Core Elements of Negativity in the Mind

Posted on by Sen.

All human minds seem to have 4 core elements negativity – Inferiority, Craving, Suspicion and Empathy (with suffering). If you are wondering how “empathy” could ever be a negative thing, I would be explaining its dynamics as I take up each of these elements in detail below. I have mentioned these four elements in a descending order of the intensity of toxicity/resistance they create in your being.

These 4 core elements of negativity are created through a combination of the mind’s survival tendencies and the un-awakened state of being of the “awareness” that you are, focused in this body (when you are totally identified with the mind/physicality). It’s difficult to over come the pull of all these 4 elements of negativity as long as you are not awakened to your true self or wholeness, because until then you would be totally identified with the narrow/limited perspectives of the your physical focus without aligning with the reality, and truth, of life. If you are in the process of letting go of the negative momentum of the mind, it will help to recognize these 4 elements of negativity operating in you. I will discuss each of them below to give you an idea of how these elements create a negative vibration in you and thus resist the flow of well-being inherent to your life stream.


This is by far the most toxic element of negativity because it creates resistance to your well-being by making you believe that you are unworthy or undeserving. It’s not possible to allow a seamless flow of wellness into your reality when you are rooted in thoughts of inferiority. The below are the most common thoughts of inferiority that humans have.

– An inferiority complex with regards to your mental abilities where you compare your intelligence, smartness, educational qualifications/achievements, career, communication skills, technical skills with others and feel bad about yourself.

– Inferiority about your physical looks and build. This is created through comparing yours looks with others and having self-deprecating thoughts about yourself.

– Feeling inferior to a higher power, usually God, owing to constant conditioning that there is a “judging/punishing God” up there. This inferiority fuels a disconnect with the wholeness of who you are because you stand in separation with it by assuming that your being is not one with life/God/source-energy which is the actuality of who you really are, your actual body.

– Feeling inferior about your race, culture or roots.

These are just some common inferiorities present in the mind and thus in your being identified with the mind.

You start becoming free of this toxic negative element, present in your physical being, as you start understanding the truth of who you are as the wholeness of life. You realize who you are as this body is a unique expression of life and hence “comparing” yourself with others is totally irrelevant. You also realize that life force (which is a stream of pure positive energy) is unconditionally in love with you in your physical presence and there is no judgment in life about who you are. Your desires are taken up by this stream unconditionally and are brought to manifestation in a movement aligned with totality. Be yourself totally, so that your natural expression can flower from this place of alignment – you are not lesser to anything.


To desire is one thing and to “crave” a desire is a completely different thing. Craving arises from the deluded thinking that you cannot be whole until you get what you desire. Craving always comes from a place of inner incompleteness, where you try to fill up the emptiness you feel within with the physical possessions/experiences in the hope that you will feel whole through it. Life experience will show you that no matter what you achieve/experience on the physical realm you will continue to feel an inner incompleteness unless you become aligned with the wholeness of your being and thus realize inner wholeness as a permanent state. From this place you can desire without any strong craving in you for that desire, rather it’s just a movement of creation or creativity, a movement to enjoy physicality.

When you crave something, you end up in behaviors of “neediness” which is rooted in the vibration of lack. Actions coming from this place end up creating a reality that reflects this lack back at you externally. Greed, over-possessiveness, exploitation, victimization, negative selfishness, impatience, desperation etc are aspects that arise from this place of lack. Craving creates resistance to the very reality you desire because it’s rooted in a vibration of lack that’s 360 degrees on the opposite of the vibration of joy/wholeness required to allow the seamless flow of your life stream that’s moving in the direction of manifesting your desired realities.


It’s one thing to be “wise” and it’s completely different thing to be rooted in chronic suspicion. Wisdom comes from your connection with your wholeness, in the state of open “awareness”. Chronic suspicious proclivities come from a place of fear-based perception owing to belief in negativity. There are people who go through life with a huge armor in front of them, citing that they are protecting themselves against the “badness” out there and these are the very people who seem to be attracting bad behaviors all the time (which makes them more convinced in the badness of the outside world). Law of attraction dictates that your chronic inner suspicions will always find an external reflection in that you seem to attract realities that confirm, or give evidence of, your inner suspicions. For example, if you have a belief that the world is full of cheaters, you will seem to be attracting realities that keep giving evidence for this belief – but you need to realize that it’s your belief that’s attracting the reflection.

If you think that your suspicious attitude is “protecting” you, you need to think again from a deeper perspective. When you are holding onto to an attitude of chronic suspicion of people/life around you, the vibration that’s active in you is one “fear”. This vibration causes you to attract negative realities, the very ones that you are afraid of, which you are trying to protect yourself against through your suspicious attitude. If you’ve interacted with people who have an attitude of chronic suspicion you will notice that there is a feeling of “repulsion” inside you while interacting with them – this is because your inner being is repelled by the vibration of fear present in them. Of course, it’s easier to see it in others than to see it in yourself. When you are honest with yourself, you will know if you are holding onto an attitude of suspicion all the time.

The belief that having a suspicious attitude will keep you “protected” from being cheated on is not in alignment with the law of creation (which is based on law of attraction). That’s why it’s always people who are chronically suspicious who seem to attract wrong doers. People who are open, and believing in the well-being of life, are always attracting positivity, helpfulness and friendliness from the outside. Let your vibration attract the right people in your life, instead of using your suspicious tendencies to sieve out people. Instead of being so rooted in suspicions, work on letting go of your inner fears so that your vibration is aligned with positivity which will automatically ensure that you attract positive people/experiences in your life.

When you are aligned with a positive vibration, which automatically comes into your being when you let go of identification with these negative elements in the mind, you will be a vibrational match to a positive reality and hence there would be no need for you to go through life hiding behind an armor of suspicion. You can move freely resting in the assurance that your positive vibration will attract positive people and positive situations. When you truly understand how creations works you will know that “you” attract your experiences, and hence it’s in your power to attract positive experiences and positive people, simply by becoming a match to a positive vibration. Chronic suspicious tendencies are rooted in fear and can never be aligned with the positive vibration of life.


This might be the least toxic of the negative elements but can be a huge source of resistance in your being when you are unconscious of its negative influence on your vibration. The being that you are is highly sensitivity and hence has a tendency to get attached to fears and suffering, quite easily, in its unconscious state of being. When you see suffering in the external world shown in the media or in your surroundings, your being will immediately empathize with the suffering and thus become rooted in vibrations of sadness, grief, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety and anger. We immediately put ourselves in other’s shoes and imagine the suffering they must be going through, and in this projection become rooted in suffering ourselves.

It’s the very nature of our being to empathize with the suffering of the outside because of the strong element of sensitivity in our being. When you take on the suffering of others by empathizing it within you, you become rooted in a low vibration yourself and from this place it’s not really possible to allow the inflow of well-being into your reality. There are many people who are so enamored by the suffering of the outside that they end up attracting suffering in their own reality owing to the low vibration in which they start dwelling on constant basis.

When there is space of awareness in you, you can be sensitive to the suffering of others while also retaining your vibration of wholeness which allows “wise” actions to be taken, which also allows healing to come forth from you towards your external reality and thus makes you a channel of wellness. If you are lost in the suffering of others, there is no space in you through which wellness can flow into your external reality and hence you are not really being a channel that’s working towards alleviating suffering rather you are perpetuating it through your unconscious focus on it. In the space of awareness, you will be able to empathize with people while also retaining a space of wisdom/wholeness that allows for a positive movement of healing in your reality, it also ensures that you don’t attract a negative reality out of your focus on suffering.

When you are rooted in your inner wholeness, you don’t become “uncaring” or de-sensitized towards the external world, neither do you try to “ignore” or deny the suffering that’s present. It’s just that from this space you don’t move from a place of suffering yourself, you move from a place of wholeness – this is the only place from where any true solution can come into our reality to alleviate the suffering present in human consciousness as a whole.

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  1. Kat

    How do I free myself from the lies my mind is telling me? My mind identification has caused me to become seriously depressed. Is this the pain body or the “unhappy little me” that Eckart Tolle speaks about.
    Please help. Thanks!

    1. Sen Post author

      Your awareness can either be totally focused in the mind or it can stay more open without total identification with the mind. In our unconscious state of being, our awareness is totally focused in the mind and it keeps “fueling”, and reinforcing, the negative thoughts in the mind through its attention – this is what causes the build up the momentum of negativity in your being (what Tolle refers to as Pain body). This momentum of negativity is almost like a space of disconnected consciousness that thrives on more negativity and hence keeps “attracting” it – like an entity that feeds on negativity. As you become “conscious” of this momentum of negativity in your being, it allows you the “space” to now stop fueling it with your attention and allow it to ebb away in force. This momentum of negativity has built up over several years and it will take a few months before it can ebb away in intensity, after you consciously start letting go of it. The simple practice is to stay as an open space of awareness (what I also call relaxed awareness) allowing the mind’s momentum of negativity to die down, every time it arises. It’s like car moving at 200 miles per hour and you remove your foot from the accelerator and it comes to a halt gradually on its own. Whenever a thought based on fear, hatred or lack, arises from the mind just stay as a passive awareness of it allowing it to die away in force on its own – don’t resist the mind, don’t try to suppress it, just let it be and its momentum will die down automatically. If you try to resist the mind’s movement you will be indirectly fueling the resistance in you.

  2. Treeter

    Dear Sen,
    In awe once again by your ability to put into words exactly what my state of mind is. I so am striving for that wholeness. How is it that you spe nd so much time helping your readers understand our negativity and so very well avoid it your self ? I feel I do have the awareness to move on but its so hard. I enjoy the feeling that comes to me that someone actually understands. This makes me somewhat happy however I really want to bask in the wholeness. I hate who I have become and actually need to abandon the negativity like a hot potatoe. So please advise me. I think I would enjoy a constant thread of positive awareness to help me put it into practice? I realize you say it takes time so do you think re-reading and baby steps is the ticket to creating a new and positive brain pattern?
    Thanks again!

    1. Sen Post author

      The “understanding” required, to let go of the negativity, can come through reading and introspection within by deepening in awareness. A solid base of understanding is essential to allow for a quick transformation so that you are not “stuck” in pitfalls of the mind. The more clearly you understand the dynamics of negativity and identify it in yourself, the less likely you are to be gulled by it. The reason most people stay stuck in some pattern of negativity is because they fail to “identify” it clearly enough, once you become conscious of a negativity, and its operation in you, it’s not possible for you to be lost in it unconsciously and thus you will no longer fuel it with the same intensity as before. So I place a lot of value on “understanding” the dynamics of this process of inner transformation towards alignment with your natural expression and wholeness. Once your understanding is solid, you will automatically start moving towards denying energy to the momentum of negativity running in your being and will thus be able to drain its power till it no longer has any influence on your vibration. Understand clearly the aspects of the power of pure awareness, the natural vibration of your being, your oneness with life, the dynamics of negativity, the nature of human mind, science of creation, the pull of life force (and how to let go into it) and the reality of physicality, and your being will feel confident in letting go of limiting patterns and trusting the pull of life. Your understanding starts becoming clearer, and you start having access to inner insights, as your awareness becomes more open instead of being focused in the narrow perceptions of the conditioned mind – a simple pointer is to connect your awareness with the silent space of being that you are instead of just being rooted in the mind alone, this is just a pointer to coming back to your wholeness instead of staring through the narrow lens of the mind.

  3. Treeter

    Thank you! I WILL continue to deepen my awareness to clearly identify my pattern of negativity. However my understanding of silent space is so foreign and hard to hold on to. I always thought awareness was positive self talk. But from what I’m trying to get a grip on is practicing silent awareness. The separation of mind and body with clear, pure and solid awareness and understanding is so allusive to me! I guess what im telling you is my few months have already turned into a couple of years now and im just not getting it? I’m sooooo frustrated and Chatter bugged!

    1. Sen Post author

      The aware energy that you are is a silent force because it’s just a space of energy. The insight coming from this place of awareness is silent too, but the brain has the capacity to “translate” this block of intelligence into “talk” or “thought with voice” or words. Of course the brain/mind also produces its own thoughts coming from its interpretations based on its make-up and conditioning. If you let the mind be, it will produce its “thoughts” for a while and be silent for while, this will go on as long as its alive – the mind is an excellent machine for working in the realm of physical world and it’s designed for it. The problem arises when you as the “awareness” focused in this body becomes totally identified with mind, so much so that you give undivided belief and interest to all the fears created in it – since your “attention” has a creative force, it gives fuel to the negativity of the mind and creates a strong momentum for it. So it’s not the mind that’s at fault (because the mind is bound to produce some fear based thoughts owing to its nature as a survival machine), it’s your total identification with the mind that’s creating the issue. As you let go of being identified with the mind (which narrows your awareness), you can start sensing your wholeness. Just try a simple practice of just sitting with your eyes closed, without trying to do anything and just let go of controlling the mind (don’t try to avoid it, don’t try to shut it up) just let it be – when you stay in simple surrendered place, you will soon start getting taste of your wholeness. When you have a real experience of this wholeness, you will understand more deeply what you’ve been reading so far.

  4. Treeter

    Wow! That helps a lot! Definitely a cut and paste!
    Thanks sooooooo much!

  5. nvibes

    Great article

  6. nvibes

    Hi Sen

    On empathy, how can I be around a person who is “suffering”, when their suffering brings up “negative emotions” in me e.g. irritation, anger? I find myself either trying to hold back from being horrible to them, or distancing myself from them so I can’t be “horrible” to them?

    I myself have been through a period of “suffering” and at the time i needed someone the most I seemed to bring up their own issues, which they projected onto me. If I recognise this in someone, should i try to keep away as I do not want to continue being the one to take the brunt of their own issues? Also, I do not want to keep experiencing people being horrible to me/or taking advantage of me as a way of learning lessons I need to in order to become more conscious. Is there another way to learn these lessons, or is the only way to keep experiencing and going through such “negative” situations?

    1. Sen Post author

      nvibes, don’t make yourself feel obligated to help someone when you sense that they are not receptive to your help. Sometimes the best help you can give someone is to let them know that they can’t depend on you as a crutch all the time. When you are connected with your inner guidance, you always know whether to offer your help or to keep your distance from a situation – it’s not always about trying act the good samaritan principle, that’s when you end up becoming victimized and feel drained by their dependence. If you feel uncomfortable, give yourself the freedom to move out of their space, in this case, there is no need to feel guilty because it’s not your obligation to be someone’s support, they have their own life-stream to guide them and if they have no connection with it, none of your words would make much difference anyway. It’s only people who don’t follow their instinct who end up becoming a victim, where they end up becoming burdened by the emotional dependence of others. You should always just trust your instinct in these matters, instead of trusting your mind’s “I must act good” attitude which obviously comes from the need for approval from outside.

  7. Mark

    Dear Sen,

    One word Sen, AMAZING!!! I love reading your articles, it resonates with me most of the time, and every time I read, it resonates differently. It’s like I am gaining another lights from one article. I thank God for everything that had happened and is happening in my life, and you are the one who makes me understand about all of it. My negative ego is collapsing, I can feel it suffocating, sending a lot of negative momentum and thoughts. My body is exhausted today and yesterday, my throat is in pain, my nose is runny, i got 2 ulcers in my mouth, I dont have taste to eat, but I feel calm, it’s like I am not worry about what’s happening with my body, because I understand that this is the withdrawal symptoms. Right now I am just doing what my body and mind tells me to do, to ignore thoughts or to be taken by it (consciously) and I find myself laughing quite a lot at the thoughts.

    In this 3-4 months, I got a weird but exciting experience, one day I was sick, I was on my way to go home from work. My mind was thinking about something, I dont remember what, and in the middle of the thinking I just suddenly aware the movement of my feet. I felt like my feet is moving on its own, without me trying to control it, it seemed like it knows where to go, without me telling it.

    And the 2nd time, I was on a bus, I was listening to a music with my phone, a message came. I knew it was from my partner, and I was thinking whether I want to reply to her immediately or not, and also in the middle of the thinking process, I was aware that my hand moved on its own, reaching to my pocket and took out my phone. I was surprised.

    The 3rd time was yesterday, I got home from work. I open the door and thinking what i am going to do first, and suddenly I just aware again the movement of my own body, it just went to put the bag, open it, took out my laptop, changed my clothes, and so on, for a brief moment. I feel like I am inside a robot with it’s own intelligence, which knows exactly what to do without any instructions from me. Unbelievable Sen.

    Sorry if I am rambling too much. I just want to share my experience, I just got an impulse to share, so I write this. But your article is beautiful.


    1. Michael

      Mark – How long did it take for the “evidence” to start showing up? I’m only about 2 months of seriously doing this + BrainEv and I haven’t had anything come up except for a lot of depression, headaches, etc. (which I find to be a good sign)

    2. Mark

      Hi Michael,

      Honestly, I dont know the definite time, but for me it’s around 2-3months. I started to read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, and then I found Sen’s blog, coincidentally. And after I finish with the book, I realize that I might have awakened already, a few years back. But at that time i didnt realize it, because I remember that a few years back, sometimes when I thought of a thought I felt a sensation on my chest, but I didnt know what was happening.

      And after i read Sen’s blog and The Power of Now, i am starting to understand everything and my awareness seems to grow, because the sensation and the emotions is getting stronger, but the problem is the mind keep sending these tricky thoughts so I didnt do the allowing process smoothly, until recently I understand what is allowing and what is happening with me.

      And as Sen mentioned in one of his articles, sometimes when we are sick, it becomes the portal to connect with our Being, the stillness, because there is a gap, when the body is sick/not well, the mind will not as noisy as when we were healthy. So that’s why i got that feeling of riding in robot with super intelligence, which is our body. The changes is more obvious if you feel it. Right now, I feel like I am not afraid of everything that is happening or will happen in my life, the fear is still there though, but the intensity is totally different, it much weaker.

      Michael, if you want to know how long, it depends on your emotion accumulation, and your mind momentum. Headaches, depressions, anxieties, disoriented, are all normal, I still feel it. But it’s just temporary, dont worry. Read Sen’s article a lot, because you will get new understanding everytime you read it, your awareness is growing slowly but sure. As long as you can observe the mind, just relax, when a thought come, just let it come, let it plays the movie inside your brain, and watch it. The stronger your awareness, the stronger the emotion will be, but dont worry, it’s not a bad thing. There is an enjoyment in it. And the more you allow, the more you understand about the thoughts mechanism and about your negative ego. So for me, it’s like when I am allowing, I am also unearthing the false-self’s identity. The way I see my mind is, it is my friend, but it’s not me, it’s just it is trying to warn me, but the thing that it warns is not important most of the times, and it’s my unconscious identification that makes it so negative. So I have to take the responsibility to make it back to normal.

      Relax, just let the life takes care of you, all you gotta do is releasing. I have seen the evidence of life’s care for me. It happened just in time. Wish you have a great journey with yourself.
      Good luck Michael


  8. Michael

    Thank you very much, Mark. I shed a couple tears last night for the first time in a few months, last night was Hell trying to get to sleep 🙂

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