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Identifying Your Ego Force

Ego is your sense of “I”, it will always be present in any consciousness (being) and it’s not a problem by itself, however the “ego-force” is at the root-cause of resistance to your “life force”, and thus is responsible for all the psychological suffering created by this resistance – by psychological suffering, I mean emotional […]

A Wholeness-Based Self

A lot of spiritual teachers talk about reaching a place of “no self” or the “egoless state”, and the way I see it, it’s one of the most ambiguous and highly inaccurate pointer about the state of wholeness. It also creates a lot of false imagination, and unnecessary anxiety in the student/seeker – after all […]

An Intimate Indifference

Intimacy and indifference are like polar opposites – just like light and dark seem like polar opposites. However, in the state of inner wholeness you sense an “intimate indifference” with everything – you feel deeply intimate/passionate and yet there is an open space of indifference to everything you enter into a relationship with, be it […]

The Space of Being

If you can sit for 10 minutes, with your eyes closed, without the need to do anything, you automatically drop into the space of life/being around the noise of your mind and feelings. The problem however is that most people who use this pointer as a technique end up “trying to do nothing”, which basically […]

Moving From Wisdom Rather Than Fear

In a simple sense the whole point of being aware is to be free of resistance of the mind so that one can move freely in accordance with inner guidance and inspiration. The mind’s resistance is a constant obstacle that seems to stand in the way of our seamless expression of our full potential. Anxiety, […]

Allowing the Release of Suppressed Energy

Life is energy in play and the more free flowing the energy is the more vibrant/whole you feel – pockets of energy which are suppressed, or “held”, within you become sources of resistance to the free flow of your life expression. It’s not even essential to know when you created these blocks of suppressed energy, […]

Reaching a Place of Total Allowing

The space of inner wholeness arises when you release most of the negative energy momentum that has been accumulated in your body/mind. The way to release this momentum is by letting go of giving new fuel to it, so that it runs purely on its past fuel which gets exhausted with time. The various ways […]

What Is Awareness?

It’s important to have the right understanding of a pointer like “awareness” because it’s the foundation of how to start coming out the dysfunction of negativity. In this post, I would like to give a clear description of what I really mean when I use the pointer of “awareness”. Where does awareness originate from? Look […]

Seeing Beyond the Brain’s Perspective

If there is no space in you beyond the perspective of ego, it makes you a very shallow person with no depth in your view of life. All forms of racism, intolerance, abuse, superiority complex and inferiority complex arises from a total identification with the ego’s point of view without any connection with the space […]

The Practice of Relaxed Awareness

The terms “awareness” and “attention” seem to have the same meaning and hence can be a cause of confusion when used in the context of thoughts. I’ve mentioned in many posts, and in comments, about staying as a space of awareness and allowing the mind to have a free movement – what I call “conscious […]

Freedom from the Influence of Negativity

Once you awaken to the truth that “who you really are” is a pure positive being, the journey from there on is all about a gradual dissolution of negativity from the space of your human consciousness. There comes a point where negativity does not have a hold on your being anymore, and the mind also […]

What Happens When Negative Momentum Dies Away

When your awareness becomes focused in this physical body, during your waking hours, it immediately becomes identified with the mind/brain because the mind is the only “noisy” part (or the part of body that produces wordy thoughts). When you are in this state of being, you give constant attention to the mind’s thought space and […]

Awareness Deepens Your Experiences

All experiences have an infinite “depth” to them and it totally depends on your level of consciousness as to how much of its depth is accessible to you. A human being who has very little depth of awareness in him/her is usually only at the “surface” of an experience and hence misses out on really […]

Positive Thinking Vs Fearless Awareness

A thought is basically “energy vibrating”. Also, an energy vibration can only produce/attract thoughts of similar frequency. When your underlying vibration has patterns of fear/hatred, it’s not really possible to be authentically positive in your thoughts – of course these underlying vibrations of fear/hatred are originally created by some “core thoughts” of confusion or misalignment […]

Seeing Through Your Fake Persona

The word “persona” is basically derived from latin where it originally meant “a theatrical mask”. It’s fitting that the word “personality” is a derivative of persona because in most people their personality is simply a “mask” they wear to hide (or hide from) their true human self. The beautiful thing is that beneath all the […]

Bring the Light of Awareness to Your Fears

Fear is the reaction you feel in the body when the mind senses danger. Fear is simply an energy movement in the body that prepares it for a “fight or flight” response. When there is a real survival threat, like if you are being attacked physically by someone or something, this energy of fear is […]

How Can I Practice Being Present?

Presence is not a practice, it’s who you are. You are the consciousness or presence that is aware of every thing that arises in the Now. In other words, you “are” the field of Now in which all forms (including your body) arises and animates. When you are lost in mind identification it just means […]

Allow Yourself to Be Emptied of Negativity

You may be carrying a cloud of negativity in your energy field which shield you from experiencing your natural joy of being. People try to subdue or suppress this negativity by indulging in temporary relief practices, which are primarily “distractions”, that do nothing to release this energy, all it does is it temporarily removes it […]

Why Am I Finding it Hard to Stay Present?

The inspiration to write this article came from a comment by Cihan on one of my previous writings “How to slow down thoughts”. Thanks Cihan. Many people who are on the path of liberation often practice the technique of “Staying in the Now” or staying present. It’s important to understand that this practice is meant […]

Knowing Your Unconditioned Nature

Unless you know who you are “originally”, you can never really accept the conditioned expression of your physical extension (the body) completely. Who you are originally is “pure consciousness” or “pure positive energy”, which can also be called unconditioned intelligence or spirit. To think that you are this body is a limiting delusion which not […]