A Confident Mind

Posted on by Sen.

A byproduct of understanding the truth of life is that you acquire a confident mind. This confidence arises from the fact that your mind realizes its connection with life and understands that the movement of life-stream is in the direction of manifesting its well-being. You no longer feel isolated because you can sense that you have the backing of a powerful force of well-being in the form of your life-stream. You recognize that your desired realities will be brought to fruition in most benevolent manner through the intelligence of your life-stream, this is no longer a “blind faith” but a very scientific understanding in your mind. The mind feels aligned with an unshakeable confidence when it senses this “support” from life.

A mind that becomes conscious of its privilege of being a co-creator with life, is aligned with its true potential. The true potential of a mind is to create a “vision” for a desired reality, this vision is taken up by the wholeness of life and there is a movement towards its manifestation in the context of totality. The mind is a visionary, life is its manager – the required ideas, actions, resources and maturity, required for the fulfillment of this vision is automatically generated by the intelligence of your life-stream when you are no longer resisting it.

Be loving towards your mind

This pointer is for the being that you are, focused on this body – be loving towards your mind. Don’t think of it as your enemy, it’s not. Your mind is a state of art creation of life that has the required design to be a co-creator with the totality of life energy. Don’t stand in opposition to your mind’s desires or visions, let it run free. Let the imaginations of your mind run free, don’t suppress it with your fears. If the mind gets fearful, be the force that’s providing “assurance” to the mind through your steadiness, or relaxed awareness, instead of being taken in by its fears and thus fueling its fears with your belief.

The mind has the right to fear

A confident mind has far less fears than a mind that’s not aligned with the understanding of the support it has from life. But even the most confident mind will be susceptible to fears now and then, because by its very design the mind is a survival machine that looks out for fear. Understand this nature of your mind and be a space that’s allowing of its fears instead of trying to shut it up every time it has a fearful thought. When you are allowing of its fears, you become an open channel that allows the intelligence of the wholeness of life to touch your mind and bring forth insights/evidence that gives comfort to the mind. Don’t be angry with your mind for being fearful, accept it as it is just as you would accept a child in all its innocence.

Accept the limitations of your mind

A mind gains confidence in acceptance. When you are constantly putting down your mind or criticizing your mind for its limitations you end up with a very insecure mind that feels “inferior” about itself. Your mind has a natural make-up that includes limitations on its mechanical intelligence, skill sets, talents, aptitude and processing capacities. Don’t compare your mind with others, each mind is unique in its make-up and is here to serve a unique expression/experience of life. So “comparing” yourself with others is a totally irrelevant and skewed thought process. Accept your mind as it is, and align with its natural make-up instead of beating it up to do things it does not have the aptitude or proclivity towards. Your mind is not lesser to any other mind because life is fully in love with each of its creation without any discrimination, and the unique desires of your mind are taken in consistently by your life stream.

The mind’s job is to create a vision

Remember that the real job/potential of your mind is to create vision of its desired reality and all minds are well designed to do this. Your mind’s job is not to figure out “how” it’s going to manifest the desired reality, but rather to stay allowing of life’s intelligence to orchestrate the required events to bring forth the manifestation. The required ideas and actions will be originated in you in a place of inspiration from the intelligence of your life stream. Don’t force your mind to figure out how to manifest a reality, because the mind in its limited intelligence and conditioning does not have the “bigger picture” to know what’s the best path to take for the manifestation of a certain vision.

When you allow your mind to stand true to its potential of being a visionary, it will do a great job of it and feel extremely confident in the knowing that it does not have to sit and figure out the details of how to manifest the vision. The intelligence of your life stream has the big picture, it knows the most harmonious path to the manifestation of your mind’s desired reality, it will generate the right ideas/actions in you at the right time, and create synchronicities that will lead to an effortless manifestation.

You are not here to suffer but to enjoy

The toughest truth for a human being to understand is that his/her existence here is not a “test” of endurance, it’s not a battle field of challenges, it’s not about fighting it out, it’s not about struggle or wading through suffering – it’s about enjoying the experience of physicality aligned with the powerful force of well-being inherent to your life stream. All suffering is created out of an unconscious resistance to your life force, and it can’t be helped because physicality can induce unconsciousness in your being as it tends to get totally lost in the mind’s fears. Let go of your past negativity that you went through out of unconsciousness, stop ruminating on them and stop being obsessed about unconscious behaviors of other humans. Once you truly realize your truth, you realize that you did not come here to endure suffering but to participate in the enjoyment of physicality and be a co-creator with life.

Deep down we all know that life is not about suffering, this what allows for a light of hope to be present in us no matter how tough the situation we might be in. Of course some humans become hopeless when they become totally identified with mind’s fears, a deeply unconscious state of being which disconnects you completely from the wisdom inherent to your being – even in such a place if you just let go, your life will start sorting out automatically, some people let go by killing the body instead of letting go of their identification with the mind’s fears. The fact that a limiting thought makes you feel bad is a clear indication that it’s not in alignment with your life stream, which is a proof that your life stream is moving in the direction of abundance not limitation. All suffering arises from resistance to your life-stream in your unconsciousness, when you wake up to your truth it’s an invitation to live a life of confidence because you are now aligned with the force that has created worlds, the force of your life stream.