Understanding Brainev (Brainwave Entrainment Technology)

Posted on by Sen.

I mentioned about a product called Brainev (short for Brain Evolution System), in the post Eliminating Anxiety, as an effective assistance to the phase of releasing past momentum and return of focus towards conscious living.

This product basically consists of 6 mp3s (labeled level-1 to level-6, each of 30 minutes duration), requiring you to listen to one mp3 per month till you reach level-6 mp3 during the sixth month.

I’ve been personally using it for the past 5 months (currently in the process of finishing the level-5 mp3 of this system) and I am very impressed by the effectiveness of their technological logic towards assisting in training the brain towards the state of balanced functioning.

This post focuses on discussing, and reviewing, the technology, and logic, used in Brainev to give an understanding of how it’s aligned with the state of allowing, designed to assist in the phase of release (releasing mental/emotional momentum) and the phase of return of focus towards a balanced functioning, as you approach level-6 mp3 by the sixth month of using this product.

My experience with this product

I was introduced to Brainev by a newsletter, that I was subscribed to, and I tried out the 15-minute free-demo mp3 (which is basically the first 15 minutes of the level-1 mp3) from their website.

In the past I had listened to some Bi-naurals and brainwave simulators like I-doser, so I was familiar with Brainwave simulation technologies per se, but listening to this 15-minute session created a very unique experience of deeper relaxation and heightened awareness in the brain.

This got me interested in the product and I delved into understanding the technology by going through their public forum and videos on their support page (where the chief developer Michael Kelly has explained the programming logic of each mp3, from level-1 to level-6, in separate videos).

I saw that the developer was very conversant with the aspects of awareness, and finding conscious balance, and the logic of their programming was very congruent with the natural movement of balance through the phase of release and the phase of return of focus. It’s designed along the logic of gradually training the brain towards finding the state of balance through the steady, and intelligent, changes in entrainment patterns from level-1 mp3 to level-6 mp3.

I purchased this product on the basis of this understanding and a resonance I felt towards it.

In my case, I started using this product when I was mostly done with the phase of release and I did not have much intensity left in the emotional/mental momentum (though listening to Brainev actually instigated some further deeper releases). I was mostly working on the phase of return of focus and I found this product to be of great assistance in this journey.

However, given the fact that using this product unearthed some deeper releases (especially level-2 and level-3 mp3s), I would say that if I had used this product before I would have gone through the phase of release at a much quicker pace. Basically, level-2 and level-3 are primarily targeted towards unearthing deep releases in you.

Level-1 is the foundation mp3 which trains your brain in the state of relaxed awareness, whereas level-4, level-5 and level-6 are programmed to train your brain towards finding balance, focus and aware functioning.

Over the couple of months I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about this product from the readers of this blog who are in the process of using it. I’ve also received some questions through e-mails, and in the comment section, about the product. I would like to address a few questions regarding this product in a Q&A format below

What is the logic that Brainev uses?

Everything around you, including yourself, is just life-energy in a state of “vibration”. A vibration simply means a frequency of movement.

Everything has a vibration, even the deepest state of calm, or what’s called in spiritual teaching as the “stillness” within, has a frequency. The range of frequencies, in life, can be split into four parts – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta is one end of the spectrum and it is the frequency of “activity” while Delta is the other end of the spectrum and it is the frequency of “calm”, the state of balance is found somewhere in between the Alpha and Theta (the center between Alpha and Theta).

Life needs, and works at, all these four ranges of frequencies, and you being a part of life (a being of life-energy) are also functioning at these frequencies – in fact, conducting an EEG of the Brain would indicate that it functions at all these four frequencies depending on its state.

For example, when you are over-excited or angry, you will see that your brain is exhibiting high Beta frequencies, whereas when your body is in a deep state of sleep your brain is exhibiting Delta frequencies, and when you functioning from a state of balance your brain would exhibit frequencies between Alpha and Theta.

It follows that if you can train your brain to function mostly in the center between Alpha and Theta frequencies, during your waking states, then you would be at your peak potential of functioning because you will then have access to the alertness along with the access to the inner calm. The alertness allows you to be objective while the connection with the calm/stillness allows you to be receptive to inner guidance/intuition/wisdom.

For example, some drugs (and also meditation practices) are great at inducing a Delta state in the brain, and it feels relaxing, and it also allows for “spiritual experiences” (because Delta is the frequency of intuition), however they prevent you from accessing the alertness required for objective functioning in the physical realm, and thus you are not in a state of full functionality with respect to physical living.

In fact, a lot of people who get used to the “spiritual frequencies” (the Delta frequencies) develop a lot of resistance to re-integrating with Beta frequencies of activity, and thus start developing a hatred/resistance towards physical living or find it extremely challenging to deal with aspects of objective, and mundane, activity involved in physical life. This is called getting hooked to the transcendent state, which basically makes you dysfunctional in the physical realm of existence, and also makes you dysfunctional in the sense of losing orientation towards growth and expression, hence you become imbalanced by resisting this part of your nature.

The “functional” state of being is the one that integrates the “calm” with the “activity”, the fusion of Delta and Beta, which is basically the center between Alpha and Theta – this state is what I would call the frequency of inner wholeness/balance.

If you are a being who can easily, and consciously, access this “functional” state/frequency, you can connect with any range of frequency (like a high Beta of Bungee Jumping or high Delta of deep meditation) while returning to a balanced state, of functionality, with ease and at will. This is the underlying logic/principle of conscious living where you operate from a state of balanced functionality.

Brainev uses this understanding as the foundation of their programming of the mp3s. The end-result is to acclimatize/train your brain to have access to the balanced state, under any situation or condition that you may be in.

This is how the entraining is done:

Level-1 mp3

In this mp3 your brain is basically exposed to frequencies between Theta and Delta which allow for the state of relaxed awareness. After a month of listening to this mp3 your brain gets well acquainted with this state of relaxed awareness. Most people find it easy to acquaint with the relaxed state created by this mp3, however, some people can feel strong anxieties and restlessness coming up while listening to this mp3 – this indicates a resistance to “letting go” where you feel fearful of being relaxed or in a state of surrender. One is required to simply stay in a state of allowing what arises.

Level-2 mp3

In this mp3 your brain is exposed to frequencies between Theta and Delta while also being exposed to a frequency that hits close to Beta along with simulated disturbances (like the noise of clanging bells) that act as a challenge for the brain to find the calm states.

One can see that this mp3 does not create the soothing relaxation of level-1 initially, however once your brain gets trained by this level you will sense a much deeper capacity to stay calm/relaxed in the presence of stress. This level is the start of unearthing imbalances/resistances in you (or your brain) that get triggered by this simulation.

It also takes you to a deeper connection with your “subconscious” (induced by the Theta frequencies) and thus unearths hidden emotions/conditioning/memories rooted in your subconscious. One can have vivid dreams colored by these unearthed emotions/energy while listening to this mp3.

Level-3 mp3

In this mp3 the challenge imposed in level-2 is taken to a higher level where you are exposed to high Beta frequencies along with Alpha and lower Theta frequencies. Deeper releases happen as more and more of the subconscious comes into consciousness.

Level-4 mp3

This is the beginning of the entrainment towards finding conscious balance and one is exposed to frequencies around the center of Alpha and Theta (or balanced frequencies), along with some fluctuating frequencies that give the experience of finding balance in the midst of activity.

This level also has some dominant frequencies touching Delta thus giving you an experience of deep relaxed awareness – the combo actually trains the brain to sense the state of balance in the presence of inducements of deep relaxation and activity. The resistances in the brain towards the state of balance start coming up, and as you continue, over a few weeks, this resistance starts ebbing away.

Level-5 mp3

In this level the audio starts by introducing “balanced frequency” and then dipping to deep Delta frequencies for several minutes and then returning back to balanced frequencies, as well as inducing some alpha frequencies. This allows the brain the experience of returning to conscious balance from a place of deep letting go (the Delta states).

Accessing deep Delta frequencies and then riding up back to the state of balance trains the brain to find easier access to the mindset of “return of focus” from the state of letting go.

Level-6 mp3

The focus of this level is to access balanced frequencies in the midst of strong fluctuations between Beta and Theta. There are many dips and rises while returning to balanced (or center frequencies) again and again. This pattern allows your brain to get acclimatized towards accessing the balanced frequencies in the midst of strong fluctuations of the highs and lows. Towards the end of the training the brain acquires a strong familiarity with the state of balance and is able to access it easily in the midst of any fluctuations, this completes the return of focus towards balanced living.

The reason I am mentioning the technical details of the entraining logic is give you a sense of how it’s in parallel with the natural movement towards finding balance where you are initially trained towards “letting go”, and then the imbalances are unearthed (the phase of release) after which you are trained towards finding conscious balance (the return of focus). This is the reason I was impressed with the entraining logic that was explained by the developer in the videos.

I tend to feel sleepy while listening to mp3s, is this normal?

Some mp3s like level-1, level-4 and level-5 actually have dominant frequencies around the Theta and Delta range which causes your brain to feel deeply relaxed, thus feel sleepy.

However, the deal of the training is help you find balanced awareness in the midst of relaxation, it’s not about going to sleep but about training your awareness to function in the states of deep relaxation – of course, if you do find yourself dozing off it’s fine, but I would suggest, to get the best value, that you listen to the mp3s when you are feeling alert rather than when you are feeling tired so that there are less chances of your falling asleep.

Also, you can get sleepy due to the “exhaustion” that happens as the brain is getting exposed to entrainment and the releases, especially during the initial days of starting a new mp3 – this is quite normal, and you can take a short nap after listening to the mp3 to ward off the fatigue. Never listen to the mp3s while driving or while performing tasks that need a lot of mental involvement, in fact, to get the best value, make sure that you spare 30 minutes of “distraction-free time” for yourself, where you just sit and listen to the mp3, with closed eyes, without being involved with anything else. I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find 30 minutes of spare time, for most people, however, this investment in time is well worth the results.

Remember that the eventual purpose of the mp3s is not to put you to sleep, or give you a good rest, or to put you in “feel good” states of deep relaxation, rather it’s to train you towards finding “conscious” balance – the key word here is “conscious”, which means that you are required to be conscious during the entrainment. Here’s where you need to work on your own commitment towards “awareness”, making a choice to work on being aware instead of giving in to the pull towards “dozing off”.

These mp3s are not designed to “force” you into balance, they are designed to acclimatize you towards balance and they require your own choice to connect with this balance – this is not a “forced” balance rather an “assistance” towards creating the conducive state for balance and allowing you to choose it. People who think that the mp3 has to do all the work, and that they can simply let go into a passiveness, would not really find the best value from these mp3s. These mp3s don’t work on the logic of becoming a crutch for you to depend on, rather they are like guide-posts that you can use to find balance. You are required to be involved by holding your awareness while the mp3 is playing (you don’t have to be “strongly” alert and listening to every sound of the mp3, but you just need to have an awareness without just slipping into “rest” or detachment and the attitude of openness required for the state of allowing).

I skipped a few days without listening to the mp3, what do I do?

To get the best results it’s suggested that you listen to the mp3 6 days a week, with one day of break. Consistency is what brings faster, and better, results. However, if you do end up skipping a few days, due to some reason, I would suggest that you can just add those number of days of further listening to the mp3. For example, if you skipped 3 days, just listen to the mp3 for 3 extra days towards the end of the 30-day period.

This is a 6-month process, and each mp3 is vital towards aiding the journey towards balance. Don’t skip a level in your hurry to get to a higher level. There is a reason why you need to listen to one mp3 for 30 days, this is usually the period required for the brain to acclimatize to a change.

I am finding it difficult to get a sense of balanced brain state even though I am close to finishing level-6, is this normal?

Basically different people have different loads of imbalance, different intensities of emotional/mental momentum present in them, varying degrees of openness and different strengths of awareness. Though 6-month is the ideal period to find balance using these mp3s, it may not be so for everyone. Some people would need more than 6-months, and would require to listen to certain mp3s again, depending on their requirements, while also working on their attitude towards openness, towards integration of light and dark aspects in them. Like I said before, these mp3s are not designed to “force” a balance, rather they allow you to “find” a balance. Each of us is different and would naturally take different times to find balance even when subjected to the same guide-posts.

I would suggest that you sequentially finish off the 6 mp3s over the 6-month period, and once you’ve finished off the level-6 mp3 take a stock of where you are in terms of balance. Get a sense of the progress made over the 6-month period and get a sense of whether you feel there is still a momentum of imbalance within you, or if there is a lack of an ability towards return of focus. Depending on the situation you can then plan out on how you can listen to some of the mp3s again to meet your requirement. Here are few examples of how you can do the further planning.

– If you feel that there is still a momentum of emotional/mental movement in you, for example, if you sense that you are getting hurt/depressed/disturbed/angry/anxious with some intensity, then it would be a good idea to get back to listening to level-2 mp3 for 2 weeks, followed by listening to level-3 mp3 for 2 weeks (with a break of one day a week). Make sure you stay in awareness, and state of allowing, while listening, and also try to “re-create” the emotional and mental states by imagining the situations that trigger your imbalance. After these 30 days, get back to listening to level-5 mp3 for 2 weeks, followed by level-6 mp3 for 2 weeks to allow for an entrainment towards balance again.

– If you feel that you don’t have much intensity of emotional/mental momentum but you lack a focus, or alertness, or objectivity, in your daily living it would be a good idea to listen to level-4, level-5 and level-6 mp3s for a period of 2 weeks each (with a break of one day a week). These mp3s are designed to entrain your brain towards “functional” states of relaxed alertness/focus which is required to perform tasks with alacrity and wisdom. This balanced brain-state is the foundation for connecting with peak potential with respect to any task or creative expression.

– If you feel a very strong intensity of emotional/mental momentum, it would be best to get back to one month of listening to level-2 and level-3 mp3, to trigger further release. Re-assess your emotional/mental momentum after these 2 months and if you sense that they are no longer intense you can get back to listening to level-5 and level-6 mp3s for a period of 2 weeks each, and assess your state of balance after this period.

As you can see, the logic is that level-2 and level-3 mp3s focus on the phase of release and hence you can keep using them if you feel that there is a momentum of imbalance to be released. Level-4 mp3 is for finding relaxed awareness, level-5 and level-6 mp3 are for entraining your brain towards balanced functioning. Having understood this functionality, of each mp3, you can intuitively use them to suit your needs until you sense that you’ve found a conscious balance.

Remember that without your commitment towards being “conscious” you can’t allow for a conscious balance to take place. Be involved with the mp3s by being aware while listening to them, be in a state of openness/allowing towards what arises in you, get a sense of how your brain is reacting to the mp3s, get a sense of the states of balance when they occur, get a sense of the resistances in you, and don’t go into some state of passivity and detachment while listening, it’s all about being “conscious” and it’s a choice on your part to do so – as they say, you can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.

Is Brainev expensive?

I had actually registered to download the 15-minute free demo version (for which I had to give my email address which subscribed me to their newsletter). While listening to the demo version, and understanding their logic, I decided to purchase the full version, but I was circumspect about the original price of $297 cited on their website. However, on the 7th day, since downloading the demo mp3, I received an e-mail from them with an offer of a discounted price of $100 for the full version.

So, I purchased the full version for $100 by using the discount code that was given in the e-mail. When you purchase the full-version you can download all the 6 mp3s on to your computer and thus start listening without delay, and they also ship a pack of 6 CDs, containing the 6 mp3s, to your house, in a couple of weeks. So, if you are planning on purchasing the full-version I would suggest that you first register to download the demo mp3 (you can register at their website – Brainev – by simply entering your name and email) and then wait for 7-8 days, until you get the email with the discount code, so that you can avail the full version at the discounted price of $100.

Also, I liked their refund clause where if you are not satisfied with the product you can get a full refund of your money, unconditionally, anytime for a period of upto 7 months from the day of purchase. The refund clause allows for a no-risk purchase and it does add to the credibility of the product. They also have a public forum (the link to the forum is at the bottom of their website) where users discuss their experiences and queries; you can get a lot of information about the user-experience by going through some of the posts on this forum.

Again, like I mentioned, Brainev is an assistance in your journey towards finding balance, it’s not a “necessity”.

So if you feel you can’t afford to buy the full version, or if you feel that you don’t want the assistance of some external source, or if you don’t feel any inspiration to buy it, don’t force yourself to buy it just because I am mentioning it in my posts. Nothing is a “necessity” beyond your attitude of true allowing/openness, and a commitment towards finding conscious balance, and without this attitude, in you, nothing external can really be of true value either – the external assistances, like the understanding obtained from this blog or technologies like Brainev, are just a “helping hand”, eventually you are the one who has to make the journey through your commitment towards staying true to your awareness and the state of allowing.

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  1. kenny

    Not to knock brainev but i listened foe 2 months with no noticeable “releasing”. They did give me a refund though. Was I doing it wrong or was my stupid mind blocking me again?

    1. Sen Post author

      Kenny, I remember you mentioned that you were not sensing any “release” happening while working on the state of allowing. It’s possible that currently you are not willing to “let go”, or you are afraid of the openness involved in a state of letting go. The state of letting go requires you to let go of clinging to your ego (in your mind) for a while, the sense of “I” along with its identifications. Anyone who truly starts letting go is bound to feel some fear (or a lot of fear) coming up because the mind senses it as losing control. Unless you are willing to go through this fear you will not really connect with the state of letting go. All the reading, all the understanding, eventually serves no purpose unless you are consciously willing to enter the phase of letting go (which is what triggers the phase of release). It’s possible that you are highly mind-oriented person and thus are not willing to let go of clinging to the mind, and possibly you holding on too tightly to your mind, to your ego and finding your sense of security in this sense of a tight control.

      Below are a few things you can try while listening to the mp3

      1. Use good quality stereo-headphones and play it at a clear volume so that you can hear all the subtle variations encoded in the mp3 (Don’t use headphones with “noise cancellation” technology as they tend to cancel out some frequencies in the mp3)

      2. For 30 minutes, while listening to the mp3, sit on a chair (don’t get too comfortable to the point of going to rest) with your eyes closed, with no distraction from the outside.

      3. Let go of your habitual behavior of being busy with thinking and allow yourself to simply let go of any need for control. If you don’t sense a restlessness, or anxiety, coming up in the mind, it means that you’ve not yet let go of the control of your mind. If you’ve truly let go of control you will notice that your awareness is now able to just “observe” without getting hooked up on any thoughts. Make sure that your body is still, without any restless movements (like shaking your legs or fidgeting your hands) – this way any restlessness that’s present in the body can come up in the form of emotions instead of being hidden in the form of body movements. If you do sit this way for 30 minutes you are bound to feel restlessness, impatience, anger, irritation, frustration, anxiety etc coming up, and if you don’t feel any of this and you just feel an inner calm that means you are free of momentum and you don’t need any release. Considering that fact that you mentioned that you feel a lot of anger and uncertainty, it’s prudent to say that there is a lot of inner momentum so you should feel the restlessness when you do sit in this still and open allowing.

      4. When the restlessness/anxiety starts arising the mind will immediately try to pull you back into some habitual involvement in the form of thoughts, like “this is not helping”, “this is just a waste of time”, “I think I need to understand/read more”, “I think I need to ask more questions”, “nothing is going change”, or some thoughts of cynicism. This is a “protection mechanism” to keep yourself from feeling all the suppressed emotions and unpleasant momentum. Don’t fall into this habitual pattern, rather use your awareness to retain your state of “letting go” of the mind.

      Letting go is a choice and it takes a awareness, and a willingness, to let go of the mind’s pull. It’s easy to simply get pulled into your habitual involvement with the mind. It also involves a certain humility to connect with this state of surrender, because to the mind it feels “weak” to let go. If you have a lot of arrogance you will have to work on letting go of it, and work on connecting with the vulnerability of surrender. When you do start connecting with the state of letting go, you are bound to sense a lot of fears and imbalances coming up in the mind which were hidden in the unconscious pre-occupation with it. At this time you can use the mp3, along with this state of allowing, to find a faster balance.

    2. j

      this reply clears a lot about mind momentum.. yes I do realize whenever Im anxious my mind goes on overdrive. when I try to let go of the analyzing/rationalizing the more fear and sense of panic/doom I feel.
      and when mind goes on overdrive, I can’t concentrate on anything. thoughts r obsessively stuck.

  2. N

    Dear Sen,

    First of all thank you for your interesting posts. They have helped me in many ways and I continue reading them. I have no doubt that you are a true man of wisdom.

    I just wanted to let you know (In case you don’t already) that brainev’s level 7 is out
    and it seems to be very interesting. check it out on their website.

    Wishing you peace, love and laughs from the west coast…

  3. Wes

    At the very least, if for what ever reason you don’t buy it, is there any harm in just using the demo – for several months 6 days a week? ..versus just not using it at all?

    i.e., does listening to the same level for too long pose any negative effects? Is there at least partial benefit for using only the demo for several months?

    1. Sen Post author

      Wes, you can use the 15-min demo for the purpose developing (or getting acclimatized to) the state of relaxed awareness. Initially, just put on the mp3 and stay in a state of aware allowing (do nothing but also maintain an awareness of what’s happening in your brain). You should be able to sense a movement in your brain towards a certain relaxation, and it’s possible that it creates anxiety if you are resistant to the relaxed state. After a while your brain should be able to let go into a relaxed state while being fully aware/conscious (not sleepy) as you listen to the mp3 – this is a state of relaxed awareness. You can use it until you sense that you are good at staying in a state of relaxed awareness (when you can access the state even without needing the mp3), after which it doesn’t serve much purpose.

      In fact, you can even download the full level-1 mp3, of 30 minutes, for free if you sign up for “trial” (you can cancel the trial before 30 days expire, and you will get to keep the mp3).

  4. Srini

    You wrote : “try to “re-create” the emotional and mental states by imagining the situations that trigger your imbalance.”

    Should we do this in the first listening of the mp3’s also? The reason I ask is that whenever I listen to the mp3 (currently level1 day 25) I don’t get any anxiety/nervous/disturbed/negative thoughts. I just get some random thought more on the lines of daydreaming.
    If what I understand from your post ” it’s all about being “conscious” I should consciously bring up all the thoughts that make me feel bad/anxious/disturbed and stay allowing all the time being aware of my thoughts?
    I will so much appreciate your reply Sen. Thanks a million.

    1. Sen Post author

      Srini, that’s right, you can do that starting with level-1 itself. Allow yourself to re-create thoughts that trigger emotional/mental momentum of anxiety, restless, sadness or over-excitement, while listening to the mp3. Also, after you’ve re-created the feelings or emotions, just let go for a while, and then try re-creating it again.

  5. kenny

    thanks for the tips Sen. I’ll try but when i listen to those mp3 most of what i hear internally is “here we go again, more new age mumbo jumbo. this isn’t gonna work. anger , frustration, more of the same negative bs ya know”? so basically i cant let go because i’m arrogant. that sucks . why is this stuff so damned difficult? Isn’t life supposed to just flow? anyhow, thanks.

    1. bart

      Kenny, hahahhaha never ever react to blogs or reactions but ur reaction put a smile to my face. As it can for u also. Recognizing a lot of what you are saying when i was a bit younger (and even now sometimes), especially the part “here we go again, more new age mumbo jumbo…” .

      Isn it funny how minds work, tonight it really puts a smile on my face. relax and laugh even at “own” attitudes.

      Funny also people who find this stuff mumbo jumbo still are getting attracted to this kinda teachings. I have no idea where it is heading, and also believe the destiny is not very important. The ride is the important part, so enjoy it. With the hights and the lows.


    2. bart

      Kenny, something to add. U talk about why is this stuff so difficult. i can regocnize myself in that comment also very much. The answer i find to be very true is this.

      It is not difficult at all. Mind want s to understand things that are out of it s reach. For example i was for a long time searching for that awareness, searching for the now. Always wanting to get it. What happened to me i was was THINKING about it. Trying to understand it. So everytime using the wrong tool. Even though i read 1000 pointers that the thinking mind is not the tool.

      What needs to be done is letting go of the effort. But even that can be another effort so sounds difficult.

      once again, just enjoy the ride. see through all the worry and the importance of so many stuff (even teachings) and just enjoy what life throws at you.

  6. Ian


    Update on my journey:

    Before there were times that i wish to go back into the state of low awareness and enjoying again my own delusions, but there is no hiding and turning back anymore.

    While there is still a negative momentum in the mind that creates the imbalance realities inside and outside, being highly aware all of them is extremely uncomfortable and exhausting and sometimes i am afraid/dislikes to face my own awareness knowing that there is no undo command to reverse everything.

    Now, as i progress into this journey along with, allowing my doubts and confusion, i started to enjoy it like a skill.

    As for now i didn’t feel any spacious feeling but a constant heavy load on my chest (but not like before in auto mode phase of release in my first 4 months).

    I can still feel a permanent alpha state conciousness due to my auto mode emotional release in 2012.

    As of now however i can sense that i am still in a phase of conciously letting go of an old pattern of thinking while in a concious phase of allowing the integration of light and dark nature of life.

    I didn’t mind the phases anymore . However it is base on my inspiration/wisdom of doing what is required for the moment and it is in a mixing of phases.

    I can find myself allowing in letting go of control sometimes i allow control.

    Sometimes i feel like to observe and stay in present without thoughts sometimes i let my mind drift im thinking just to experience it.

    Sometimes i move my ego forward sometimes i let it be hurt.

    I never felt any motivation anymore to enhance it either.

    I let go of control of my imbalances and allowing them totaly. While sometimes i’ll make concious choices base on wisdom.

    I still can feel high intensity of all situational low vibrational emotions and mind resistances but i allowed them fully.

    I also engage myself in mindful zen meditation to improved my productivity.

  7. Ian


    you are right… I have huge amounts of load that you can’t imagine, perhaps my life-stream make it easier for me, requlating the release that is suitable to my being/body not resenting how long does it takes as long as i am conciously assisting it through allowing it will sort out of its own slowly but surely.

    My auto-mode agonizing releases is over or the way i call it a withdrawal symptoms.

    The momentum of imbalances and thought resistances due to strong neural pathways remains but it is not hard for me this time because the releases are quite situational unlike in my withdrawal (AUTO MODE) phase that i suffered stress ulcer due to its intensity.

    From time to time i am inspired of doing relax awareness if i want to or whatever i want in my own inspiration ego or my inner guide.

    As to say i have no technique to follow or even judge myself doing it right or wrong according to pointers in your post.
    That’s allowing.

    The only thing sen that perhaps you didn’t experience it by your self… is that after my withdrawal symptoms in 2012 i feel like a drunk, it seems my awarenes is so very relax permanently/until now (2013) as in ALPHA STATE Or theta my blurred vision is back to normal, but when i write or read something, it become slightly blur and deepen my alpha state even more, before it realy scares me of being drag to nothingness but fortunately it didn’t. I think i am not vibrating in beta anymore.

    I already told you this in my personal email to you.

    Besides of my low vibrational emotions like situational anger, axiety and fear etc. I always feel like this but it didn’t make worry me anymore.

    I still use my 15 minutes demo for relaxation experience.

    Maybe i will buy it sooner if there is opportunity.

    Thank you sen.

  8. Srini

    Dear Sen,
    Last night I practiced allowing while listening to the mp3. The negativity was over whelming. I could feel like I would cry any moment. In fact my hands began to twitch and started moving involuntarily . Is this okay?

    Also today morning i felt very negative and anxious. but i kept allowing and staying aware.
    My question is : Is allowing during the half hour enough? or do i practice allowing the entire day. I have been doing this and sometimes i find it so exhausting. Thanks a lot for ur help.

    1. Mark

      Hi Srini,

      I may not be as good and understand everything as Sen. But based on my experience, when you wake up in the morning feeling negative, anxious, restlessness, all those feelings are normal. Its a withdrawal symptoms, I guess, because I dont really mind they come. Eventhough sometimes I pissed off because they come at the wrong time, but i allow them as I can. In Eckhart Tolle book, The Power of Now, this symptoms, he called it something is dying when you feel all of these negative energy, the negative ego, just be aware of it.

      About the Brainev, i just listen the lv 1 just now, the 2nd time I listened to it, i aware that my hand was squeezing my cloth, and I feel restlessness, anxious, fear, and my heartbeat was fast, and some thoughts was appearing, but i didnt worry about them. It’s like I was very very relaxed. Try to listen to it everyday. I have been on the state of allowing about 3-4 months, so the effect probably is not the same with you or anyone else.

      About allowing, I think you need to practice to observe thoughts first. When you build strong enough of awareness you can start allowing. Observe as much as you can when the thoughts come, it’s ok if you found yourself drifting in thoughts, the same thing happen to me also. The process is slow, but you can feel the changes obviously. Good luck Srini, be patient, and smile (this helps a lot)

    2. Srini

      Thank you Mark. I am just 1 month into reading Sen’s post and It is working towards transforming my life in a BIGG way. I am allowing my thoughts and fears and I am amazed that it has taken me very little time to get to phase 3. ofcourse my mind suggested that the progress was too fast and it created doubts. But I brought this fear and doubt in my awareness and things are progressing well.

  9. antony

    Hi Sen
    I am thankful for your work. Started listening to Level 1 of Brainev and I like to add that I m preparing for an exam and recently, since I started to listen to Level 1 (for last 3 days), I feeling that I am deviating from my preparation schedules(sensing a feeling of resistance) and also I am pulled towards sexual energy.Is it normal? Should I carry on with Brainev?

    1. Sen Post author

      Antony, as the body/brain relaxes it’s bound to allow the surfacing of suppressed emotions and physiological aspects, so if there has been a suppression of sexual energy it’s bound to come up, as you become more relaxed and open in your being, until it integrates into a balance that’s natural for your particular body. Allow yourself to get a deeper sense of the sexual energy, bring awareness to it as it arises while also allowing its expression (through sex or masturbation) in a manner that feels balanced to you, in the post Channel your sexual energy I mostly talk about how to bring awareness to this energy, and develop an openness towards containing it without being overwhelmed by its pull, that does not mean that you stop allowing its expression in terms of finding self-pleasure, it’s all about growing in awareness and finding balanced expression.

      Brainev is designed to assist in allowing a release through its level-1 to level-3, while leve-4 to level-6 work towards developing a balanced alertness. The phase of release is about “letting go” and allowing the release of suppressed emotions. This “letting go” also means a deviation from working with a forced will or forced discipline, so you are bound to feel resistant towards using your will-power (may be you are not really interested in the exam subjects and you have to use a strong will-power to study them, and hence the resistance towards it). It would be an idea to start the brainev after your exams, giving yourself some 3 months of space (without a hectic schedule) to work on the level-1 to level-3 mp3s. In fact, while listening to level-1 you may sense that you are having more creative, and surreal, thoughts coming up as you connect with a deeply relaxed state of being (it’s like the brain frequency at which dreams happen).

    2. antony

      thank you,sen.Feel like I am bringing more awarness to myself.And its true that I am facing some kind of thoughts venting out while I am hearing to Brainev and also sensing that its more soothing & relaxing than my meditation process.(I find it as a better tool for no mind meditation and dont know how far its true). Can you say me that while I am listening to Brainev regularly results in erasing or forgetting or venting out my past knowledge which I am accumulated through will-power and discipline?

  10. Faye

    I could have written your message myself….I have been feeling at ease and noticed the increased awareness and then today My negative ego re emerged and I was sobbing, noticed some huge fears that i thought I had allowed. I have been napping on and off all day…feel absolutely exhausted….I have also realised that I haven’t had a dream for the last few weeks.

    1. Srini

      Faye.. But after 2 days of that experience I feel okay today. When i tried to recreate some of the negativity last night (that i felt towards one person), it sort of fizzled out. my mind didn’t want to dwell on it. its like i feel free of that person.

  11. ken

    Hey Sen,
    I know this has no relevance to this topic but I feel like I am stuck. I have been going through the release since febuary and I have made a lot of progress. but now I don’t know what is going on. I find myself always reiterating the fearful thoughts in my head as if I was talking to someone else. Also whenever I am around others I feel like I cant pay attention because I am wrapped up in thoughts. its like I am trying to figure out what to say instead of just letting be. I read your post “freedom arises with the end of duality” and I feel like I have sabotaged myself. could you please give me some advice. Thanks,


  12. Ahlan

    Hi Sen,
    Today a wonderful thing happened. I was reading ur post “Awareness Deepens Your Experiences”. Suddenly the colors of my computer came alive. i saw the colors in an accentuated way. i was surprised. the water bottle on my table suddenly looked different. it had a lot of depth to it.

    i walked down the corridor and suddenly i noticed the synchronous patterns of the tiles on the walls(a fact i never noticed before). I started noticing all ordinary things suddenly. Colors suddenly seemed brighter. I was enraptured for 20 minutes and just walked around with a smile. later my mind took over and fears that this feeling will not last clouded my senses.

    is this what this mp3 did to my awareness and is this what “feeling whole” is about?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, the attitude required to reach the state of inner freedom is to be “open” to life instead of trying to cling to experiences, realizations, manifestations or beliefs. This is also what it means to live in the moment, which is just a pointer towards being open to what arises without needing to cling to it for security or assurance. The experience that you had is quite common as an indication of an awakening awareness in your being, it’s sometimes called “satori” (or a moment of awakening, where your awareness is suddenly jolted out of it slumber state). Of course, the experience and the feelings associated with it are only for the moment, don’t try to re-create them and don’t sit in the hope of having it again, if it happens again its fine, if it doesn’t that’s fine too. Also, as your awareness keeps growing you may have several internal and external experiences that feel “extra-ordinary”, but eventually they are all just experiences and they will come and go, what’s important is that it’s not the experiences that liberate you, it’s the growing awareness and the ability to be open that does.

      And, no, the experience that you had is not what “feeling whole” is about. As I mentioned, experiences are all just experiences, feeling whole is not really an experience it’s the space that develops in your being towards openness to life (openness to the light and dark of life).

  13. kenny

    Prolly asked this before but how does one just “let go” of negative thoughts? I was “good” for awhile but now I’m super stressed out by every little thing and my mind keeps kicking in with nonstop negative commentary. wish i could unplug my friggin brain now.

    1. Tyler


      This is a natural occurrence as one (including myself) goes through the process of releasing the mind momentum. If you look at water, when energy touches its surface, you can see the energy released in the form of ripples (small waves). This is the same as what happen when awareness touches on the mind and all it’s stored up energy, allowing it to be released like waves. During the waves there may be periods of intense momentum when these waves are at their peaks. So you may feel good for a while while the mind is still (like when water is still). These waves of releasing the momentum will continue to come up until the energy is basically all completed.

      The term of letting go isn’t a technique that initially just releases all the mind’s momentum’s and thoughts, it’s more of a type of attitude. What the term of letting go really refers to is that you are allowing these waves of energy and thoughts to exist so their energy can be released, thus letting go of trying to fix or get rid of them. Once you are allowing your mind to have its movements, thoughts, feelings, etc. and are no longer trying to fix them or get rid of them, you are no longer putting your energy into fueling (even trying to get rid of something indirectly fuels it) these things and rather are allowing them to be used up.

      How is it that water comes back to a natural state of being still after the ripples have come up? It allows the energy in the waves to have their movement, until the energy runs out, it doesn’t actually do anything except allow the energy. It works the same way with the mind and life in general, that’s its naturally wants to be in a balanced, still state.

      For you, right now, it would be helpful to understand the attitude and mechanics involved with this process of letting go and getting freedom from your mind, so that its energy can run out naturally remove its intense energy.

      Articles that may be of assistance:
      http://www.calmdownmind.com/the-foundation-of-openness/ (This has links to other articles which may also be of assistance)

      Best of luck,

    2. Tyler

      One more thing, just correcting myself a little bit. I said “So you may feel good for a while while the mind is still (like when water is still). These waves of releasing the momentum will continue to come up until the energy is basically all completed.”

      What I mean is: You may feel good for a while when your mind is still and no real intense waves of energy are currently active, but don’t cling so much to feeling “good” because these waves will continue to come up and hit their peaks until all of the fuel for the waves has been used up.

    3. Mark

      Hi Tyler,

      I saw your response to Kenny’s question. And I got a question if you dont mind. When you are in the middle of letting go, what do you do to the thoughts? Based on my experience, if I allow them, they become more and more serious, it even think of something that I could never think of, I get the feeling that I am giving fuel to the thoughts, till some time I cant take it anymore, I drop them. And my real question is, can I ignore them and let the emotions arise at the same time?

      I used to do it like this, ignore them. As soon as I catch the thoughts, I let the emotions arises and ignore the thoughts. Because i pretty much know their pattern, and it’s indeed repetitive. And I also realize that when I think a thought without momentum I can see it differently, and there is only peace and calm when i think of it. This is my way of letting go, I did good, I starting to feel that I am more calm. until recently something and some event triggered another negative energy. So, I feel like I am getting back to square one right now.

      Thanks, I am waiting for your reply.


    4. Tyler


      Emotional accumulation, Brain Momentum, Light/Dark nature imbalance, and the negative ego force are the main aspects of yourself that get taken care of through the phase of release. Through the phase of release you are allowing them to be dissolved and come back to a balanced state so that they no longer are able to have a grip on your being.

      When you let the emotions arise you are releasing the emotional accumulation you have in your body, which as you can already see in yourself how the grip these emotions have aren’t felt as heavily in your body. It works the same way with the thoughts. You can ignore the thoughts on purpose for sometime in order to avoid their repetitive pattern but you will also notice that you will always have to ignore them in order to keep this pattern from arising (I did this as well, thinking that I was actually allowing when it really wasn’t). When the thoughts have completely dissolved in their momentum you will notice that you won’t have to spend your time trying to ignore the thoughts or even trying to get rid of them, there’s just no effort to doing that anymore because they no longer bother you even if they do arise. You have already noticed this with some of your thoughts, the freedom from the need to ignore them or get rid of them and just being able to calmly see these thoughts when they arise in you (sometimes you will even laugh at the ridiculousness of some of them).

      With regard to the phase of release, it’s a normal part of the release that you will be able to feel the negativity in the thoughts get stronger and stronger as you allow them for a while, and your awareness also grows so you can see the deeper layers of what was in your mind. That’s an indicator that you can use to see that it is the accumulated momentum inside. It’s not that you are giving more fuel to the mind, it’s just that you see the momentum clearly now (since your awareness has grown) and are letting more of it be released at once. When you allow this accumulated momentum to arise in you the momentum starts running out and it feels less and less intense. It’s only temporary how long and intensely it can go on in a state of allowing because you no longer fuel it, you just let it run out. In one of the sections about Brainev, Sen says something like you can imagine the momentum being a car going down the high way at 100mph, and suddenly you have removed your foot from the gas pedal (entered into a state of release). What happens to the car? It just naturally slows down on its own, you didn’t forcibly stop it, you just had to allow it to happen and watched it as it lost it’s momentum and came to a halt (Sen also said brainev is like a wind to help the car slow down faster).

      With the state of release you will notice that the more you go through it the more you gain an understanding about it and the mechanics involved with it including allowing. When you are allowing of something inside you, you are letting it arise and maintaining awareness of it, you are not really trying to make it go away or do anything with it. Think of it like space (one of Sen’s analogies) when something arises into space, the space doesn’t really do anything with it other than let it arise. Space isn’t trying to get rid of it, it has no end in sight to what it wants to do with the energy, it just let’s it arise, it’s just completely being open to the energy.

      Hope this helps,

      Overtime, as you continue the release you will also begin to notice an openness being developed in you:

    5. Mark


      Thanks for your response. About laughing at the thoughts. I do that quite often recently. And the mind sent the thought that I might get crazy or be careful if someone saw, he/she might think I am crazy. And the irony is, I laugh at this thoughts also.

      Yes, it’s true that when I allow the thoughts that arise, I can see through it, and understand how it works, eventhough it dont just dissolve as soon as I see through it. And I also gain an understanding about the movement of the ego force in me. Because when I am able to see through the thoughts, the ego force is still clinging to the thoughts, the ego still feels unhappy, scared, unsatisfied, angry, etc.

      Its very reassuring to know this facts about the phase of release. Because the intense was so strong, plus the mind added some thoughts that made it worse like, I am refueling the thoughts, etc. I didnt buy it and keep thinking about it consciously because there was this urge to think about it while i was aware of it’s existence.

      May ask you something? How long have you been in the process of release? Your answer is a big help for me. Thanks Tyler.


  14. antony

    Hi Sen Greetings.
    Hearing to BraineV regularly, relaxes the mind to much great extent. Will you please tell me that is it OK to hear Brainev twice or thrice per day with the same session?

    1. Anonymous

      antony, the BrainEv people themselves stress that it should only be used once daily, with one day off each week.

    2. Sen Post author

      Antony, once a day (30 mins) is optimal, along with a day off each week. If you have the time you can simply practice sitting, with eyes closed, in a state of allowing, for another 15-30 mins, after you’ve listened to the mp3.

    3. antony


  15. Kannan

    Hi Sen,

    I would like to know if this complements insight meditation practice such as Vipassana. I practice Vipassana – not very regularly. If this complements it, in terms of strengthening equianimity, then that would be great.

    However, we were told not to mix Vipassana with other techniques and hence, the question.



    1. Sen Post author

      Kannan, Brainev complements the state of allowing, Vipassana is a meditation technique but it’s not aligned with the state of allowing – it can be practiced for reasons of developing awareness (through being aware of one’s breathing as done in this meditation) but it’s not really congruent with the state of allowing (which requires you to let go of all techniques and simply be open to what arises within). You can practice Vipassana whenever you wish, but for the 30 mins that you listen to Brainev just stay in a state of total allowing (letting go of “trying” to do anything other than just being in a state of openness allowing what arises to arise).

  16. Kannan

    Thanks for clarifying, Sen.



  17. Dashawn

    Hi Sen, for the brainev what kind of headphones would
    you recomend. Should I use the in ear buds or out ear
    buds, and what kind do you use.

  18. Ravi

    You advised Srini to recreate thoughts/ emotions while listening to Brainev. Isn’t this active thinking which you said in another post is useless ? Please advise.
    I did try to recreate scenarios which pained me in the past while listening to level 1 but the mind just moved on to something else. I then tried to recreate it again, bring it back to focus and again they drifted off.
    Your posts are inspiring
    Grateful for your clarification

  19. Michael

    Hey Sen or anyone else who would be kind enough to reply. Tonight I start on Level 4 and I am wondering what I can expect as far as releases or feelings. To anybody else who may be wondering, Level 2 and 3 instigated big releases in me, with Level 3 being more pleasant to listen to, but the releases became more intense.

    1. Sen Post author

      Michael, the level-4 of Brainev is designed to introduce the balanced frequencies (the ones between alpha and theta) in the midst of fluctuations towards states of stress and states of passive relaxation. After 15 days of listening to level-4 you should start sensing that your brain is able to connect with a state of balance/stability quite effortlessly even in the middle of a stressful situation. There will be releases instigated in this level also, but by now the intensities should be ebbing away and your brain momentum should be more manageable.

  20. Dashawn

    Hi Sen, I’ve been using brainev for four months on and
    off. I’m only on level 2 should be on 4. But every time
    I start listening to it I don’t sense anything happening
    so I stop. But now I’m gonna stick with it. I have so
    much negativity,guilt, anger,and depression built up
    til I just feel so overwhelmed. When will this begin
    to cease. Which level is the level that turns things
    around. How do I get in the right state of mind to
    get the most out of this system.

    1. Sen Post author

      Dashawn, it’s the state of allowing, in the attitude of openness, that become the foundation for allowing the release of mind/emotional momentum. Brainev is an effective assistance to the process of unearthing the resistances/imbalances in your mind through simulation, in that sense it’s most effective when you are aligned with the state of allowing. You can possibly start with just sitting for 30 minutes a day, in a state of allowing the emotional/mental movement in you – just sit without any distraction, and allow the movement of your mind, and the movement of emotions to happen freely without trying to sort out anything, you can do this for a period 15-20 days, until you feel that you can sit for 30 minutes, in the state of openness, without feeling the need to distract yourself. As you get used to this state of allowing, of letting go of trying to control/manipulate/sort-out the movement of your emotions/mind, you can then start using the Brainev mp3, just listen to the mp3 while being in the state of allowing – don’t try to focus on anything, don’t sit there waiting for something to happen, and don’t try to make this into an exercise of trying to feel good. You mentioned about having a momentum of guilt, anger and depression, the state of openness is when you first become allowing of these emotions fully within you, when you stop trying to sort them out with your thinking. This openness is what allows the release. Brainev’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it’s designed to unearth subconscious layers of negativity/imbalances (especially level-2 to level-4, level-5 and level-6 are mostly designed to train the brain towards balanced state), and thus is an assistance towards a faster release, and thus a faster movement towards finding balance through the state of allowing.

  21. Michael

    Thanks for the reply, Sen. In the past month, the idea of BrainEv as a crutch has gone away, so I am no longer relying on it to do all the work. The mind momentum right now seems gigantic, even though I know I’m not going backwards in progress. Is it normal to feel this “mood” in the air? Few people have understood me when I said that, but it’s like you feel trapped in the moment and nothing good is gonna come out of it.

    There’s also a lot of inner chatter, as if my “being” is having a conversation with itself/myself. i.e. if I were thinking of a relationship – “You know you’re not ready for that, you don’t even feel like socializing right now”.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for helping me navigate through this time, it’s hard to believe I’ve already been at it for almost 4 months.

  22. Dashawn

    Sen I appreciate that but I think I’ve gone to far. This
    feels permanent. I feel the same no matter what. I’ve
    allowed myself to be completely vulnerable to my negative
    thoughts. All I experience is more negative thoughts.
    I’ve been doing this for 7 months. There has been no
    change. It’s a living breathing nightmare that won’t
    cease. I’ve given up fighting it. Waiting for that space
    of being. I’ve given up thinking positive because that
    fuels the negative momentum. I avoid distracting myself
    from my shame,and face it instead. It’s just beating me
    down as if God himself is punishing me. If I’m not
    protecting myself or blaming others and face all my
    hangups head on then that means I’m allowing right?
    I know there are no short cuts or quick fixes,but when
    I’m facing all this misery doom and attacks FROM MY
    ON MIND it really makes me wonder if I was born this
    way and this can’t be reversed. It does make sense when
    you say that awareness is like shining a light on your
    hangups. Maybe that’s why a lot of people say ignorance
    is bliss. Is there anyway one can comfort themselves
    when all this negative energy is so intense, it’s almost
    unbearable. I’m not looking for a distraction nor am I
    trying to pamper the ego. Just a little releif like a break.
    My mind has too much momentum there are no breaks
    (sleepless nights.)I would think that it would get tired
    of thinking so much. All of you articles have resonance
    with me, but I don’t feel I have the ability to execute it.
    Sen When I read your articles it seems as if you have
    an ability like no other,like a sixth sense. I just can’t
    seem to activate this ability in myself,eventhough I do
    understand it, and to me theroretically it all does make
    sense. You’ve given a lot of hope. Too bad I’m not tall
    enough to grab a hold of it.

    1. Michael

      Dashawn, if you are able to see through the thoughts and not look for an escape or relief, is that not change? The process doesn’t feel good, not in the slightest. I myself am excited to see what may change in my external, what understanding may come in, or what old thinking pattern may dissolve – that’s what is good about this.

      You say you are still on Level 2 of BrainEv, which could explain a portion of your stagnation, as the same frequencies are being played and could form a “loop” of what is coming up. Level 3 is known as the level with the deepest releases for a lot of people, you’ll probably see more coming up as you progress through Level 3. That’s how it was for me.

    2. Jewel

      Dashawn, it was ~seven months for me before my mind momentum settled down enough that I didn’t feel crazy with emotional pain. Like you, I felt like I was a great exception, that because of my very unique circumstances my emotional pain, my suffering, was permanent.

      But I kept on coming back to the posts about Inner Freedom being crucial, and finally, I just became “OK” with the idea that I was different than everybody else; my emotional pain was so much bigger than that of everybody else; I was so much more damaged than anyone else ever was or could ever be; that I was beyond redemption even though no other being on the planet was…and then I just stopped listening to my brain. And was “OK” with everything…absolutely everything. And there is enormous personal power in acceptance. The moment you just accept…the struggle ceases. Like if you were choosing to opt out of an argument…the other person can keep negatively blathering away but you are just not interested, even though you can hear them…

      And after ~a month of that radical acceptance, my mind momentum has quieted to the point that I can easily not identify with my thoughts. Allowing is very natural now, and it feels ‘right’. It really helped me to think of the mind as my tool for living and not all “me”. If you pay attention to your thoughts, you’ll notice that your brain thinks up nutty stuff all the time that you don’t really care about…those thoughts just flit by you. Those are thoughts you don’t identify with. So treat all your thoughts equally. Don’t identify with any of them, even if (especially if!) they make you feel afraid, or sad, or angry. Let them flit by, even if they give you waves of despair and anxiety that rock your body. Accept it, know that it will pass, because nothing stays the same!

      I can assure you that I believed I was The One Person on this planet who could never ever ever be helped, that I was too far gone with the consequences of my choices made in unawareness. But the results I wanted started to come when I accepted that was the belief my brain had, and I let it be. I let it think that. Because you can’t fix yourself with the distorted thinking that you have about your distorted thinking. It took me a very long time to grasp that concept 😀

      No matter how bad you think you have it, underneath all those layers of negativity is your positive life experience, waiting for you, where’s it’s been all along. I sort of think of it as the destruction of a building that’s blocking a beautiful view. Some of us have bigger, more elaborate structures…so maybe our demolition takes longer than others 🙂

      This is just my experience so far. I hope it helps and I wish you peace 🙂

    3. Anonymous

      Michael and Jewel Thank you so much.

  23. William

    Sen, I want to know if you can specify the difference between, being open and allowing to everything that arises, and not being detached, while listening to these mp3s? Open, to me, has meant open to every feeling or thought that arises, allowing you to feel or think what you’re thinking without identifying with it or trying to suppress it. Would this be your opinion as well? The reason I ask is that my thoughts often wonders away in all kinds of directions while listening to the mp3s, making the sounds something that happens in the background, while I consciously allow and observe my thoughts. Am I doing it all wrong? Should I focus more on the sounds?

    I started with what could probably be considered as an absolutely massive amount of negative imbalance a long time ago. Now I’ve just started the level 4 mp3 and I don’t feel very good at all. I think I’ve really got the hang of the state of allowing and being open, but although I can see some improvement in situations that proved difficult before I live my daily life with a huge lump in my throat almost all the time. Things slowly tend to become a little bit better and a little bit more balanced around me, but I don’t feel much better at all. It’s like the old expression: “The more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know.”

    The more I’m able to let go of, the more I realize I still have left. And I’ve recently come face to face with some of my deepest fears: Will I ever be free of this momentum? Do I have to forfeit this lifetime for the sake of freeing myself of this negativity? Will I ever be able to function in a normal way, like a normal person? Will I ever reach a level where I will actually be able to start to enjoy life? Will I ever have the power, the wisdom and the space to create the reality that I always truly wanted? Am I forced to continue going through this life alone, or will anyone ever love me enough to share my ups and downs and keep me company on my path?

    1. Michael

      William, allowing is letting everything come up without trying to get rid of it or judging it. It took me quite a while to realize the simplicity of it, because your mind is used to being given instructions to reach a destination or accomplish a goal (i.e. a teacher telling you how to do long division or something). I too am on Level 4 and I find it quite relaxing, as the sounds aren’t as intense as before.

      You’re not supposed to focus on the sounds or focus on your thoughts, just let everything be. If you’re too focused on the questions your mind is coming up with, that means you are still identified with them. The process is simple – allow everything.

      Of course it’s natural to ask questions to people who have gone through the journey, I do it all the time. Whether or not that’s hypocritical, I am not sure, I like to view what I ask nowadays of what it will feel like when the release is over.

      A reason why you could be feeling bad is just because you have less resistance, so more is coming up to be released. I much prefer feeling like a sack of garbage than the appearance of “stagnancy” because then I know something is being released.

      If you look at your mind now (when there is more awareness) compared to an average unconscious Joe, why would you want to live like a “normal person”? The average “normal person” is a walking disaster, who most of the time pretends it doesn’t exist (I certainly was one of those people).

      As for the “living life alone” deal at the end of your comment, if you think about it, you will always be “alone”. You’re one expression of the same life force, just as your neighbor or Mother is of the same life force. Not to mention your journey can only be lived by you, nobody really knows what you’re life is like, even if you told them. As far as company is required, you have a few dozen people on this blog who can relate to you. I have the feeling that when the release is done, we will be more capable of being truly independent, without *needing* (not wanting, everybody has desires) relationships to feel secure about ourselves.

      Assuming you’ve been through a breakup too, you’ll notice how most people crumple into a ball when their loved one leaves them, as well as some quotes like “I can’t live without you”, “I need you”, “I’m nothing without you”, etc. which only reflects their very high dependency on the outside to feel secure. It’s all a learning process – the questions, the bad feelings, the experiences/catalysts that made you seek freedom. While it doesn’t feel good, you do come to look forward to what comes up next (I thought that was b.s. when I read it until I felt it)

    2. Mark


      I don’t buy the Brainwave application. So I dont know the exact situation, even if I know, I am not you, so I just gonna share my experience. Allowing is simply an observation without reactive movement, even mostly there is an urge to react, but the moment you can feel this urge, that mean you are aware of it, and you can choose to put the urge into movement/action or not. Allowing also including surrender, acceptance of what the mind says, without panicking, agitated because of the emotions that arise.

      And the more stronger your awareness the more negative pattern will discovered. Remember it happens in layers. Everyone has more layers than the others, so the time needed to finish the release is varying for everyone. The thoughts such as “I will be stuck like this for the rest of my life”, “I will never get freedom from my mind”, “I will never make it”, “Am I doing it right” all it’s a bluff that the mind generates, i get that all the time when facing the repetitive patterns of the mind. Be patient and surrender, you will see the changes in you.

      Use any events that is happening to help you to release the dark patterns inside you. I know how it feels, uncomfortable. But there is no other way. Be patient, and relax as much and many as u can.

      Hope this help

    3. William

      Michael, thanks for your input. What I’ve done these months is pretty much what you’re describing, letting everything arise as it comes, without trying to control anything or focus in any perticular way. What tends to happen is that my thoughts constantly wander away in all kinds of directions. The sounds are in the background and they don’t have my full attention. This has felt natural to me, but when I read the advise about detachment I wanted a clarification if following my trains of thoughts, as feels natural, in fact means that I am detached?

      I still have a lot of thoughts and feelings coming up to be released. It feels like the releases become bigger and more intense for every month that passes. Of course that’s fine, because that’s what I want, but on the other hand every release now seem to be getting closer and closer to the core of my deepest fears. Some of which I still feel seem somewhat identified with.

      What I mean with “being normal” is not to be unaware or unconsious, but rather be able to enjoy physicality in a way that corresponds to what people around me seem to be able to achieve. Otherwise I’m not sure if I see the point of having a physical body. I know that in the end I walk alone, and I’ve always walked alone, but I want to experience sharing physicality. I want to experience being mentally and physically close to other human beings along this road. I want to experience relationships, love and eventually a family of my own. Being able to access and create these situations and relations is what “being normal” means to me.

      A relationship is not something I “need”, it’s not like the need for air or water, which is necessary to sustain life itself. In theory I could live my whole life without any company at all, but is this what I want? Company is probably the strongest desire that I have, and maybe ever will have. If you’re a balanced individual I don’t think it’s natural to have that a strong desire without having it automatically fulfilled by nature. Because that’s the way towards universal balance. The only thing I can think of that would prevent the realization of my dreams is my own negative momentum.

      I also believe that a person can be balanced in some areas and unbalanced in some. Creating relationships has always been the major unbalance for me. Will I ever be “normal” enough to be able to achieve this? Will I be able to achieve this when I’m still young enough to raise a family? I don’t know. It’s all about desires, but there’s no garantee I’ll get there. And if I get there, there’s no garantee it will be in time to enjoy the benefits of inner freedom in this lifetime. I’m just 35 years old, but you never know.

      I realize now that my negative momentum has been with me all my life. A lot is definately inherited, but I may have brought a lot with me into this life as well. And I’ve certainly spent a lot of my youth and adult life increasing the negativity within. I’ve always been somewhat of a loner and have had a lot of time (too much?) together with my mind and my thoughts. My mind always tried to use logic and the worst case scenario to analyze where I was and my value as a person compared to others.

    4. William

      Mark, you’re able to explain in a simple way something that could be considered very complex. What you write rings true for me. Even though my thoughts are not pleasant in any way I’ve not yet let them change me. And I’ve definately surrendered, I’ve surrendered to life, to my future and to who I am. In the long run nothing outside myself can ever affect me or put me off balance. I may not be there 100% yet, but I’m only through half of the Brainewave process, and I still have a lot of releases going on.

      My experience is that whenever you move to a new Brainwave level it feels really bad about the first week or so. After then you acclimatize to the new combinations of frequencies, but I tend to feel like the initial resistance to each mp3 is getting more and more intense for each level. I also feel like the the first releases that happened for me were smaller and more innocent. As I progress the releases are getting bigger and more intense for each day and each month. This may be a natural process as you progress and move down through layer after layer, but I don’t know if this is also the experience of others? If so, the “last” release that I will go through will also be the biggest and most complex.

      Even though I may still have a long way to go, I’ve recently, for short periods of time, once in a will, been able to feel what it would be like without negativity. I feel like my energy gets centered within me. Instead of being scattered it gets centered into an even and brightly shining, radiating, white light. For some reason I get the feeling this may be a sensation of what it will feel like when you reach inner freedom and balance within yourself.

      Maybe I’ll see for myself and know for certain in a few months.

    5. Mark


      I am glad if what I wrote can help you. Yes, the stronger your awareness means the further is the distance between your ego and your being. Sen mentioned about this, when the ego starts to lose it’s power, the release will also go uncontrolled, and will get more and more intense. Lately I have been through some very intense release triggered by some events. And like Sen said, life will assist us in the release, and every events has it’s own growth purpose. I figure a lot of things.

      Before I also was very needy in a relationship, but ironically, this neediness is the one who led me to freedom. And right now, I am in another relationship, but the experience is different. And now, I am not addicted to video games, I still have the desire to play but I know when to stop to rest or doing other activities. In the process of release, you will also change, you know it or not. So, don’t worry about anything, just relax. Every person’s experience is unique, but some is similar. Still in similarity there is a uniqueness.


  24. Anonymous

    Dear Sen,

    I am into my third level/month of BrainEv/Allowing. I am able to handle stressful situations much better.

    I heard a new song and it keeps repeating in my head since almost 9 days. Is this due to high momentum? I am of course allowing the irritation and sometimes frustration at not being able to get rid of it.

    Never before did a song repeat for so many days in my mind. Is this a part of the detox. If so, is life giving me this extreme situation that it never gave me earlier? Thanks for being so patient.

  25. AASC

    Hi Sen.
    I am currently on level 3, having done already the level 1 and level 2, only from level 2 was really new, because I did listen to the demo.
    On level 2 I noticed the phase of release that you mention about, in you words, the subconscious comming to the conscious, but on level 3 I was really surprised about how it is that much intense than level 2.
    Naturally, I’ve been living with some what I like to call “pain attacks” in which the brain goes to high momentum stage, however I just allow it, being well informed about inner freedom and allowing. I have been having, besides these high momentums, feeling the energy mostly in my arms and legs, where I guess one can feel most negative energy.

    So, I guess my question is: to what extent does all of this has to do with this level 3?

    And other question: allowing the whatever feeling may arise is the only possible way to transmute it to conscious balance energy right?


    1. Sen Post author

      AASC, the level-2 and level-3 of Brainev are specifically designed to unearth aspects of imbalance in your brain (and thus your emotional space, because the mental aspects triggers the emotional aspect). The unearthing of these imbalanced emotional energies, that have been suppressed/accumulated at a cellular level and being level, is a part of the phase of release. So, Brainev assists in a faster unearthing, and also a deeper unearthing, and hence the time take to find balance is reduced – this is especially true if you are in sync with the state of allowing while also using Brainev. As for your second question – yeah, that’s true, balance sets in naturally in a state of openness to everything that arises as a part of the release.

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