A Steady Access to Wisdom

Wisdom-based thinking is far superior than any form of “forced” positive thinking. Wisdom-based thinking is most natural to the being that you are (it’s the natural intelligence inherent to life-energy), however this natural mode of thinking is only available, seamlessly, when you are in a state of balance – when you are imbalanced towards light […]

The Attitude Required For Inner Freedom

If I have to summarize the attitude which is required for coming to a place of true inner freedom, it would be – being fearless. The attitude of being fearless is not about the complete “absence” of fear (after all fear is one of the natural dimensions of thinking/mind) but about the openness to allow […]

Law of Attraction and Destiny

The more you observe life, the more you start understanding that the truth is always found in the “grey” areas, rather than in a black and white form of thinking. Different teachings pertaining to the “law of attraction” have been around for a long time, and movies like “The Secret” created a form of mass […]

Overcoming Fear Through Understanding Reality

You cannot get “rid” of a fear, you can only become “okay” with a fear – when you become okay with a fear, you’ve overcome that fear. If you seek to get rid of a fear you will be entrapped in that fear in some way or the other. Once you accept this simple truth […]

A Different Approach to Thinking

Life is a “thinking energy”, you as a soul/being as well as you as the physical body (with the heart & brain as the intelligence centers) are a form of life-energy and hence have this inherent nature of being a “thinking” entity. Living from a place of wholeness has nothing to do with the “end […]

Balancing the Energy of Discontentment

Growth is an inherent nature of life-energy. The term “growth” is just a pointer – it basically points to the dynamic nature of life-energy, which is also what is sensed as “aliveness”. The word “life” is more a verb than a noun, it’s not a constant, it’s ever-changing, always in movement. Life-energy is also an […]

Deepening in Inner Freedom

Sometimes the journey towards inner freedom can feel like a paradox, for example, there may be a phase where there is a movement towards freeing you from your ego and it can be followed by a phase where there is a movement towards freeing you from trying to be “egoless” – you can see how […]

Overcoming the Resistance of Lethargy

Lethargy can be a force of resistance to “right action”. If there is a presence of lethargy, it’s difficult to follow the inspirations, within you, for action – it’s like your body is not being co-operative to your mind/thinking. You need to be free of the mindset of struggle-based living, where you are moving from […]

Light and Dark Nature of Conscious Living

Like any reality of life, the experience of conscious living has its components of light nature and dark nature. To judge a dark nature as negative is simply a matter of perspective, the truth is that a dark nature is simply the balancing polarity of light nature. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I don’t […]

Ego force, Brain Momentum and Emotional Accumulation

The journey towards finding your inner wholeness involves freedom from three forms of resistance – the ego force, brain momentum and emotional accumulation. All these three factors, in combination, contribute to an imbalanced “mind” momentum (or momentum of negativity), the mind being just a pointer to the space of thoughts in a being. The ego-force […]

Living Oneness

The ones among you who have been privy to spiritual teachings would be very familiar with terms like oneness, non-duality, emptiness and “nothingness”, used by some teachers to point to the sense that one has in the state of wholeness. These terms can be quite flabbergasting to someone who has no real perspective on what […]

The Basis of Inner Freedom

When you align yourself with the reality of life you reach inner freedom very naturally. The simple reasoning is that there is no difference between you and life, because you are the same life-energy; life-energy is the only presence here, what’s called in spiritual teachings as the “I am that I am” or “All there […]

Aligning With Your Value System

In the post – a lesson in humility, I talked about how the plane of Earth is a perfect schooling ground for a soul (being) to learn a sense of authentic humility through coming to an understanding of the oneness of life, thus letting go of egoic pride, and seeing through any sense of false […]

Identifying Your Ego Force

Ego is your sense of “I”, it will always be present in any consciousness (being) and it’s not a problem by itself, however the “ego-force” is at the root-cause of resistance to your “life force”, and thus is responsible for all the psychological suffering created by this resistance – by psychological suffering, I mean emotional […]

Heeding Your Wake-Up Call

One of the most significant growth that a being goes through is the growth towards finding a conscious balance, what I also call coming to a place of inner wholeness. This “balance” is about integrating the light and dark nature (yin/yang) component in your being; this integration brings you to a place of inner wholeness, […]

A Total Inner Independence

There is a lot of talk about “detachment” in many spiritual teachings and an imbalanced ego can take up this pointer as a “practice” to execute. Trying to detach just becomes another attachment, an attachment to a “detached living”, and it’s just as dysfunctional as an imbalanced/fear-based attachment. An imbalanced ego force cannot really understand […]

A Fearless Self-discovery

If you are on this journey towards self-discovery, you are inevitably also on a journey towards a fearless expression, what I also call your natural expression unfolding. The mind immediately will associate something “spiritual” with these terms, basically because we always seem to associate this journey of self-discovery with some deluded notion of becoming unworldly […]

A Wholeness-Based Self

A lot of spiritual teachers talk about reaching a place of “no self” or the “egoless state”, and the way I see it, it’s one of the most ambiguous and highly inaccurate pointer about the state of wholeness. It also creates a lot of false imagination, and unnecessary anxiety in the student/seeker – after all […]

Understanding the Reality of Time

Einstein made a quote once stating that “time is an illusion”, his reasoning was that if you are doing something you enjoy one hour seems like one minute, and if you are doing something you hate (or are tormented by) one minute seems like an hour, so time is relative to your experience, and of […]

FAQ on the State of Allowing

Based on the emails I receive and the queries posted via comments, I’ve compiled a list of a few frequently asked questions/clarifications with an explanation for each. Is the state of allowing the same as watching thoughts? No, the state of allowing is not about being stridently aware of one’s thoughts, rather it’s a state […]

A Deeper Perspective on Emotions

Sensitivity, feelings, thoughts and emotions are different terms which we may use without being very clear in ourselves about what they really mean. For example, we use terms like sensitivity, feelings and emotions interchangeably in many ways. It’s important that I define what I mean when I use these terms, in the context of this […]

An Unwavering Peace

If you are presently experiencing a barrage of negativity from your mind, with a constant flux of emotions, it may seem unrealistic to even imagine that one can actually come to a place of unwavering peace – but eventually, as you move through the process of releasing the mind momentum, you inevitably end up in […]

Beyond Enjoyment

The pointer of “follow your joy” is a temporary bridge to take you out of a fear-based mindset, or a struggle-based mindset. However, there is a drive far stronger than just joy, I like to call this drive as an wholeness based movement; this movement is not just dependent on enjoyment, rather it seems to […]

A False Sense of Extra-ordinariness

A reality based truth about life is that it’s always at square one, all the time, no matter what relative changes are perceived. When you deeply realize this truth about life it will unequivocally burst any bubble of extra-ordinariness that you might be holding on to, about yourself, about others, about a future event or […]

The Resistance of Over-Excitement

The state of over-excitement is a sign of inner restlessness and instability – this imbalance becomes evident when you notice that the states of over-excitement always create the opposite states of a real downer (depression or frustration) as the next cycle. Over-excitement pulls you to one extreme of light natured polarity, as result the next […]