Understanding Life

Life-energy in expression/movement is what I call Life. The whole deal of life is about life-energy exploring itself, experiencing itself and expressing itself. Life-energy does have a certain nature which you can sense in your own mind/thinking-space (after all, every mind is made in the image of the mind of life-energy) – some specifics of the nature of life-energy are as below

– The desire for growth is an inherent nature of life-energy, and you can see this in yourself. You can’t ever reach a “static” place; you will always desire the next thing.

– Love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality, are the six modes of thinking available in life-energy. As a being, one can become imbalanced towards any of these modes of thinking, and an imbalance in one mode affects all the others modes of thinking in an equally imbalanced manner. The state of wholeness is the natural state of life-energy, where all the modes of thinking are in a state of homogenous balance – just like the white color is obtained when you mix the 7 colors of the rainbow in a balance; the white color contains all these 7 colors but you can’t see them separately rather they just lend their flavor to the balance.

– In the state of wholeness there are no polarities, however, creation (of any form) requires the presence of polarities, because “creation” is movement and movement requires “attraction”, and attraction requires polarities. When life-energy moves into creation, it has to move into polarities (light and dark, yin and yang, separate out). When you reach a state of wholeness yourself, you will see this contradiction at play, where you consciously choose to enter into polarities for the sake of creation – so you can be in touch with your sense of wholeness while also entertaining the play of polarities in your external reality. In fact, without creation (or without experiencing polarities) you can’t consciously know what wholeness really is.

– The mind of a living being is created in the image of the mind of life-energy. In that sense, every living being is life-energy/God-consciousness experiencing life in that form – there is no higher or lower in that sense, every imbalance is life-energy (as a being) in imbalance, and every balance is life-energy in the natural-state. The non-living aspects of creation (which don’t have a specific mind), like water, fire, chemicals, are still life-energy created from the mind/intention of life-energy. Living beings are also creations but with the ability to have our own mind and thus be co-creators.

One of the most important realizations is to understand that your mind is made in the image of God’s mind (the mind of life-energy). Once you bring a balance to the light and dark nature polarities in you, you will sense the wholeness that’s natural to life-energy/God-consciousness. It’s not something that’s reserved for some few “enlightened masters”, it’s totally available to everyone, we are all the same life-energy and have equal access to our natural state of wholeness – it’s just that most of us don’t realize the aspect of bringing an inner balance as we are either unconsciously imbalanced towards some specific mode thinking or afraid of incorporating a mode of thinking that’s required for balance. Without a balance in your thinking/mind, there can’t be a balance in your being/body – finding inner wholeness does require “understanding” but ultimately you reach a point where you don’t need to hold on to any understanding (regarding finding wholeness) because you sense wholeness to be your natural state.

In this post, I would like to summarize some vital understandings, that come from a place of inner wholeness. You can just use the below “understandings” as pointers for you to contemplate and possibly see through some mis-understandings you may have about life – the more aligned your understanding about life the easier it is for you to find inner wholeness, after which you can express from this inner wholeness into creation (which involves an involvement in polarity).

Imbalance is not a mistake – Most people waste a good amount of their energy complaining/criticizing/crying/worrying about the imbalance they see in the world outside, and see all of it as a big mistake. Of course, imbalance creates suffering, it can’t be helped, but the pain of the suffering is usually the catalyst towards finding freedom from the imbalance and thus consciously evolving towards balance/wholeness. The key pointer is to know wholeness “consciously”. The natural-state of life-energy is wholeness – when wholeness is all that you know, how do you know what wholeness is? For example, if you were born into paradise, and have only known paradise, how would you really know what paradise is? You have nothing to compare it with and hence you can’t really know it. You can only really know something in comparison. For wholeness to know itself, there has to be a movement into imbalance and then back to wholeness – you would have read parables about how a person leaves home in search of happiness only to find it when he returns home, it was always at home but he had to leave home to know that it was always at home. This “leaving home” is not a mistake, it’s a required journey, in order to return back and know home for what it is.

Be deeply sensitive to the imbalance outside you (and inside you), but don’t see it as some mistake of life, rather just see it as a part of something that’s needed for your evolution, and evolution of all living beings, towards finding conscious wholeness. As long as you think that “imbalance” is a mistake of life, you will keep fearing it, grieving it, criticizing it, without ever allowing the growth, in your awareness, that it’s instigating. Even after you do find your inner wholeness, you will still move into creation, and creation always involves some polarity (sensing light and dark), but the polarities can operate in balance without going into stark imbalances. What you call as “negative” has to be seen in a different light – see it as a catalyst for growth, for deeper awareness, for deeper balance. This attitude of growth is what’s aligned with the nature of life, you will see how much support you get from the universe when you connect with this attitude.

Creation always involves the experience of contrast – There is no creation without contrast/polarity. Take any creation and you will see the contrast it creates. Of course, to sense contrast is a “perception” but we cannot help but have this perception simply because the very nature of our mind (or mind of life-energy) is to desire growth, and hence we are bound to see the contrast in everything that’s created. It’s delusional to imagine that you will end up in some static reality, at some point, where you would just “be” without requiring any further movement/growth or creation. Of course, once you are creating from a place of inner wholeness, you will no longer be creating strong contrasts (strong imbalances) in your reality – in other words, creation that comes from a place of inner wholeness will have a balanced interplay of light and dark, no component goes into a strong imbalance. But, in any case, every creation involves an interplay between light and dark, the only problem is when one of the components goes into imbalance, which is when there develops “resistance” to the natural state of balance, which is what causes suffering.

Any creation that comes from a place of balance is easy to maintain and is also easy to dissolve (painless dissolution). You can see why it’s easy to sustain the creation of the cosmos, for billions of years, it’s because the cosmos came from the mind of life-energy in its natural state of wholeness – the cosmos has an interplay of light and dark, but the interplay is smooth and balanced. Human beings, on the other hand, can create some very imbalanced realities when their mind is rooted in imbalance, when they are not in touch with their natural state of inner wholeness. Such imbalanced realities result in suffering, because they are not only difficult to maintain (requiring a constant struggle/strife) but they cause as much pain during their dissolution (think about a painful breakup of a dysfunctional relationship). Inner wholeness is the foundation to create balanced realities, while the suffering created by imbalanced realities is always a wake-up call towards inner wholeness – so eventually everything will fall in place, that’s why I always maintain that balance is inevitable.

Seeking a “perfect” reality is a delusion. The only thing that’s perfect is the natural state of inner wholeness, this is “unwavering”. However, the very act of creation requires polarities – so even when you create from a place of wholeness you still need to create into polarities of light and dark, and due to your nature of growth, you can’t stop creating. It’s just that from a place of inner wholeness your creation does not have any strong imbalances, rather it feels like a smooth interplay between light and dark polarities – in any case, there is no such thing as a perfect reality, there will always be a contrast in your reality. Letting go of the delusion of seeking a perfect reality allows you to be more in sync with the truth of life.

Duality is the reality of life – As I mentioned earlier, life is a movement created by life-energy to experience/express/grow. The very creation of this movement required the polarization into light and dark, which is the start of “duality”. Experience is not possible without duality, growth is not possibly without duality, hence duality is a requirement for life-energy. Separation is not an illusion, it’s a fact of life; not only are physical entities/objects separate, but also non-physical entities/consciousness are separate in terms of thinking – for example, there are light-natured beings, dark-natured beings and wholeness-based beings in non-physical realm as much as in the physical realm. The only place where you can sense “oneness” is in yourself (your self/being), in your inner wholeness, which is devoid of separation, it’s a perfect balance of light and dark. Beyond that, everything you see outside (including thoughts and emotions) will always be based in duality/separation – though everything is essentially made of the same life-energy.

One has to drop this whole notion of trying to “love” everything – that’s the biggest delusion one can buy into. You can’t love everyone/everything, it’s just not possible. Of course, it’s possible to “allow” everything/everyone to be, while using your wisdom to ensure that you are not exploited/victimized along the way – you will notice how people who try to be selfless are usually the ones who always get victimized. Being very selfless is not a virtue, one has to be selfish towards one’s self-preservation/self-interest while also ensuring the well-being of the outside (understandably the well-being of the “outside” is important to your own well-being) – a cell in the body needs to take care of its own well-being, and also look after the well-being of the body, a highly “selfless” cell would become weak due to lack of nutrition while a brutally selfish cell ends up becoming cancerous. It’s all about a balance. One must understand that selfishness is a nature in life-energy, after all, the very act of creation comes from the selfish desire to experience/express/grow – if you are not going to align with your self-interest no-one will.

People who expect some form of “utopia” to come into existence, some day, where there will be total selflessness, are simply not in sync with the nature of life-energy. Total selflessness will never be a stable reality, because that will be an imbalance in light-nature and hence can’t be sustained for long before it crumbles. A balance of selfishness and selflessness is what allows for a wholesome reality per se.

Reality is ordinary – The sense of extra-ordinariness always comes from “fantasy”, this is because fantasy happens in imagination, and there are no limits to imagination. Reality has limitations, for example, reality is subject to change/time, and is temporary, whereas in your fantasy you can hold a moment in a timeless manner and hence have a sense of extra-ordinariness about it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good fantasy, in your mind, but to mix fantasy with reality can become a problem as it leads to deluded expectations. Of course, it can be said that “ordinariness” or “extra-ordinariness” is just a perception, and that one can see extra-ordinariness in everything if one wants to, but the truth is that the more aware you get the more you see the ordinariness in everything, there are no two ways to it, you can no longer delude yourself about the dark nature aspects along with seeing the light nature aspects. When I say reality is ordinary, I don’t mean it in a negative way – I like the reality of life as it is, with all its limitations, it’s just that I don’t feel dreamy-eyed about any reality as I used to when I had a lot of investment in deluded thinking.

Suffering always points to imbalance or delusion – Resistance to the reality of life leads to suffering, resistance to balance also leads to suffering. Suffering is not a necessity in life, it’s just a possibility that exists. Deluded thinking leads to suffering because it causes you to disconnect from reality of life – to be disconnected with reality is to set yourself up for a let down or a shock, which then leads to suffering. Also, a state of imbalance, either towards light nature or dark nature, causes suffering. The only way to come out of the cycle of suffering is through an aware choice of no longer identifying with negativity and working towards connecting with your own inner power to overcome the pressure of your circumstances.

Reality has its dark nature – loss, change, death, limitations, uncertainty – it’s a part of life’s movement, but the existence of dark nature does not imply suffering neither is it a “negative” (until there is an imbalance). One has to develop the openness to allow this part of reality without becoming afraid of it or over-identifying with it. Several spiritual teachings talk about “detachment” and it’s usually just a pointer towards developing this openness in your being – only with this openness do you have the freedom to be truly intimate with life, else you will always fear intimacy out of the fear of the pain of loss or rejection. There is also another popular pointer in spirituality – “to be in this world but not of it” – which basically is another way of pointing to the need for an openness in your being to be able to let go whenever needed. Relationships usually are the platform in which we are most tested with respect to how open we are; the dysfunction of being over-possessive, a strong sense of neediness and the pain of loss in a relationship are always indicative of the lack of openness within.

You can live your life without suffering. The truth is that suffering arises from a certain way of thinking that creates resistance to the natural state of life. Of course, “no suffering” does not imply living in a state of permanent bliss, rather it implies a state where you are open to facets of life, the light and dark, and hence have no resistance within you.

Focus on your journey not on comparisons – You can use comparison as a way to determine if there are any growth aspects that you would like to work on (aspiring towards certain qualities you see in others can be a means to allow personal growth), but don’t compare yourself with others in terms of “he/she is better off than me, life is so unfair”. Life is not unfair, it’s just that we all have our individual journeys and different beings are having different experiences/expression in their specific journeys. Rest assured, that as a being, you will go through the whole range of experiences available, through the mode of reincarnation, mostly because experience is the very reason why life-energy moves into living/creation. Focus on your current journey from the perspective of taking in the experiences that it affords, and the growth aspects that it allows, instead of thinking that you’ve been meted out unfair circumstances – this is not your only lifetime, there have been several before and there will be many afterwards, just use this lifetime the way you deem best for yourself – experiment, explore, express and experience with your current physicality, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you can do with what you do have. You, in your current physicality, have a place in this world/totality and you are a unique expression of life, you have the choice to make the best of it – your attitude is your choice.

The truth is that no-one is better off than the rest, no-one has “made it” – everyone is on a journey, an eternal journey, as a being. This journey has no endpoint, because growth never stops for life-energy. You are at a certain point in your journey, as a being, and this point is personal to you, its challenges are personal to you, and this journey is personal to you – each of us is on an individual journey and only you can ever meet yourself 100%, no-one else can.


  1. Wynone

    THIS is a splendid article, Sen. Thank you!

  2. sankar


    I have a question on the following 2 statements of yours

    1. “for example, there are light-natured beings, dark-natured beings and wholeness-based beings in non-physical realm as much as in the physical realm.”

    I thought the non physical (which is labeled as “being” or “consciousness”) is the unconditioned space of peace/intelligence that was always whole. Based on your writings, it is my understanding that it is this non physical space that touches and heals the imbalances caused by the mind in the physical realm? based on this how can there be imbalanced beings (light or dark) in the non physical realm?

    2. “Separation is not an illusion, it’s a fact of life”.
    In one of your earlier writings you say that the main delusion of the ego is one of “seperation”.

    Obviously I am missing something here. Can you please clarify?

    1. Sen Post author

      Sankar, the term “human being” refers to a human part and being part, the human part is the physical body and the “being part” is the non-physical part (or soul) focused on the body, experiencing through the body. This “being” aspect of you carries on existing even after the body dies, and this being part of you is what enters into re-incarnations, evolving with each incarnation – the journey is for this soul aspect of you to experience and evolve. In some literatures this being part of you is called the soul, some call it the “spiritual body”, some call the “ethereal body” – the labels don’t matter as long you get the pointer about the presence of this non-physical aspect of you. “Beings” enter into an imbalance through their thinking which is impacted by their focus on physicality, in fact there is also perspective that during creation two polarities of beings were created – the light-natured and the dark-natured, both being imbalanced towards their one nature. The journey for the beings is to find a conscious balance again by integrating the nature that they are imbalanced towards. When they integrate this balance they reach wholeness, and become wholeness-based beings – this is the evolved state for a being.

      Separation is a fact of life, but so is oneness – as I’ve mentioned in the post, there is separation among the existent beings but we are all made of the same life-energy, and hence are actually one. When one is not aware of this inherent oneness and looks towards life purely from the perspective of separation, one is bound to feel hostile or fearful. This perspective of separation without the understanding of the underlying oneness is a core delusion of the egoic imbalance. Separation is not an illusion, it’s a fact, at the same time oneness is also a fact – life is simply the expression of the “one” into duality/separation.

  3. AS

    Sen, this article is amazing amazing. Thank you so much!

  4. nurgis

    Sen I wonder if you can explain?? I have been stuck in a needy, dissappointment cycle for almost 3 years now regarding a relationship. My behavior and feelings were different in this relationship than any other that I have had and it did and does have an incredible affect on me. I never really felt that great in the relationship, I felt needy and unsecure the whole time. The relationship ended a year ago but I can´t seem to get out of the cicle of feeling sad and disappointed and stuck thinking about it all the time. Please advice!!!

    1. Sen Post author

      Nurgis, certain patterns of thinking become a habit in your brain, and then the thinking keeps happening out of habit. In your case, it’s possible that you’ve habituated yourself towards thoughts of disappointment, sadness and insecurity, along with the habit of thinking about your ex-relationship – it’s simply a habit running on past momentum, though it may feel very real when its happening in your mind. What’s needed is to consciously let go of identifying with these patters for a while, allowing their momentum to ebb away in force – this is something you will have to commit to doing as a conscious choice. There will be strong pull from the mind towards the old patterns of thinking, but you will have to use your awareness to let go of identifying with these patterns – remember that its happening as per a habit, and if you keep identifying with it you will keep re-fueling its presence. When these thoughts arise, just be aware (observe their presence in the mind) and let go of connecting with them – this is what the state of allowing refers to, the openness to allow the thoughts but without identifying with them. Without your identification the thoughts will keep losing momentum, until they lose their hold on you completely. It’s a process, it will take some time, and you will have to commit yourself to it.

  5. Mehari

    Dear Sen,

    It has been about a year since I started to follow your blog ” Calm Down Mind”. Fortunately, I found almost all posts very helpful and enjoyable with a strong positive life changing impact. By the way, I wonder if I can get your books in market, if any. Thank you!

  6. Jo


    Wonderful article. Please may I just ask, since we are eternal, are there points where we come from non-physical to physical with a strong awareness of what came previously and can therefore use that in our ‘new’ physical consciousness? Are there things we can do during this physical reality that will impact on our ‘next’ physical reality?
    If we come to a place of understanding during this lifetime, will and how will that impact on our next ‘lifetime’?

    Thank you Sen

    1. Markus

      Jo, it seems that if you balance the energy of something in your being, that will still be present in your next body, too. Even if you have no mental memory of how it came to be, the balance you create now will be reflected in not having to face those problems again. If you leave this body with some imbalance, that will show up next time as a challenge. So in a way, everything you do will impact your next physical reality.

      (I am curious to see what Sen replies. This is something I’ve pondered and your question caught my eye.)

    2. Sen Post author

      Jo, everything that ever happens to you (as the being) has an imprint on your consciousness (its captured as a thought). It’s just that your consciousness exists on many levels, and you can’t have access to the deeper levels of your consciousness when you are focused on a physical plane (since physical plane exists on lower densities or lower vibration, by lower I don’t mean “negative” I just mean lower in terms of frequency). When you are not focused on a physical body (like during your sleep or after the death of your body) your focus returns to the non-physical realm where you have access to the whole of your consciousness, and all its memories/imprints (of all the lifetimes you’ve lived in general), which of course also contain the imprints of your current life-time.

      Also the growth in your understanding/awareness, as a being, is retained, and not lost – this is why evolution is always a forward movement. By “understanding” I am also referring to your conscious understanding of balance and imbalance – a being who is deeply aware of the equation of balance (of light and dark) is more evolved in awareness than a being who is still lost towards an imbalance towards light/dark nature. How you choose your next lifetime to be depends on your perspective when you are in the non-physical realm – your perspective is affected by your level of awareness/understanding about life and the information/memory available to you based on the imprints on your consciousness of all your past lifetimes. For example, a being with a lower level of awareness may unconsciously keep choosing to repeat a certain pattern (like a neediness for love or sex, or some form of hatred, staunch belief etc) and thus keep choosing (unconsciously) to repeat the same circumstances in a new form – this way there is no conscious choice, rather the being is purely pulled by the momentum of old patterns of thinking. A being with a higher level of awareness can choose to either delay incarnation for a while, and just work on the non-physical level, or choose to incarnate into physicality for a certain purpose (or certain experiences/expressions) as a real conscious choice. During a physical focus the being would not retain the thinking/perspective that was available on the non-physical (like the memories of all the life-times etc), but would retain the sense of balance, and the awareness, that one evolved into (without necessarily remembering the specifics of their past understanding, it’s like just knowing “instinctively” the balanced way to live).

      The physical realm will always be a lower density plane and when you are focused on the physical plane you can’t have “full” access to the whole of your consciousness (of course the higher your awareness the more access you have to your deeper consciousness). This is not a mistake, it’s for a reason, to ensure that you can live your current physicality, and have new growth, without being impacted by your past information. I use the term being/soul simply to refer to this part of you that’s involved in incarnations. Some people would say that “soul” has nothing to learn, it’s already whole – but what they are referring to is the over-soul (or source consciousness) which created the individual beings/souls as new streams of consciousness for the experience of their journey. The main pointer here is that you, as a being, do have the opportunity to learn/evolve from each life-time, and carry forward your evolution.

    3. Jo

      Thank you Sen, that makes so much sense to me and also explains why have an innate ‘knowing’.

  7. Markus

    Sen: “instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you can do with what you do have.”

    A good summary of creating one’s own reality, yes? If you focus on what is wrong, what lacks, and so on, you give energy/momentum to that which leaves you grumbling. Being grateful and doing your best, in turn, gives momentum to that for which we can be thankful.

    1. Jo

      Thank you Markus, for your above response, it was as I was hoping/thinking and I too am interested in Sen’s response

  8. nurgis

    Thanks for your response Sen, very helpful. I have gained quite a bit of understanding through my searches. I have realized that I do play with my mind and all this is self created drama to keep the momentum going. I know exactly what I need to do to change it all and you just re-enforced my thoughts.
    I just felt (feel) confused regarding seeing through deluded thinking pattern and the development of the ability to reason and see reality in an object manner. I know now that in a state of allowance, one is allowed to think and reason but I felt for a while that those elements did not fit in, but through more reading I get the point. I read your posts over and over because I feel that it re-enforces my understanding. In the beginning I thought the state of allowance was a state of “blank” sort of speak but it’s getting clearer.
    I find it amazing how one loss (which in itself really is not that significant) can change someone’s perspective of so many things and create a curiosity for “something” that was never there before. I guess what I want to say is that one small thing can lead to something so much bigger.
    I really enjoy your writing and it resonates with my way of thinking and it was liberating to find after a long search. Thank you!!!

  9. AS


    Is there a difference between ego and the selfish aspect of human nature/life energy, etc? and what is the purpose of the ego?


  10. Jo

    I have another query, not related to this post. I am going through the phase of ‘allowing’ after a long period of ‘unawareness’ and am feeling calmer and more able to deal with light/dark aspects of life. I’ve read many of your posts that state ‘clinging to a process’ is just your mind/ego in fear again so I have a question regarding routine and structure. Do you think it is okay to have goals such as I will do half an hours yoga, meditation, walking today, I will eat healthily etc and how do I know if they are coming from a positive place of progression or an ego based place of ‘I need to do these things in order to feel good about myself’?
    I feel more positive about myself now I have been in a place of allowing for a while but other than work I spend a lot of time….erm reading your blog actually and I don’t want to ‘cling’ to anything but do feel that it is helping me stay grounded at the moment. I am thinking that ‘Monday’ fresh start with regards to being ‘healthier’, more active etc but I don’t know whether this is coming from my old ego based thoughts of: I will be happy when… Or whether it is coming from a place of: now I feel good I want to ‘move’, ‘progress’.
    Thank you for your insight, it feels inline with who I am.

    1. Tibrahi


      Also, one last thing about the deal of clinging to a process. Its fine to use a process to gain understanding, or if you feel it resonates with you at the moment.

      What Sen is referring about clinging in terms of mind/ego being in fear again, is that it is looking for an understanding to feel secure and avoid possible pain (just like it can look for anything to do this, be an understanding, a relationship, activities, drugs).

      There are different ways/purposes of using a process/understaing. For example, one way is going through a process (such as reducing mind momentum or gaining an understanding about the light and dark natures of life) in order to start growing towards a conscious choice in the way you want to live your life.

      Then there is a way of clinging to a process/understanding, which involves trying to find an understanding or go through a process in order to feel safe (security), to avoid the pain of growing, to use to try and stay happy (saying “I will be fine as long as I understand this or figure out that”). If you ask Sen, he will say that he is never clinging to an understanding or knowing in order for a sense of security or happiness, because then it would be on “shaky grounds”.
      He mention this a little in his post http://www.calmdownmind.com/the-attitude-required-for-inner-freedom/.

      Hope this helps

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