Learning to Eliminate Anxiety (Using Brainwave Entrainment)

Posted on by Sen.

One of the biggest impediments to growth, in a human being, is the force of anxiety. Eliminating the pull of anxiety provides a huge leverage towards living life from a place of inspiration, wisdom and creativity. You can have all the inspirations coming in but there can be no real movement, or action, on your […]

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  1. Awareness

    Do you think that mostof our physical conditions is actually due to our suppression of certain emotions and thoughts ?

    I asking this question because our environment is now more toxic than ever.
    And since we are also living in a physical universe, the environtal events obviously affect us also. Like the chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, overacidic, non-organic food with way too less vitamins, since the soils are exhausted.

    Things like these, also greatly affect how we think and feel since toxins cause neurochemical imbalance. I have read many stories where people have healt themselves from depression, several anxieties and phyiscal conditions through detoxification, like fasting or a diet, that consists mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables. Since body and psyche are one, i think detoxification makes sense, because bodily detoxification causes also emotional detoxification, if you consider the fact that we stuff ourselves often because we do not feel our emotions, it starts to make sense.

    What is your take on that ?

  2. littlewoman

    My meditation practice has been that of allowing from the description of it. I definitely do not practice focus meditation as I have always found it “uninteresting” for lack of a better term. I have been meditating for 8 years. In recent years, due to my interest in reducing “my own suffering” and reading articles such as yours diligently, my life has vastly improved. I sleep soundly for 7 to 9 hours at night, I love my job, I am involved in highly skilled sports, I can affor and enjoy nice things without being excessive, etc. However, a narcissistic mother has left me with the mind momentum that am finally reducing with your help. I was a panick stricken child and my work in the past 8 years has erased the panick without help of western medication.

    I want to try Brainev but I am a little nervous about it since I am doing well without it (see the nervous child is still inside). Because I don’t enjoy focus meditation, I could use a little outside help to improve my focus since I am in a highly technical profession and I want to improve my skill in this area. And of course, I would want to use the other cds as well.

    Your thoughts please.

  3. Joy

    Hi e/one.

    Just wanted to share my experience about Brainev mp3. I must say I initially had problem adjusting on sound. Not sure for reason, I simply couldn’t listened it. It felt very aggressive to my system, but I continued to try it every day a bit. (I must also say that I am kind of music freak, a lot into similar kind of sound products, meditative, transcendent and such, so I recognize same ~programs & vibes~ just now this time totally focused on certain scientific system and result. That ~adjusting~ took a week, so I was able to allow program to ~work~ for me. For me is an almost instant trance effect, where body and mind are totally calm, and I was occasionally able to feel same signs of ~release~, body sensations as I experienced during past year following Sens instructions.

    So – deep calm with more release past energy was going on. Side effects are freshness, clearness of mind, better body awareness (i feel as body started to have its own aware system started functioning), also very surprising better visual perception after ~listening~ ( I have problem with eyes, but stopped wearing glasses since last year).

    I will also say that several times I played mp3 before sleeping, but they continued to play during my sleepy time and I didn’t felt any side effects, beside bird that is in same room sings now more often, and also started to sing almost constantly during that half hour listening, which made me thinking to start using headset, as I’m not sure does her singing interfere mp3 program. 🙂

    I would say that this mp3 program is amazing product from my experience and I’m totally positive about investing in it.

    I wish you inspiring New Year to you all!

  4. Spudd

    First I would like to start off by expressing my gratitude for finding this gem. These articles have given much more clarity.

    I, too, read the “power of now” about 3 years ago and have read it a few times over. I have developed enough focused awareness to step outside the dysfunctional mind and effectively understand how the mind works. I have entered phase 3 of ‘allowing’. I was clueless about this phase until I stumbled upon this site 2 days ago. Since reading the power of now I still get pulled into the minds thoughts and lose myself in them, effectively resisting and succumbing to them. I was not aware there was a “next phase” (allowing).

    I have been dating a girl I truly care about. However I have this fear that I will be cheated on. My mind comes up with all these scenarios, and as I have learned from your articles I give them fuel by believing these “what if” scenarios the mind creates. Obviously this causes problems in any relationship. I am always looking for little clues to validate the thoughts and if I “find” a clue I connect the dots and think it must be true. Even seemingly innocent little things such as “she is spending so much time on her phone. There must be someone else”. Sometimes I will be sitting at home and come up with a scenario that she is with someone else at that moment, so I pick up the phone and call her to check up on her. I know this is not healthy, but the pull is so strong I feel like I can’t help it, but to give in.

    I am believing these little stories the mind creates and if I understand correctly I am giving the fear “fuel”. Is this correct?

    So, I am at the point where I am aware of my fear and can step outside of it. I have learned that I am at the phase where I should allow these feelings and stories to arise without resisting them. Which means I should not react to them by “checking up on her” or seeking reassurance from her. I should let the fear arise, FEEL the URGE to seek reassurance and allow these feelings and thoughts to run their course no matter how strong the pull. Am I on the right track?

    I tried this today and it was incredibly difficult and terrifying. I allowed a story the mind created to come up without giving in to it. I didn’t react, I just let it be. It was extremely unpleasant and I felt like if I didn’t try to control or react to it that the story would come true. After it passed I must admit I did feel a degree of calm and peace.

    Am I on the right track? Is this an example of “allowing”?

    Thank you so much.

  5. Ikars

    Hi, Sen,

    yesterday I red your article “Dissolving the Negative Ego” and it made a great sense to me. However, it has raised (actualized) an important question in me.

    Before the question a bit about my experience after reading the article. Initially I felt more inspired to observe, allow and disidentify from negative ego – the article gave a stronger hope that it’s possible and I’m on the right track.

    Today I suffered from quite a heavy attack from the negative ego. It started gradually with moderate anxiety and few negative thought impulses. I tried to notice them as they appeared and allow them while staying neutrally (whenever I catched a negative thought with “me” feeling in it, I just reminded myself: “So, here it goes again – the negative ego, the need to search for “me” in everything around me”, etc.).

    Still, the momentum just built itself more and more. I started to feel the usual physical symptoms – a strong pressure on my breast and abdomen area, thoughts started to became more and more frightening… So, the usual process, which I’ve experienced many times.

    Then I listened Brainev mp3 for 30 minutes, there were some unpleasant visualizations in the process, but I still tried to allow the thoughts (some of them even wasn’t objectively very bad, just some trivia, but still my mind did it’s best to feel me bad about them). After the listening, I really felt more light-minded and sensed a bit (just a bit) disidentified from the negative thought-generator aka negative ego but this relief was short-lived… After a while it started again, and, although I still tried to be aware that it’s just a “conditioned, habitual process in my head – not me” – I fell in identification with it and felt bad again.

    So, about my question. In your article you wrote that “negative ego is fueled by your identification, your attention, your interest, your belief and your servility towards it”. At the same time, we have to observe the negative ego, to be aware of it. I’m wondering whether I know how it’s the difference between “awareness/observing” and “attention/focusing”. My theory is, that probably after reading your article I just started to focus on the negative ego more, that’s why I experienced it’s attack again. And, while I’m thinking that “I’m aware and observing”, I’m maybe actually just focusing…? So, how to sense this “thin line” (in my perception) between OBSERVING&ALLOWING and FOCUSING? It seems to me, that I’m falling in this trap, because I have observed my thoughts and feelings for a long long time already and I seem to recognize most of the ego’s gimmicks but why I still keep fell in identification with it, why I still believe it’s produced thoughts and why I still can’t see them through as not being “me”? Why sometimes, when I “observe”, I feel that mind’s momentum just builds up more and more (like today)?

  6. stagod

    Why do some teachings put much emphasis on that you can do nothing to get liberated? That it isn’t something you can bring yourself to. I understand the logic behind allowing, it obviously melts negativity, but in my case, when it happens spontaniously, when there’s just allowing. When I somehow decide to sit and allow, it doesn’t work, it can be just another source of conflict. So perhaps when they say it, they want to erase all escaping routes from this moment your mind can come up with (and even allowing can be means from escaping the moment)and leave you with just what is.that’s when happens spontanious allowing. I just wondered if you could say something on this. Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      Stagod, “allowing” is a pointer towards an openness in your being – it’s not a technique, it’s just a pointer. When you get the true essence of the state of allowing you understand that it’s the only way to be in a state of non-resistance to life’s movement towards balance, all the time. “You can do nothing to get liberated” is an ambigous teaching – it’s your attitude of being receptive to understanding life that truly helps you become balanced, understanding is critical to balance.

  7. jia

    I feel like this article really relates to me. As the person I was before, the one going carefree through the world. And the now, the one filled with fear and obsessive thoughts. I’ve also tried the awarness part, and I am aware, every minute of every day how terrible I am feeling. But, I’ve had rom release thorigh meditation. One, where one of my biggest fear popped up, within the first week of meditation, and it was like someone stuck a needle to the balloon. And my body was in much need of a serotoin rush. At a point later on, several months, I was in my unconsciousness and had full access to my anxiety, and the ability of letting go.. At one point I could release the anxiety in my body, and it was amazing. But it didn’t last long.

    I’ve learned that the best way to be clear your mind and body is releasing the anxiety. Unfortunatly, as I was thinking about it yesterday (before I read this) is that most entr. brainwave learns you to calm down. Which gives and instant relief, but in the long run it just avoids the feelings that you need to bring up to get it out of your system. There is nothing more amazing than when I’ve had intense anxiety followed by the release. It clears your head and body in so many ways. I don’t know how to do this without help, but I know I have the ability to do it. And, that gives me hope.

    I’ll try the demo, hoping it is as good as you say it is. Thanks Sen.


  8. Wynone

    Hey, Sen, I actually read that Niels Bohr has disproved the theory about the law of attraction, nevertheless any new age followers have misinterpreted his findings.
    Do you know anything about this?
    I’ve read that the quantum particles actually weren’t affected by the consciousness of the observer, but by the difference in the machines that were being used, so it was actually a big misunderstanding.

  9. MB

    I like your blog. I have read your articles many times over the past year. Being in a state of allowing for 12 months, I have been able to release a lot of my past negative momentum.
    I bought the brain evolution system in december and I have been listening to it for two months. Before I downloaded the system in desember I thought I was pretty much done with the most intense release of the negative emotions etc. Since I started listening to the brain evo system. the last couple of months has been a little bit intense.

    I usually listen to it in the morning, and lot of negative emotions and thoughts come up while I listen to the tape. And the release of emotions also happens during the day. Just a rush every time a have listened to it. Even deeper when I started on the 2 level, with the bells in the background. Before I downloaded the tape I had some weeks in between each relase that I felt I was really happy and joyful. But hte last couple of months have been a little bit though. But I am more open now and stay relaxed of all the emotions that comes up.

    Do you think that this tape made the release even deeper?I just hope that It will slow down soon. I will begin on the 3 level tomorrow. I haven’t really felt more confident, more alert and my consentration isn’t much better yet. But it might be more subtle. I can’t really see the changes yet. But I will listen to all the 6 levels for 6 months.

    1. Sen Post author

      MB, The way Brainev is designed is towards facilitating the release of all the imbalanced momentum/resistance present in the brain by unearthing them, and it happens in layers from level-1 to level-6. Though level-1 is mostly designed to develop relaxed awareness, from level-2 onwards it works on unearthing resistances/negativity going deeper with each level. Depending on the amount of resistance present in your brain you can sense the stability coming in as you move up the levels. For example, in level-2, the bells in the background, and the noise of the wind, are designed to unearth stress-based resistances in the brain, level-3 is designed for unearthing more patterns of anxiety and stress (it has the noise of thudding ocean), level-4 is designed for unearthing restlessness (with its spaces of stillness and slowness) etc. So each level is designed to unearth specific resistance in the brain so that it can be released. As these resistances keep getting unearthed and released you will sense the incoming stability in your brain states. The logic of Brainev is that it’s better to release these resistances through a simulation, in the comfort of your chair, rather than having to face real-life situations for releasing the same – it’s much faster this way.

  10. MB

    Thank you for your answer:)It gave me a deeper understanding for what is happening to me while I’m listening to the Brainev.

  11. shi

    Hello Sen,

    I am on to the second level of BrainEv. As many have mentioned, I too feel a mix of results so far. I have good days and bad days. And experience headaches with level 2. However, in general I can safely say that am feeling somewhat better internally. I feel that my awareness has grown; when the dark and heavy feelings begin to surface (usually throughout the day) I am able to create a distance from them and let them be. At times it feels very constricting, restricting and depressing. But I allow them to be and make no effort to suppress them or divert my attention. They do pass, eventually and sometimes they leave me feeling light; at other times, quite crabby.

    I normally tend to listen to BrainEv in the evenings as that is one time in my daily schedule which has the least amount of distractions. However, in the mornings when I travel to work, sometimes I feel inclined listening to some other meditation material (Craig Pruess // Buddhist Chants // Vajra Guru etc.). I feel myself sinking into a deep vast space and generally come out feeling happy towards the end.

    My question to you is that is it counter effective listening to 2 entirely different types of meditations – BrainEv which is designed to release the momentum as opposed to Buddhist Chants which create a peaceful state within. Or can I just continue with the two. What is your take? Grateful if you could please advise.


  12. Ahlan

    Dear Sen, I just discovered your website and I am so impressed. You are a remarkable person in that you write such intellectual articles that delve into the mind of a human. More than that you patiently answer each and every question posed on this forum. I mean very few ppl would go to that extent.

    I am into day 2 of hearing the MP3 and have great expectations from it. Is it okay to give auto suggestions while listening?

    I read a few articles and frequently found references to the terms “conscious allowing”, “state of allowing”,”pratice relaxed awareness”

    I would love to read each and every one of your articles. But for now would you guide me to those articles which deal with the terms above.
    Is there any exercise that we should do to achieve conscious allowing? Thanks a lot.
    I am sure your site is going a long way in providing a helping hand to a lot of people.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, while listening to the brainev mp3 just stay in state of allowing whatever that arises in your mind, or in your emotions. The purpose of the brainev mp3 is to unearth the resistances in your brain and it does so by audio stimulation, and it then works on creating a space (by simulating certain brainwave frequencies) where the brain can find its way back to its balanced state – so it unearths resistance and then allows the brain to find its balance or find its state of calm/stability, this is how it trains the brain to release resistance. If you simply stay in a state of allowing the mp3 will be able to work on unearthing the resistances and allowing the brain to find its balance naturally. The reason I recommend this mp3 is because it’s aligned with the state of allowing, and it assists in a faster release. There is no need for any forced auto-suggestion or affirmations, in fact its counter to the state of allowing to try to force suggestions.

  13. Ahlan

    Dear Sen,

    A lot of readers have shared their experience saying they have a lot of negative thoughts and fears running through their minds during the state of allowing.

    However When I am sitting in the state of allowing listening to the mp3, I never get such thoughts. I have finished 6 days of listening.

    I am an anxious person and am faced with fears about losing my job. I am highly emotional and think hundred times when ppl hurt me. But I wonder why negative or insecure thoughts never cross my mind during the allowing. A stray thought does pass my mind, but it immediately slides away.

    Am i suppressing them subconciously? Should I encourage thinking of my problems during this time?

  14. Poornima

    Hi Sen 🙂

    I have been using BrainEV, and last week I completed Level II, Lucid Echoes. Ever since I started this level, I have had quite bad dreams every night, but also when I napped in the afternoons – so basically if I fell asleep I had a bad dream, also multiple dreams. The dreams were uncomfortable, and what I noticed was they all had to do with fears I had, or things I was not comfortable with. Does it mean I was releasing fears I had?

    Yesterday, three days after I was done with Level II, the entire day I had a negative thought in my mind, and I was focusing on it, with occasional letting go, and again I had a most horrible dream. So maybe the effects of Level II are still there, so this is permanent? Can you say why such dreams suddenly started at all? What was your experience with Level II?

    1. Sen Post author

      Poornima, the logic behind Brainev is work with unearthing resistances/imbalances (or tendencies towards them) in a brain and then allowing a release to happen by also exposing the brain towards balanced waves – in short, unearth the imbalance through stimulating “triggers” and then introduce the frequency of balance. Level-1 mp3 is mostly just to stimulate awareness centers in the brain (like developing relaxed awareness), level-2 to level-6 focus on unearthing various imbalances (like restlessness, anxiety, stress-responses/frustration and anger) through sound-wave stimulation (using variations of frequencies as well as using background sounds (like the rustling of leaves, clanging of bells, thudding of oceans waves, thunder-storm etc)). Level-2 is the introduction towards this form of “unearthing” and hence can surprise the user because it’s so different from soothing effect of level-1 – that’s why it’s important to understand that this is not some “feel good” product, its basis is to unearth imbalances before bringing balance. It’s normal to have nightmares, or disturbing dreams, due to the brain activity which gets triggers by the mp3 – for example, when patterns of anxiety get triggers by the sound-wave simulation, they linger around in the brain (and in your body-space) and thus take shape of fear-based dreams. Eventually it’s all part of the release, the fear-energy coming up and being released. You will see that these dreams fall away as you move up the levels, it’s like your brain gets trained out of its fear-momentum having released the fear-energy through the unearthing.

  15. Srini

    Hey Poornima,

    After 2 weeks into the Level I, even I have suddenly started getting dreams. Before 5 years I used to get dreams constantly (mostly bad dreams) and would remember them. But later I stopped remembering my dreams ever since I shifted my house 5 years before.

    Ever since I started listening to this Level I, the dreams have started again about my fears and so on. i hope this is a good sign that my fears are finding an outlet. Would very much appreciate a reply from Sen on this.

    1. Poornima

      Hello Srini,

      I think that might be the case. Also, since I stopped Level II, a few days after it these dreams stopped as well. They could be a release; I don’t know how to figure out that it is a release.

      I did not get to read Sen’s latest post, but usually if he hasn’t replied it means that the question has been addressed in the new post 🙂

  16. Markus

    poornima, srini – I’m not sure what Sen thinks of dreams, but I’ve found that they reveal to us our imbalances. Whatever you dream is something you are working on in life. If you dream about your fears or joy or anything else, it tells you that you are working to find balance in this area. Dream time is when we are free of our bodies and our logical minds are at rest. It would not surprise me if this was more productive grwoth time than when we are awake, as our habits and minds hinder us less while we sleep.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Markus. That helps.

    2. Poornima

      Thanks, Markus. That helps 🙂

  17. Ahlan

    I want to thank you profusely as this mp3 has helped me immensely. I send you, Sen, my best wishes and prayers. I surely would not buy this stuff had it not been for your recommendation.

    My son will be 12 years old this August. he is an immensely talented guy with with writing and painting skills. Sometimes I am amazed by his work. But he is super lazy and will do only if he feels like it. I dont want his immense talent to go to waste. How do I inspire him to pursue these interest more actively?

    If he could spend more time on honing these skills I am sure he would go very far. I also am aware that if I force him it will become an ‘effort’ for him and then it will not be natural as you said so in various of your posts.

    Can I make him hear level I of this mp3? or is it not intended for children his age. PLEASE PLEASE DO REPLY. Thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, different minds work differently, some people are not naturally talented but they have a strong sense of application (like work horses) and that’s one form of mindset, some people have a natural flair/talent but they cannot be work horses they just work on spurts of creativity. There is a place for both kind of mindsets. Your job, as a father, can be towards giving him a sense of genuine acceptance and appreciation, being a role-model for him in terms of living from a place of integrity and values, giving him the respect of being his own person (giving space for his way of thinking and his opinions), giving him an understanding about being self-aware, giving him knowledge on channels that he can pursue (like introducing him to the concept of blogs, taking him to art galleries, introducing him to photography or software tools or ways to put up his paintings online, getting him in touch with mentors in his field of interest who can help towards giving him tools and methods to hone his skills). Let go of the mindset of “setting him right” and allow him the freedom to explore his life in his terms – don’t try to impose your expectations on him and don’t make him a part of your identity, it’s very important to understand that he is an independent being and has his own journey to live.

      There is an age stipulation on Brainev that it’s recommended for people over 18 years of age, so its not intended for children his age.

  18. Ahlan

    What an excellent and satisfying reply! Thanks a lot Sen

  19. Ahlan

    Hey Sen,

    I have been staying aware and allowing from a month & a half now. I feel the momentum of negativity has decreased by leaps and bounds.

    My mind is mostly noisy during the morning where i am flooded in activity like sending children to school, getting ready for office etc etc. It is during this time that thoughts come up like: “Allow this fear/thought”, “stay aware”, “let this thought pass like a cloud”, “rest in a space of relaxed awareness”. basically these are phrases from your blog that keep coming up during these noisy times. I would like to know whether these thoughts are coming from my life stream OR is it my brain trying to make it into an ego structure and turn it into some sort of technique. Please suggest. Thanks

  20. Michael

    I suppose this is just a little sidenote to people who haven’t tried BrainEv out yet and are wondering what makes it work compared to something like hypnotherapy.

    I have tried hypnotherapy in the past, as well as making my own audio tapes to play for myself at night (self hypnosis) and have come to the conclusion that such methods are rooted in convincing. The self hypnosis is pretty much nothing but positive affirmations played over and over again in an attempt to form a new thought pattern. In theory that sounds good, but the positive affirmations are usually stuff you don’t really believe in, so you’re trying to convince yourself about feeling good or being abundant.

    Not to mention, you must dissolve the current loop that is stuck in your head before anything can replace it. The problem with hypnotherapy is trying to program a new thought pattern in your head without removing the old one. Hell, even one of the things they try and convince your subconscious is “Your old patterns are dissolving, they’re not true” (aka convincing), so no wonder you don’t get any results out of it.

    BrainEv is training your brain’s frequencies out of the repetitive negative loops, as well as dissolving the resistances behind being in the positive loops. There’s no convincing or passivity involved. I can vouch for BrainEv’s effectiveness, I’m on my second week of Level 5 and the difference between my outlooks/views on negativity and its’ fuel are pretty much quantum. It’s well worth the money, much more so than spending 20 times more than that on weekly counseling sessions where you are told how fucked in the head you are or any other form of ineffective practices.

  21. Pavlo

    Greetings Sen,

    I hope you are well.

    You wrote:-“a body does not necessarily require a soul/being’s presence to operate, there are many bodies which function without the presence of a soul focused through them on an ownership basis, be it humans, animals, birds or fungi. ”

    I was under the impression every living Human Being has a soul as well as requiring a soul to function.
    Can you explain your perspective concerning this?

    Best Regards.

    1. Sen Post author

      Pavlo, before I explain this perspective I would just re-iterate that this is just a perspective that resonates with me, and I don’t claim to know with any “certain proof” about how we operate as souls; if you feel inspired to understand/learn about the non-physical aspects of life you would have to search for specific websites/books which may deal with this subject in more detail, especially written by people who channel the non-physical, who’ve had out-of-body experiences, who are proficient in astral-projection, or who have psychic abilities.

      In some hospitals there are bodies which are considered “medically alive” but “functionally dead”, and these bodies are kept on life-sustaining systems, and given nutrition intravenously, sometimes even for years. Such bodies may not really serve any purpose to a “soul” and in fact would be deeply suffocating to live in, so such a body is medically alive but may not really have any soul focus – so it might well be a soul-less body. There are also many “functional bodies” that may be soul-less (during a certain period of time, or during the entire lifetime) purely because they don’t serve the purpose/need of any soul, or certain bodies may be occupied by a soul very infrequently to experience certain situations. In fact, there is a perspective that a new-born baby is usually soul-less for most part of the time, unless the baby is more functional – this is also a possible reason why one has almost no memory (or very less memory) of the first 2 or 3 years of their life. It’s also possible that you re-collect some moments in your childhood when you had a sudden self-awareness, like “what am I doing here” (there are quite a few people who’ve mentioned that they’ve had such moments of sudden self-awareness), where you seem to suddenly wake up from a daze – these can be moments when an aware soul gets more focused on a body and thus feels dis-oriented for a while. Basically, the body is like a “vehicle”, and a soul has a choice towards inhabiting the body or not, and it has the choice towards leaving the body when it no longer serves the required purpose, just because a soul leaves the body doesn’t mean the body has to die, the body can be fully functional based on its brain functionality but it just lacks a certain level of “awareness” that a soul can provide.

  22. Pavlo

    Thank you Sen,

    I have read up on these perspectives and it does resonate with me.
    There may be some brains which are so deeply disconnected from the
    reality of life that there may be “no hope” of journeying to realization
    and balance. There may be far too much suffering for a soul to undertake
    that journey or indeed there may be no suffering at all, just a vast
    divide. So much so that the soul may wish not to undertake its journey
    simply because there may be no chance even for growth,
    let alone realization/ balance in that particular lifetime. (I’m talking
    about people who are so disconnected from life. Serial murderers, molesters,
    sadists, etc). I don’t include people who suffer from diseases of the brain
    in that group, i e. Schizophrenia, Psychosis etc because they are simply victims
    of disease.

    Similarly, in cases of people being “brain dead” for many years
    and being kept alive artificially, the soul may have ready departed
    if there is no prospect of functionality.

    I understand. Thank you so much for your perspective my friend.

  23. Mark

    Hi Sen,

    I am curious about one thing. In the past, I read something about smoking can cause anxiety attack, does this has something to do with imbalance? If yes, could explain what is the connection between smoking and this anxiety attack?

    Sometimes when I feel I want to smoke, I just take a cigarette and light it up, but in the middle or at the end of it, I feel my heartbeat rate is decreasing, and I got anxious, fear. This is completely different when I am smoking by means of suppressing the negative energy when I am in a release. Recently I can, allow the urge to smoke most of the time, unless after I have a meal.

    And my friend also told me that smoking can give us anxiety attack. Is this true? I need your insight Sen. Thanks before.

    1. Michael

      Mark, I wouldn’t doubt that the smoking gives you those feelings because as the cigarette is running out, your body craves the forced calm the cigarettes may give (I’ve never smoked them, so I don’t know). If you have had a history with anxiety attacks, you could use the cigarettes to provoke those feelings to come up, so you can deal with them. That’s why I want more weed, I want to have a lifetime’s worth of panic attacks in a week or so. I’m not sure if that’s rooted in impatience, even if I’m doing it for the opposite of an escape mechanism.

      Overall, I would think that anything that lowers your inhibitions would cause your “barrier” to come down a little and expose whatever is there. Such is why some people are angry drunks or they have panic attacks when they smoke weed (or cigarettes). That’s one good way of releasing the anxious energy.

  24. Michael

    I’m not sure if it’s just my personal experience, but what’s described for BrainEv progress seems a little over ambitious.

    What you said to someone else – “you will sense that within 2 or 3 months your momentum/intensity of imbalanced brain-states is close to zero”.

    I mean, I’m nearly a week through Level 6 and my mind is going ape. I have the stability to allow everything, but no real relief, which is probably because I’m going through a heavy release wave, but my mind hasn’t had one of those bliss breaks a lot of people talk about either. Then again, my mind is probably more imbued with negativity than most, I can remember always being a sourpuss.

    While typing these words, my stature is not that of a hunched over shrew – the point of stewing and even having physical/facial reflections of an inner low was passed long ago.

    1. Sen Post author

      Michael, the degree of release depends on a lot of personal factors like the load of past-momentum, the willingness to connect fully with the attitude of openness, developing an understanding of the light/dark nature aspects of life along with a willingness to balance towards both aspects and the amount of “alone time” available (time free from outside distraction). Given that the last 3 requirements are in place, I would say that it would take 2-3 months for a significant release of past-momentum, without these requirements in place the release is bound to take much longer because the lack of understanding, and the lack of connection with the attitude of openness, will create resistance to the process of release – I’ve explained this context in my reply to Amy where I said that “you will sense that within 2 or 3 months your momentum/intensity of imbalanced brain-states is close to zero”, the condition was that the person has already come to a place of aligned understanding/awareness of life and has aligned with the attitude of openness.

      Brainev’s main effectiveness is in its ability to unearth the imbalances (through sound wave simulations) and the fact that it does not “force” the brain into some state of peace (understanding that different brains have different accumulation/load of negativity/imbalance and hence require different time-frames to be ready for a balance), rather it allows the brain to find its peace/balance, when the brain is receptive/ready, simply by providing a reference in terms of simulating balanced frequencies (the balanced frequencies are more prominent in level-4 to level-6). If your brain is not ready for balance, either because of a higher load of past-momentum, or because of an identification with imbalance/negative, or both, it cannot be receptive to the balanced frequencies simulated by Brainev during level-4 to level-6, in which case one has to keep allowing the release of momentum until the brain is more conducive to being receptive to balance. In my case, I’d already released a lot of past momentum through the state of allowing (and my awareness/understanding of life was more aligned) before I came across Brainev , and using Brainev assisted in a deeper release of momentum.

  25. srikishan

    hi sen
    your posts are really deep and very wholly enlightening. I read Tolle’s POWER OF NOW . Your insights are far more analytical and scientific than his.
    Having said that , I don’t agree with your idea of the heart being a “thinking center”. And human heart is an anatomical organ like any other in body. No doubt it responds to feelings and thoughts , but then that doesn’t mean that it’s thinking!!! What about your stomach? In medical parlance it is called second brain, since it reacts to emotions.

    1. Sen Post author

      Srikishan, the heart is an intelligence center in terms of having a “programming” which dictates certain preferences in a human body. For example, when you do a heart transplant it is observed that the preferences of the recipient changes in many subtle or overt ways in terms of their taste in music, food, relationship, sexuality etc. Stomach may react to the brain/heart’s movement but it’s not an “intelligence center” based on containing the coding for preferences.

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