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Taking Decisions

One of the most undeniable, and inescapable, experiences of living is the experience of making decisions based on choices. There is this whole debate of “total free will” vs “zero free will” but eventually the truth is in the grey areas, you don’t have free-will in some aspects and you do have free-will in some […]

Connecting with Inner Power

Love in the absence of power becomes dysfunctional as does power in the absence of love, it’s just that a person who is imbalanced towards the nature of love is usually seen as the “victim” while a person who is imbalanced towards power is seen as a cold-hearted jerk or something evil – they are […]

The Experience of Finding Balance

In a state of “low awareness” the tendency of a being is to be unconsciously imbalanced (in varying degrees), however, as one’s awareness starts growing/evolving the natural pull, or pressure, is towards finding conscious balance – it becomes inevitable. The state of low-awareness is also what I call the state of “unconsciousness” – which is […]

Understanding Your Sexual Energy and Sexuality

Sexuality is a nature in us, as beings of life-energy, and, like every aspect in us, this nature also requires conscious balancing to ensure that we experience, and express, sexuality in a manner that’s aligned with wisdom along with enjoyment/appreciation of the same. As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, there are 6 natures, or […]

Seeing Through Deluded Thinking

When you consciously practice staying in a state of allowing you will be able to release the momentum of past emotions (that you may be carrying as a baggage in your being or in your physical body), and can allow your mind momentum to come to a state of balance, thus allowing you to work […]

Conscious Choice

Conscious living is all about living aligned with reality. A truly conscious/aware person is very grounded in the reality of life, he/she is not working from a place of delusion – the advantage (or light nature) of such a way of living is that you have peace and you are conflict-free, the dark nature of […]

A Steady Access to Wisdom

Wisdom-based thinking is far superior than any form of “forced” positive thinking. Wisdom-based thinking is most natural to the being that you are (it’s the natural intelligence inherent to life-energy), however this natural mode of thinking is only available, seamlessly, when you are in a state of balance – when you are imbalanced towards light […]

The Attitude Required For Inner Freedom

If I have to summarize the attitude which is required for coming to a place of true inner freedom, it would be – being fearless. The attitude of being fearless is not about the complete “absence” of fear (after all fear is one of the natural dimensions of thinking/mind) but about the openness to allow […]

Overcoming Fear Through Understanding Reality

You cannot get “rid” of a fear, you can only become “okay” with a fear – when you become okay with a fear, you’ve overcome that fear. If you seek to get rid of a fear you will be entrapped in that fear in some way or the other. Once you accept this simple truth […]

Ego force, Brain Momentum and Emotional Accumulation

The journey towards finding your inner wholeness involves freedom from three forms of resistance – the ego force, brain momentum and emotional accumulation. All these three factors, in combination, contribute to an imbalanced “mind” momentum (or momentum of negativity), the mind being just a pointer to the space of thoughts in a being. The ego-force […]

Heeding Your Wake-Up Call

One of the most significant growth that a being goes through is the growth towards finding a conscious balance, what I also call coming to a place of inner wholeness. This “balance” is about integrating the light and dark nature (yin/yang) component in your being; this integration brings you to a place of inner wholeness, […]

A Fearless Self-discovery

If you are on this journey towards self-discovery, you are inevitably also on a journey towards a fearless expression, what I also call your natural expression unfolding. The mind immediately will associate something “spiritual” with these terms, basically because we always seem to associate this journey of self-discovery with some deluded notion of becoming unworldly […]

FAQ on the State of Allowing

Based on the emails I receive and the queries posted via comments, I’ve compiled a list of a few frequently asked questions/clarifications with an explanation for each. Is the state of allowing the same as watching thoughts? No, the state of allowing is not about being stridently aware of one’s thoughts, rather it’s a state […]

A Question of Attitude

The difference between a person who stays a prisoner to the negative momentum in the mind, and a person who moves towards freedom from it, lies in the attitude – the former is always buying into the negativity of the mind, while the latter is never defending negativity at any moment. Attitude is a matter […]

What Does Staying Present Mean?

There are so many misunderstandings about the pointer of “staying present” mostly because this pointer can easily be made into a technique and then become another means to feel bad about yourself saying “I find it difficult to stay present so there is something wrong with me”. It’s easy for the brain to make everything […]

A Balance between Experience and Expression

The reason why non-physical life energy comes into physicality is for the dual purpose of “experiencing” and “expressing”. One without the other feels “empty” – if you are only experiencing but not expressing, you soon start feeling hollow, and when you are only expressing, without savoring the experience, you start feeling burnt out. We are […]

What is Your Courage Quotient?

The way I define courage quotient, in a person, is their capacity to allow fear. True courage is not about some dramatic heroism or a show-off act, it’s simply an ordinary openness to allow fear and not shy away from it. A lot of unnecessary heroics stems out of the inability to allow fear within […]

Dealing With Uncertainty

Anyone who sees through his/her mind easily understands that the mind is not a problem, it’s just a machine designed for physicality. I use the word “mind” to refer to your brain and your heart in conjunction because both these organs define the thought space of your physical body – however, it can suffix to […]

How to Reduce the Mental Dialogue

You will notice that the brain has the tendency to “voice out” thoughts in a language that’s native to you, or the language you are comfortable with. However, the efficient/normal mode of operation in a brain is when it operates in “silence”, without translating every thought into wordful noise. Translation of thoughts is an additional […]

How Does Confidence Arise From Awareness

The factor that causes most suffering in our life is “fear”. The mind being a survival machine can easily tap into the dimension of fear and when one’s awareness is not strong, it’s easy to get pulled into fueling the fears of the mind through identification with it. Awareness is the only force that can […]

Getting Off The Rat Race Track

We create our reality through a conscious or unconscious choice. Of course the term “unconscious choice” is just a contradiction, because how can you have a choice when you are not even conscious that you have a choice. A lot of us make an unconscious choice towards creating a life that feels very stressful and […]

Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential

Once you allow your brain to connect with the intelligence of your life stream, you’ve basically unlocked its true potential. All that’s needed to make this connection possible, and seamless, is for you to move out of the way – you are unconsciously blocking the connection of your mind with the intelligence of your life […]

Soothe Your Resistance

When you imagine yourself to be a channel through which life force can manifest realities, you understand that the “rapidity” with which your desires manifest depends solely on how allowing you are of this life force. The more resistance that’s present in you the slower the movement of life force through you, and thus slower, […]

Deeply Grounded in Reality

For you to manifest your desired physical realities the most important requirement is that you be totally grounded in the reality of physicality (or the true nature of your physical world). The reason why most people have a hard time manifesting their desired reality is because they are holding on to some “fantasy” based ideas […]

Channel Your Sexual Energy

The intensity of sexual energy cannot be matched with any emotion known to humans. The force instigated by sexual energy can override even the most intense fears in a human; there is enough evidence to suggest that humans can undertake some extremely risky behaviors under the influence of this energy, which they would not dream […]