was for me too and so I disconnected myself from this individual’s life. Initially I was trying to forgive this person but then I even gave up the idea of forgiving and I just allow any thoughts and feelings to move through. This person is a family member so there present a sense of obligation towards reconciling at some point but for now the thought of this brings up negative vibrations. I really appreciate any thoughts you may have around this. Thank you.

    3. Sen Post author

      What you are going through presently is the process of reaching an inner wholeness/balance, and this process by its very nature entails that it brings an integration of the light and dark component in you to a seamless merging. It’s not about holding a light-natured vibration (like trying to be all loving or “trying” to be forgiving) and it’s also not about holding a dark-natured vibration of being indifferent in an offensive manner. Basically, this person is just a catalyst for instigating your own inner balance, and instead of looking this person as a negative influence look at this person as a growth influence in you – allow the dark natured feelings that this person might instigate in you, including stark hatred or resentment, without holding back, this will unearth all the hidden emotional energies within you and cause a flood of release. In this total allowing, without any strategy or manipulation, you will eventually hit a balance in your inner space.

    4. Alchemista

      You speak the voice of truth, what my heart already knows and whispers gently you bring forth and shed light on. Thank you dear Sen for being a teacher and a good friend.

  3. Nomind

    Hello Sen, I haver read your post 3 times till now. I want to thankyou so much. Hope you achieve your desired destiny.

  4. nomind

    I think one must have full faith in the super consciousness, to let go and be liberated from the ego. This works in my case but letting go is still a challenge .

    1. Sen Post author

      The only reason we find it difficult to let go of the negative thought patterns in the mind is because we still “believe” them in some way. Don’t believe negative thoughts and they will soon lose their power. It’s a choice you need to make, and there is no getting around it. If there is no belief in a thought, it just wanes away in power and it has no influence in your reality. A simple practice to follow is to not reinforce negative thoughts in the mind by staying rooted as a space of relaxed awareness whenever the mind brings up these thoughts. It can take time for the negative momentum in the mind to slow down and ebb away, depending on the load of negativity present, but once you understand the dysfunction of identifying with negativity you are in a position to keep letting go of it and thus become more steadily rooted in your natural vibration of joy/peace.

  5. Sanjay

    Dear Sen

    It seems that the understanding that we attract our reality becomes clearer to us as we grow in awareness. That being the case then enlinghtened Masters would be fully aware of this and will be in a position to change their reality at will. However, there are certain instances where even enlightened Masters have had to live with negative realities. You could take the example of Jesus Christ who was crucified or Socrates who was poisoned. Is there any reason they chose not to change their reality?


    1. Sen Post author

      It’s important to realize that the the human mind has various elements of “humanness” in it and sometimes the drive to follow human “honor” or “principles” is stronger even that the survival instinct in some humans. Sometimes principles become more important than just living a good life, so inspite of having the understanding to create any reality a human chooses to be true to a way of living thats congruent with their principles or their honor.

      To a certain mind it feels “positive” to die following a code of honor than to follow the path of lower resistance and live a safe life – these enlightened masters, made a choice to follow their code of honor knowing that it will attract negative consequences for them. It was evident the Jesus was well aware that his “fight” against the priests, and the system, would attract a negative reflection because the very vibration of “fight” has a tone of hatred to it, but he still fought the priests, the kings and the system in an open manner (there is also a story that he went to a temple and whipped the priests who were selling “pardons” to common people for money). While taking these actions he was well aware that it will attract a negative consequence for him and yet he felt driven to it because of his “principles” or what he believed in as a human being. He even had the option of escaping the crucifiction if he had fled, but he choose stay to stand true to what the principles he believed in. Jesus, in one sense, consciously aligned with suffering to stand true to what he thought was right – for him it was beyond his own “personal” enjoyment of life. Different minds have different aspects of humanness in them, becoming “aware” just makes you free from within, it does not mean that you will no longer stand true to your principles, sometimes you follow your principles knowing that it will attract a negative reality. Some enlightened masters were aligned towards living a fun life, while some, because of their’s mind’s make-up, made a choice to give up their life because they believed it might serve as a powerful message or for their honor. They could’ve lived any reality they wanted, they just made a choice to follow a certain way of living. Jesus was a “light natured” being and for him service to the people was more important that his personal enjoyment or survival, and the choices he made were in alignment with his nature to sacrifice himself for greater good.

    2. nvibes

      Thanks for posting the question and reply…it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about. That some people “choose” a negative reality not because it’s an unconscious reflection of their inner negativity but because it’s a consequence of achieving a larger “humanitarian” goal, that their individual “plight” or path can serve the world or more people than if they chose an “easier” path.

      But i do think in those cases it has to be a conscious choice otherwise a person may misinterpret the negative reality they are facing as due to them being misaligned with their authenticity/that they are doing something “wrong” to be getting that reaction?

      Anyway, thank you

  6. Eternus

    Sen, can you give some advice on how to let go of negative thinking? I’m having a great deal of trouble trying to detach myself from the mind’s negative thoughts – I find myself being overwhelmed by particular thoughts about a person (I’m currently suffering from heartbreak) and it’s extremely difficult to merely disassociate myself from these thoughts. I find that during meditation it’s easier, but I cannot get a handle on it any other time, ie. when I’m not meditating and just trying to get through each day. Even when I accept the thought and let it pass without showing interest, it just keeps coming back. It’s always “there” and it’s weighing me down terribly and causing intense emotional suffering. I feel helpless 🙁

    1. Anonymous

      I am in a similar situation, desperate not to engage with the negative thoughts. Like you i have moments of freedom & clarity from the crushing commentary of my mind. I find myself making plans of avoidance of the persons concerned, but i know it’s all wrong & painful. I have printed off many of Sen’s articles as reference and a guide to finding the stillness and liberation that is within. Perservering is the key i’m sure, we are trying to come to a place of peace, that in itself is worthwhile.

      Kind regards

    2. Sen Post author

      Eternus, you will just need to allow your mind the space to expend its energy. Under circumstances of a break-up or a loss, it’s common for the mind/brain to break the neural pathways, thought patterns, connected with that situation, and it results in a lot of emotions coming up as well as the release of energy associated with those thoughts. For a while, you just need to keep your body relaxed allowing the mind to have its movement without trying to suppress it, allow the grief or emotional hurt to arise fully so that it can be released completely. You can read my latest post on allowing what arises – wholeness in physical life

  7. Ann

    Another great article that is worth rereading and for me to reflect on myself.

  8. Eternus

    Thank you Ziggy, just reading what you say makes it all feel a little less pointless. I believe that the suffering we are going through just now may be necessary in order for the change to take place within. All I want is inner peace and harmony, and to no longer be a slave to the negative influences of the mind. Today, I feel I made a breakthrough. There is a certain calmness in me, and my deeper instinct is telling me to persevere, reminding me that all suffering is only temporary. I feel waves of hope and positivity. Like you said, perseverance is the key.

  9. Rah

    Dear Sen, I am also suffering the heart ache of a break up.

    I’ve lessened the pain and craving for her through allowing.

    Where do I go from here?

    Do I disassociate from thoughts of her?

    I still miss her and desire the experience of reconciliation, although I can truly admit
    that I’m not really mature/balanced enough for the relationship.

    I’m confused in heart and mind.

    1. Sen Post author

      Rah, the pain that you feel is just a call towards growth in your maturity (basically your sense of balance), and that’s the attitude you need to bring towards it. All the posts in this blog are eventually about this process of growth towards inner balance, you can take you time understanding this process and then allowing a inner living of it. It takes time and you would need to invest in that time, it’s not about a temporary fix of just forcing yourself to disassociate in some way but coming to a place of inner freedom that’s not forced but feels natural. You can start with this post – finding love

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