Reuse Rights

This page defines the types of reprint/republishing rights that are allowed and ones that are not allowed.

A.) The following usage is allowed:

The following usage is allowed as long as proper credit is given to as mentioned below:


Credit/attribution can be in form of a direct link to the homepage of the site which is or by giving a link to the original article’s URL.

For example:

Original Article Source:

The link can make use of an anchor text. For example: Original Source.

1.) Reprints in your website/blog: You are free to republish article(s) on this site in its entirely or partly in your website/blog.

2.) Translations: You are free to translate the articles on this site in other languages and publish them on your website/blog.

Please send us an email with URLs once the article(s) is live on your website/blog.

B.) The following usage is NOT allowed:

1.) Including content on this site as part of an E-book/E-magazine/E-pub, that can be read online/offline or is being offered as a digital download. Eg: A kindle ebook.

2.) Republishing content of this site as part of a physical book.

Other Usages:

1.) Reprints in a Magazine/Newspaper: If you would like to republish content on this site as part of a magazine/newspaper article, please get in touch with us at, mentioning the URL(s) of the content that you wish to reproduce.

For any other usage not mentioned on this page, please contact the webmaster of this site at: