Align With Your Highest Ideal

Posted on by Sen.

At the root of all desires is the desire to live your highest ideal. The ideal image that you have for yourself, that you want to express and experience, is the highest ideal that you wish to manifest in your living reality. You will notice that every time you deter from this ideal, it never feels good to your being. If you are always aligned with your ideal self, in thoughts and actions, you will never feel conflicted within yourself. It’s only when you end up dwelling on thoughts, or taking action, that are in conflict with your highest ideal that you feel a sense of conflict within you.

Fear prevents us from living our highest ideal

The only reason why a human being ever decides to live below his/her “ideal image” is because of limiting thoughts (fear based thoughts) created from a place of ignorance of your true nature and your true power. When you fully realize the power of your being, you will no longer succumb to living below your highest ideal. You are a powerful creator, and you can create any reality you wish to experience, by your belief in its manifestation. When you have such a power, there is no excuse for you to ever stoop below the highest ideal you can imagine for yourself.

A lot of people feel a lack of dignity in their lives because they feel they have to live below their ideal in order to “eek out a living” or to survive in some way. As long as you don’t live your ideal, it’s not possible for you to feel dignified in your being. Your dignity is deeply embedded with the image you hold of the highest ideal you should be living. When your actions/thoughts are not aligned with this highest ideal, you feel a lack of dignity in yourself. Some people, unfortunately, decide to give up their highest ideal in a bid to please others or to meet someone else’s expectations – the only reason they do this is because they feel that they need to “struggle”, and do things they don’t like doing, in order to make it through life. As long as you believe in this lack based thought, it’s not possible to ever align with your highest ideal and hence it will cause you to lead a conflicted life.

You are not here to live a mediocre life

When you don’t live your highest ideal, you are living a “mediocre” life at best. A lot of people have resigned themselves to living a mediocre life because of their strong belief in lack-based thoughts of the mind. They feel “defeated” by life, and give up to their circumstances because they find it very tough to align their thoughts, with their desires, in the midst of the negativity of their reality. May be you are living a highly negative reality, where you feel caged and trapped presently, but now that you are realizing the truth of your nature (of your power as a creator), there is no excuse to accept defeat or to give up on your dreams/desires, on your highest ideal.

The thoughts that you give attention to will shape your reality, and this is your power. But if you choose to focus on limiting/negative thoughts then this same power can become your biggest bane because this attention will cause the attraction of a limiting reality. People who have overcome the most trying circumstances, to live the life of their highest ideal, are the ones who developed the strength of focusing thoughts, developing a conviction in the well-being of life and making a commitment to staying aligned with their highest ideal. Your reality starts with your mind, it’s always inside-out, it’s always about what’s going on “inside” you rather than what’s going on outside you. Stop giving attention to limiting thoughts, no matter how enticing their invitation may be, and make a commitment to stay true to your highest ideal – life will always work for you, when you stay resolved to never defend negativity.