Your Body Is a Machine Designed for Physicality

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The body is made up of skin, flesh and bones just as the tree outside your house is made up of wood and foliage, just as the mountain is made up of stone. There is essentially no difference between any object that you see around you and your body – in that all are physical manifestations made out of the same core life energy operating in the same “one” space of energy, except that the “textural” make-up is different on the surface for each form.

Scientifically, we say that living objects are structurally made out of “cells” while non-living objects are made out of “atoms”. What makes a cell different from an atom is the aspect of an “operational intelligence” present in it owing to the presence of some “programmed” elements (like chromosomes, with DNA, in human cells) inside it. These programmed elements are no different from “micro chips” that are put in your computer or into a robot. It’s scientifically proven that a DNA helix contains several codes of information programmed in it. Understanding this gives you a pointer towards the inherent “mechanical intelligence” present in cells that guide its operation and make it appear as if its “alive”. However, a stone made out of atoms is just as alive except that it does not have any operational intelligence encoded in it and is basically just a structural composition of atoms kept in place through the intentionality in life energy.

The cells of the body are individual points of desire

Each cell in your body has the capacity to desire out of its operation intelligence. It desires nutrition, structural development and cleaning up of toxins (or structural repair) on daily basis as long as it lives. The cells that make up organs (like skin, lungs, kidney, brain, heart) work as a community, to not only take care of their individual needs, but to harmonize the functioning of the whole community of cells that form the organ. Also cells that make up blood are circulated around the body to take care of needs of cells that make up organs. This is just a higher level overview of the complex operations that take place in the body to keep it “operational”.

The cells of the body constantly seek/desire “wellness” and their whole movement is towards bringing a state of functional harmony in the body as a whole unit. The programming present in the cells takes care of its operation and its life span. Left of its own, the cells are well capable to bringing a harmony into their operation, and repairing themselves internally, because they are directly connected to intelligence of the space of energy (the wholeness of life) that created them – their desire for wellness is manifested physically through movement of their life stream (each cells has its own life stream). So in simple words, cells are like programmed machines, created out of life energy, that have the capacity to desire as a part of their operation and these desires are vibrationally taken up by life energy which bring manifestation to it.

The role of the brain/heart in the body

The two vital organs that co-ordinate the operational intelligence in the human body are the “brain” and the “heart”. Both these organs are designed to have “survival” mechanical intelligence for operation in the physical realm; in case you didn’t know your heart has its own memory and programming just like your brain. The brain is made up of a neural network, which has some hard wired natural conditioning, and also the capacity to get “programmed” on the go, as it gets feedback from the outside world (external conditioning) – but the brain can only get programmed when the conditioning is “allowed”/accepted/believed by you as the awareness focused in this body. The brain also lodges data into memory based on its survival intelligence and the “personal” interest you bestow on certain events or learning.

What’s important is to realize that every human brain has unique “natural conditioning” present in it, like a “hard wired” pre-programming that defines its make-up and this make-up remains the same till death. It’s not possible to ever change the hard-wired pre-programming in a brain – this is what I call the natural make-up of your brain. The intention in life energy (to experience/express itself in a certain way) that lead to the birth of your body, is what defines the programming in your body as a whole (at cell level, also sometimes called “genetics”) and also the hard wired programming in your brain. This natural programming defines the “limitations” and the make-up (including natural proclivities) of your body and your brain. So the whole unit, with the hardware made out of cells, and the software made out of programmed elements in the cells and neural network of the brain, makes up the physical body – this whole creation is instigated by the intention in life energy to experience/express itself uniquely as this creation.

The human body, that you are focused in, is one of kind, unique creation of life because there is no “redundancy” in creation and every creation comes from a unique intentionality in the life energy that you are.

What is your role in the body?

You are essentially a stream of awareness (life energy) focused in this body, and you are basically a part of the whole space of life energy – there is no separation. This body itself took form under the intentionality in you as the life energy or stream of consciousness that wanted to experience/express into the physical realm in a certain way. You are part of the human consciousness and a stream of your consciousness is specifically focused on this body. In case you find this explanation too confusing, just imagine that you are a space of life (aware energy) focused on this body and you are connected to the wholeness of life without any separation. So there is the focus on “physical” and the connection with the space of non-physical life energy.

Some characteristics of the aware energy that you are is as below

– Your natural vibration is akin to joy (what I call pure positive)

– Your are a sensitive being by your very nature

– Your attention activates a force of attraction, hence any thought you give attention to starts gaining force and thus starts attracting onto itself, condensing or growing denser (depending on the duration and intensity of attention). A condensed thought attracts an external reality that reflects its vibration.

– Since you are part of the wholeness of life energy, which is vibrating as pure positive, you are connected to the intelligence of totality and the desires emanating from your being (through the brain, heart and your perception) are taken up in the wholeness of life energy (which gives “attention” to these thoughts). This attention of life energy, to the desires in your being, creates a stream of energy towards the manifestation of these desires in a cumulative manner in sync with the wisdom of the totality. This is what creates the pull of your life stream, within you. Remember that your desires are mixed with the context of the “reality” of physical life in its totality while bring its manifestation. Your desires can’t manifest out of the context of the physical life/environment that you are born into.

– You can change your vibration to “lower” levels depending on the thoughts you focus on. When you believe in thoughts of fear/hatred you automatically take on a lower vibration than your natural vibration of joy/love. When you are at a lower vibration, you lose sync with the wholeness of life (or your larger body) and this disconnection is felt as resistance in you, which you call suffering. This resistance also causes you to oppose the natural pull of your life stream causing a delay in your desired realities.

Your focus in this body, makes you a cohesive unit along with the mechanical intelligence of the body. You have to “live” with the limitations and make-up of the body, and you would need to allow the manifestation of the desired realities, that your brain/heart comes up with, so that you are not in resistance to the movement of life that gets created out of these desires. When you resist the natural movement of your body, out of identification with fear/negativity, you end up feeling the physical discomfort that’s created through the beating up of the pull of your life stream against the body.

The brain, being a survival machine, will generate thoughts of fear, it will also have “discriminating” thoughts through its preferences, likes, dislikes, drives and proclivities. The brain will generate negative thoughts, rooted in fear, because of its very design to focus on problems in a bid to solve them in order to survive and thrive in life. There is no problems with these thoughts as they are “necessary” aspect of survival, and aspect of the creation/expression your brain was meant to serve. If you just allow them to move through your space, it will be handled by the intelligence of the wholeness of your life energy, and required solutions/understandings/ideas will be brought into place from this place of intelligence.

It’s only when you take on the fears of the brain and reinforce it with your “attention”, out of your sensitive nature, that you create a momentum of resistance in your being – not only depriving the flow of wellness into your body but also delay the manifestation of the solutions (desired realities) that’s required by your brain to bring itself into a reality where it can “thrive” in a better way. The brain will always be in the mode to look for new experience through moving to new or forward realities – it does so by its very programming or design, you can never stop the brain from desiring new realities/experiences.

Your job is to be “allowing” of the body’s operational movement and basically enjoy the journey of physicality resting in your wholeness. The body is a vehicle for your journey of experience and expression, and this vehicle is well-aided by the intelligence/creative-power of the wholeness of life energy, you are here, in your focus on this physical body, to enjoy the unfolding of this experience – but when you are lost in identification with fears, owing to your sensitivity, forgetting who you really are, you end up having a negative experience of this journey. This physical expression is a perfect setup for “experiencing” life, and you will be deeply appreciative of the immense intelligence running this setup when you rest in your true position.

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  1. vinod arora

    Wonderful, it is true true to say that your well being lies in physical being . walking of 5 kilometers will give you more positive aspect than meditating for one hour. Now a days i am down but your articles are perfect but how to practice them is really hard.

    1. Sen Post author

      There is nothing you need to practice through forced effort, you just need to stop identifying with the negative momentum within you, so that it can lose its influence on your vibration. what’s essential is to become an open channel to allowing life’s wisdom to work in conjunction with your mind. The more relaxed you are the more open you are to allowing the well-being of your life stream to operate in you. All the required inspirations, insights and ideas you need, to bring solutions into your reality, will come from this place.

  2. a

    So to be born with a severe disability for example is a product of the intentions of the life energy?

    1. Sen Post author

      A deeper observation would reveal that the label/notion of “disability” by itself is created out of “comparison” with what your mind’s definition/assumption is of “fully able”. When you look at your surroundings, and see diversity in forms and abilities, it’s normal for the mind to create comparisons and come to some very narrow perceptions based on relative labeling. For example, we label someone as ugly based on a comparison with what we’ve seen as beauty, but there is no such thing as a “standard of beauty” defined by life as a whole – all standards/comparisons are mind made and totally “relative”. From the perspective of life, a form is an unique expression, while from the perspective of a mind, rooted in relative thinking, a form is given several labels/judgments based on comparisons with other forms. We are constantly labeling things are beautiful, ugly, good, bad, perfect, imperfect, talented, talent-less, important, unimportant, big, small etc, there is nothing wrong with such relative thinking made out of comparison as long as you also have the maturity to have a sense of “absolute” perspective. From the absolute perspective of life, a form is just an expression and nothing is bigger or smaller, it’s all the same. Everything affords a certain expression, a certain experience and a certain growth/awareness. Everything has a value from the absolute perspective of life. It’s only a mind that’s rooted in comparative discrimination and judgments.

      What your mind terms as “disability” is not how life looks at that form, the form is whole from life’s perspective because it allows a certain expression of life. Also, a person with a “disability” (as per human standards) does not have lesser access to his/her natural vibration of joy/love. It’s not the disability that disallows joy, it’s the negativity your mind associates with it usually out of the judgments/non-acceptance given to it from the outside and from its own “comparative” thinking. When one is aligned with one’s true nature as the wholeness of life, and brings an alignment with their physical form and natural make-up, one always experiences a positive life and bring forth their natural expression, irrespective of any relative disabilities/limitations one has.

  3. Tai

    “in case you didn’t know, your heart has its own pre programming”

    I am very interested in this comment. You have mentioned it a few times throughout your posts and I don’t feel I have a complete understanding of this yet. Please elaborate.
    Thank you deeply for your thoughts. 🙂

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