Personal Interaction/Counseling

If you desire to discuss your specific issues, we can have a conversation via Skype or Gtalk. If you would like to skype, email me your skype id at If you would like to use Gtalk, send me an email from your gmail id, and I will have you added to my chat list. It would be useful if you can also specify your location (country), and the time that’s convenient for you to have the interaction.

Purpose Of The Chat

The basic purpose of the interaction would be to understand your specific concerns, issues or clarifications with respect to any pattern of negativity or imbalance that you sense in your life/reality, and work towards identifying the root cause of it in your mind. Since the outside reality is always a mirror of your inner space, the root cause is always within, hence the crux of our interaction would be to identify inner conflicts/imbalance, and bring a resolution to it through insights, understanding and alignment.


I would not want to set up any fixed fee structure – different people have different financial provision and the chat sessions will vary in time (some may chat for 30 minutes some for a few hours), so considering these aspects I believe it’s more viable if you make a donation, as per your desire, at the end of each chat session. The secure payment portal where you can make the donation is this – Donation Page.

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