How to Connect With Your Inner Being?

Posted on by Sen.

Imagination is the mode of communication between the mind and the inner being. The term “inner being” basically refers to your aspect as the life-stream focused on this body. You can say that your inner being is connected to the “non-physical” realm of consciousness, the wholeness of it. Your mind is observing the physical reality and is thus a translator of the “physical realm”. A seamless communication between your mind and your inner being ensures a harmonious physical expression – your inner being enjoys the view that your mind gives it, and your mind needs the guidance/intelligence/imagination of the inner being (you can call it the higher intelligence or “non-physical” intelligence, or rather the intelligence of totality). Being relaxed is the only way you are ever going to maintain a seamless connection with your inner being, because the vibration of relaxation matches the vibration of your inner being, akin to joy, love, peace.

People who have taken drugs like mushrooms, acid, marijuana, that tend to relax their nervous system, use the word “having a trip” to describe their experience, in that they feel like they are traveling in the dimension of “imaginations”. The mind becomes so disconnected with physicality, under the influence of these drugs, that it becomes more accessible to the language of imagination through its connection with the “non physical” realm – this is another reason why people tend to have spiritual/mystical experiences while having these “trips”, it can also juice up their creativity as their relaxed state of being connects them with non-physical intelligence.

The problem with drugs is that they reduce your physical consciousness, and mostly disconnect you from the physical realm, making you inefficient in expressing yourself intelligently in your physical reality in many ways. There is nothing wrong with using such drugs now and then, as means of enjoyment, relaxation and possibly for having mystical experiences, but they can so easily become a crutch if you become dependent on them as a means of escape – which you will tend to do if you lack an inner stability. You can have the best of both worlds if you consciously learn to relax, by letting go of the need for “active thinking” and allow yourself access to insights from your inner being.

Active thinking is unnecessary

Instead of trying to actively think about something, just be “aware” (like being aware of certain thought pattern in your mind or a certain problem that’s running in your mind) – so basically, you are allowing the mind to have its thoughts, but you are not actively thinking about these thoughts, you are just aware. It’s not about focusing your awareness on a thought, but to just “be”. In order to focus your awareness on a thought you need to concentrate in some way, or try to be aware of the thoughts through force – which is just another form of active thinking. When you are just “openly” aware, the thoughts flow, and your awareness will seem to move seamlessly between thoughts, senses and feelings, effortlessly. This state feels like being “out of control”, but it’s also a state of total relaxation, and it opens you up to a seamless connection with your inner being.

I receive several queries which are along these lines

– I try to observe the thoughts but I cannot seem to observe them constantly, my awareness keeps fluctuating. I am trying hard to observe the thoughts, but I seem to fail all the time.

– I am trying to be aware through-out the day, but I become lost in the mind most of the time.

– I keep having a particular negative thought in my mind and I am unable to remove this thought. I am trying to observe it but it never goes away.

The problem is that when you “try” to be aware you are already entering into the “active thinking” mode, it’s like making awareness into a technique. That’s the reason I use the pointer of “relaxed awareness”, the term “relaxed” should indicate that you have to let go of “trying” to be aware. When you relax, and let go of your “trying”, you automatically fall into the space of open awareness. Of course it will take time before you become more stable in the space of “relaxed awareness”, so much so that it becomes a natural way of being for you – the more you allow yourself to stay in relaxed awareness the more you allow the mind momentum to reduce, but it won’t happen overnight, it will take a few months for a stability to ensue.

Language requires that I use some pointer to describe what I mean, but when I say “just be aware”, the mind can take it as a directive and it “tries” to be aware, in the sense that it tries to “concentrate” or makes an effort at being “still” – but that’s not what I am trying to convey. It’s not about trying to be aware, its about letting go of active thinking which inherently means that you are just aware (you don’t need to create awareness, awareness is always present in the background all the time).

As a practice, initially, you can just “sit, close your eyes and let go” (whenever you have the free time), here I am not even using the word awareness, and it’s a much more direct pointer – just sit, close your eyes and let go of “trying” to do anything, and just let be. You can sense that there is a background of silent awareness, and all the thoughts/feelings happen in this space – this background is what I call the “space of being”. You don’t have to “create” this space of awareness, it’s already present, you just need to let go into it – “you” being the active thinker. As you get more conversant with this space, you don’t have to close your eyes either, you can just sense it’s presence all the time and it will soon seem to come into the fore-ground as the mind momentum keeps ebbing away, as you let go of efforted/active thinking.

A more direct pointer is “relax and let go”, and you don’t have to do through out the day, but just now and then, whenever you feel like it. Look at this as a new way of finding solutions, or rather, allowing solutions to come into your reality. Soon you will realize the futility of wasting energy on active thinking, when all you need to do is see a problem and then “let go” of figuring it out and allow a solution to come through from your inner being. It takes a while to develop a trust in this new way of “thinking”, especially when you’ve been hooked on the habit of “controlled” thinking all your life. You can see this intelligence operating in kids, before we teach them “active thinking”, there is no strain in their thought process and they seem to learn effortlessly just be being aware. Active thinking as a process is highly inefficient, and mostly just a hindrance to allowing a solution. Also, since active thinking is totally mind oriented, the only intelligence you use is your past conditioning, past experiences and past database of information, and hence all you will end up doing is repeat your past.

Being relaxed opens you up to imagination

When you are relaxed you will see that you are far more imaginative than when you are stressed. In fact, when you are stressed you don’t have any imagination, and your thinking is very narrow and closed. Basically, when you are relaxed, you become connected to your non-physical consciousness, and this means you are privy to the intelligence of various streams of consciousnesses present in this realm. A lot of terms are used, such as higher intelligence, intuition, instinct, inner guidance, inspiration etc but essentially these “labels” just indicate an intelligence outside the thinking mind. In simple words, when you are relaxed you are joined by your inner being, and other streams of non-physical consciousnesses, and you become open to their participation in your experience, and their participation allows their intelligence to flow in, and it also allows their perception to join your own perception creating a much more amplified/joyful experience of your senses and interpretations.

A lot of people claim to be more in touch with themselves when they are in the lap of nature. This is mostly because when you are in nature, you are in a space of “no mind”, and this basically causes you to step out of your own mind, and it thus stops the process of “active thinking”, it allows you to just “observe”, just be aware – and this relaxation connects you with your non-physical consciousness, or your inner being. So, you have a “deep” experience of enjoyment, because you are not only enjoying it with your own mind, but you are actually becoming a channel through which your inner being, and non-physical consciousnesses, can participate in your experience and provide you with “their” imagination, thus aggrandizing the whole experience – this is what it means to be privy to a “depth” in perception, this depth is created when you allow the non-physical consciousness to join you in your physical experience. The more relaxed you are, the more you allow this connection, and thus more joyful, perceptive, deeper, wiser and creative your experience. When you learn to consciously let go of “active thinking”, you can sense this enjoyment everywhere, even in closed, ordinary, room – you don’t have to be in nature to feel this connection.

Basically, in this context when I use the term “you” I am just talking of you as the brain with a thinking space (the mind), and what I am referring to as your inner being, or non-physical streams of consciousnesses, is like your non-physical nature, or non-physical body – it’s all you ultimately, there is no separation, unless you want to label yourself as only a “brain” in this body, which is an incredibly limiting identity to hold. It’s not even important to analyze these words, what’s important is to see the difference in your experience, of a moment, when you let go of your stressed, active thinking, mode of being, and relax into your space of being – it will add a new flavor to it, a peace, an intelligence, a deeper perception/understanding, an appreciation, a deeper joy, enhanced creativity and wisdom.

Living your originality

The term that most signifies the output that’s produced from a state of connection is “quality”. From this place of connection, anything you produce, or do, or experience, or express, has a “quality” – it’s not mechanical, it’s not a regurgitation of the old/past, it’s not a struggle and it’s not dull. You could be doing anything – cooking, driving, teaching, writing, working out (at the gym), sitting alone, eating or working on a presentation, it doesn’t matter what your present preoccupation is, when you stop being lost in active thinking and just take a step back into conscious relaxation, you will be privy to this “quality”. This connection also brings forth the flavor of your originality into all your expressions. You are an original creation, there has never been anyone like you before, and there won’t be anyone like you again, and you have the responsibility towards bringing forth your originality into this world and you can’t do it unless you connect your mind with your being.

The mind on its own becomes very mechanical, externally influenced and “past conditioning” oriented, it needs to connect with the intelligence/imagination of your being to truly express the originality and quality, that makes up your natural expression, in your daily life – this expression is what joy is about. Don’t make this into something “extra-ordinary”, you don’t have to move around like a grand angel avatar or some idea of holiness, it’s actually about being your “human” self fully without the need to pretend – it’s the way a kid behaves, he/she is not trying to be “grand”, just being natural. Its about living your human expression in all its naturalness, it’s not about trying to impose some idea of “divinity”, or holiness, on top of it and trying to “act” like some image you have of how enlightened people should move around – that would just make you “pretentious”, and it’s such a lot of effort to maintain pretenses. Just drop all your effort at manipulating yourself and you will be truly relaxed, and thus be natural – your originality can only come from your natural expression, not from a fake identity/persona.

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  1. Willy

    Nice blog sen. Pleas sen, i wana ask: how do one know that he/she is droping into this state of being. Because most of the time, when i try to just relax and be aware of my mind, i find myself stuck in different thoughts. What can be the cause?

  2. Samir

    Wow Sen, your posts have really started to take on many nuances, especially compared to your initial ones on this blog. It’s clear that your expression is growing.

    No particular question today from me. Makes this comment unique :p

  3. Stella

    Sen, when you say that in the relaxed state that you are in touch with your own inner being- and can thus be merging with other non physical consciousnesses (or other inner beings) would that be all people who have lived as physical beings and those are yet to live as physical beings- in other words a Divine consciousness or God?
    Drop the mind, relax and the Higher Intelligence is felt, because that is who we are?

    1. Sen Post author

      Stella, that’s right, but be careful not to hold some dramatic imaginations about “divine consciousness” by giving it some holy attribute. The non-physical consciousness (the streams of consciousness) is in love with the interpretations/expressions/experiences of physical reality that it has access to via the channel of the mind and thus it enjoys this play of existence – just like a child would, it’s not something serious/holy, just a play. Of course the various streams of consciousness emerge from the various physical expressions (physical forms, including humans) that came forth from an intention, and they continue eternally focusing on physicality after these forms dissolve – after all once stream is born it just exists eternally.

      Drop the mind doesn’t mean avoid the mind, but about letting go of being totally mind oriented. The mind is needed for enjoyment of physicality, what needs to be let go of is the negativity of the mind, including its struggle based attitude.

  4. rafael

    I would just like to say that in the past 2-3 years I have read (almost obsessively) all types of self help/eastern philosophy books. I have read everyone from eckhart tolle to napoleon hill to mooji and osho.

    And in none of these teachings has the message been translated so simply and so refreshingly as on this site. Reading this site once a day has changed my life more than all the other teachings combined. I am truly grateful and hope that you can continue these teachings for a long time to come.

    1. Alliswell

      I agree, Raphael. Sen, your viewpoint makes the most sense and you communicate it beautifully – easy to understand.

      I am a different person than I was 6 months ago, thanks to this site.

    2. Joy

      It’s same with me. Half of my life I was in search for a clear, simple, somehow resonant, teaching that is not clouded, mystified, half-clear, etc. And I couldn’t even read such things or buy it anyhow as it was not resonant within, leaving me more isolated and lost. I even stop expecting to find any. And this place is really first spot of that kind. I am feeding myself with joy on this clearness, simplicity and vibration that is so resonant and interactive deeply within me. I’m still in some sort of shock how amazingly those posts & pointers nourish and answers, all uncertainty an questioning within.(every single one). This is miracle! Again, thank you Sen!

    3. Abhishek Gupta

      That is just absolutely true Rafael. With the kind of simplicity and ordinariness, Sen explains, is unparalleled with anyone. I am deeply thankful to him for showing me the direction to follow.

    4. Debbie

      I feel the same way Rafael. Since 2005, I have been reading everything from Eckhart Tolle to Wayne Dyer to Osho – and while their teachings were valuable, no one expresses these ideas as simply and clearly as Sen. I find myself reading these entries over and over again so I can absorb the wisdom. Also, it comforts me to read comments from the community here. I’m so grateful.

    5. alchemista

      Same here. Have read for many teachers but mostly found in them comfort that I am not alone. Nothing resonated with me as deeply and clearly as Sen’s words. There is a clarity here that eliminates doubts and points back to the knowing that’s already within. Thank you Sen.

  5. Willy

    Secondly sen. Please is it wrong for someone to practise SELF HYPNOSIS? Does it have any effect on the mind in relation with gaining awarenes? I realy want a clearance on this.

    1. Sen Post author

      Willy, the very word “hypnosis” points to “unconsciousness” rather than a conscious freedom. Would you prefer living a life of a “trance” or a conscious life? The evolution of humanity is towards conscious freedom, its not towards unconscious means like hypnosis or drugged living. When you put faith in techniques like hypnosis, what you are indirectly affirming to yourself is that you are too weak to deal with your own mind and this sense of weakness always stays within. You can read this post – Programming your subconscious mind, for insights on how to use your awareness to re-program the negative thought patterns that are running subconsciously.

  6. Anu

    Dear Senji,

    Beatiful posts. This post is a reflection of what natural/higher intelligence can produce.

    I have understood that there are 2 kinds of awareness:

    1. When we actively focus on our mind. This involves actively thinking/fous and requires effort.

    2. Awareness that happens when we are relaxed. This is automatic and natural and feels effortless.

    I used to try active awareness but now relax in passive/natural awareness.

    Thanks a lot for wonderful posts. No words can describe my gratitude.


  7. Pavlo

    Hello Sen,

    I’m now in my second month of
    Full Let-Go and effortless allowing
    of my mind. During the past month
    I have halved the medication
    I’ve been on the the past 10 years.

    Today and yesterday have been especially
    big days for energy release. I’m calm and
    am in full awareness of what’s going on.
    The sensations are very intense, especially
    at night and they are even more pronounced
    since my decrease in medication but there
    is a great sense of calm behind the chaos
    of the emotions and thoughts. I am allowing
    them full range without any attachment
    whatsoever. Their intensity comes and goes
    throughout the day but I am completely calm.

    I should be medication free in around 2-3 weeks.
    I am enjoying this process immensely and
    am learning so much throughout this process.

    Thank you Sen.

    1. Ritu

      Wow Pavlo, thats amazing. Happy for you and others on this site. Feel thankful to you all for sharing your experiences. Sen, here’s expressing our deep gratitude to you once again.

  8. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    I have been making progress. I am more relaxed and at ease. I am trying to let my awareness “be” and not trying to be aware/focus of certain thoughts/feelings.

    My question for you is that I have not felt any release of negativity or energy from me. No sense of release whatsoever till now. Is that normal ? Any pointers you can share?

    But in general, I am more calm and balanced.


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, the bottom-line is to be free of the influence of your mind’s negativity, that’s all. If you sense that you are grounded enough in your being that your mind does not hold you prisoner to its negativity, you are moving towards inner stability. I am sure you feel the “sensation” of negative feelings when your mind produces negative thoughts, like a contraction in your body – this is what a negative energy is and as you release your mind momentum this contraction keeps reducing in intensity, and this is what it means to release the hold of negativity. Don’t carry any imagination about what it feels like to release energy, the reduction in mind momentum (in its intensity) is proof enough for the reduction in negative energy force in you.

  9. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    You are right. I do feel lot of uncomfortable “feelings”. And after I realized they are negative energies leaving my body, I notice them a lot more. This makes sense. At times it is very intense, at other times, it is not so intense.

    I do feel little irritable, short, easily frustrated, but am making progress.

    Thanks a lot,

  10. Anu

    Dear Sen Ji,

    Yesterday was a rough day for me. I got carried away with momentum and ruminated. I felt uneasy and anxious. I was overthinking and over analyzing. I was even trying very hard to let go, sounds like an oxymoron. I did not sleep very well either.

    This morning I realized that I was in grips of my mind and my fear. My consciousness/awareness got hijacked. I understand it happens. no point over analyzing or worrying.

    Once I am able to gain grounding, I see all things that go wrong. But it seems like I am in going through cycles like these where my awareness gets lost, I suffer, I sleep through the night and next day I can see what all went wrong. It seems like I am stuck in this vicious cycle.

    I am very honest and authentic with myself. I am quite sincere in my desire for a release. I am doing way better overall then what I was back in March when I came across your writings.

    Can you please provide any suggestions or pointers? Seems like I ave hit a pleatu.

    Thanks & best Regards,

    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, you’ve not hit a plateau, you are just going through a phase of release – as I’ve mentioned in many posts, the release happens in layers and over time. There are phases when you have period of relief after a release, but then a new cycle starts, sometimes more intense than the previous one. It’s normal to come to a conclusion that you are “regressing” or falling back into negativity, but that’s not what’s happening, it’s just a phase of release of the past momentum. Once the release starts, it moves automatically towards a complete purge and doesn’t stop till its done with, and it happens over time, in phases, with periods of relief in between each release. That’s the reason I mention – “don’t cling to highs during the release phase”, if you cling to the highs you will feel shaken up when you hit another release cycle and start wondering if you are doing something wrong. Ultimately, when the release gets done with you will automatically sense an inner wholeness/stability – you don’t have to cling it, it just stays permanent, till then just stay allowing of the release as it happens without over-analyzing it.

      Also, it’s totally normal for you to feel lost in the intensity of negativity during a release, and possibly even exhibit a negative behavior – as the intensity keeps coming down you will find that it loses its grip on you, but till then you will just have to allow it without feeling bad about being lost in the negativity during the release – it doesn’t mean you are regressing in your awareness, it just means that the release was intense, and its a good thing.

    2. Stella

      Your description could have been about me, these past few days!
      I received a letter on Friday- its a long story, connected to a legal case – which has been very difficult to cope with – and extremely emotional.
      I was so sad when I read this letter, then furious , all manner of negative thoughts almost totally overwhelmed me – I was lost in the pull of my thoughts. When I read you had difficulty sleeping , that was so me, my mind was like a runaway train. But,now, I am just allowing all these thoughts to be there- I too am doing better than I was. Just wanted to say I`m certain we will find this gets easier as the momentum looses its grip.
      Take care.

  11. Rah

    You wrote:

    “You can have the best of both worlds if you consciously learn to relax, by letting go of the need for “active thinking” and allow yourself access to insights from your inner being.”

    When you say “best of both worlds” what exactly are you referring to?

    1. Sen Post author

      Rah, “both worlds” implies the physical realm and the non-physical realm, basically your “being” (non-physical) and your “mind” (physical) nature get in touch with each other when you stay in a space allowing

  12. Dashawn

    Hi Sen, wonderful article. When you refer to
    awareness vs. active thinking, is awareness like a
    silent stillness. Because there are moments when I
    consciously aware of why I acted the way I did
    toward a particular situation. For example if someone
    makes a negative comment about me I usually feel
    deeply hurt and embarrassed and angry. But when it’s
    all said and done I look back on that situation, and realize
    I felt that way because of negative feelings inside, not because
    of what they said, I get this real good feeling inside. It’s.
    a light feeling. Sometimes it’s peacfull and happiness. I
    get this feeling everytime I’m aware of something about
    myself. Is that what awareness feels like.

    1. Sen Post author

      Dashawn, that’s right, that’s how it feels like during the initial growth of awareness. Of course,with time even this sense of finding happiness by seeing through the deluded thinking starts feeling ordinary in that you just become “naturally rooted” in this sense of unwavering stability.

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