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The Cause of Feeling Meaningless

If you are feeling meaningless the cause is always the same – you are not living the life you truly intend at this moment and may have come to a conclusion that it’s not possible to have that life. If you had a hope that your life is moving towards your intended expression/experience, you would […]

A Clarity of Intent

Clarity of intent (or desire) can only arise when you are willing to connect with yourself and thus get a sense of the experiences you wish to have, that feel aligned with you, based on awareness of your present life and knowing yourself as you truly are. The essential pointer is “connect with yourself”, which […]

A Clear Minded Focus

When you have a deep awareness/understanding of your mind (and body), where you understand all its dimensions, its limitations and its personality, you are finally in a place to have a “clear minded focus” on what you truly desire to experience in your life going forward – this clear minded focus is the culmination of […]

Life Does Not Join You In Negative Thinking

It’s quite a revelation to understand that life energy is opposed to negative thinking – the reason why you feel bad when you think negative thoughts is because in that moment your life energy, the wholeness of life, does not agree with you. So when you think a negative thought you are on our own, […]

Why do Positive Thoughts Feel Good?

A lot of people go through varying intensity of feelings everyday without ever trying to look at them in a scientific manner to understand the exact reason why feelings are generated in the first place. Everything in life has a “cause”, and nothing can come into existence without an initial cause that creates it. If […]

What Is The Cause of Nightmares?

Your dreams are an excellent gauge of the various vibrations present in you and they indicate if you are dominantly in a positive vibration or in a negative vibration. Your dreams are highly indicative of the various subconscious vibrations (feelings/emotions/thoughts that are present in you that you are not facing up to consciously), and thus […]

Healing Physical Ailments through Alignment

When the mind/brain becomes aware of a certain dysfunction in the body it immediately creates a desire for well-being. This desire becomes the “clay” that starts taking the shape of a reality where the body is healed of the dysfunction. What happens scientifically is that this desire becomes “energetically” present in the space of your […]

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs Regarding Money

In the reality that we live in on this planet, certain experiences can be had for free without requiring the payment of any money while certain other experiences require you to dish out cash in return for the service or product (that allows you to have the experience you desire). For example, the experience of […]

Attracting Positive Experiences

The non-physical energy, that you essentially are, intends to take physical forms in order to “experience”. Without physicality there is no possibility of “experience”, because experience is all about variations/changes in your vibration which is only possible when you are in a form/body which allows such variations to take place. When you are “non-physical” energy […]

Identify Your Negativity

Unless you become thoroughly aware of the negative patterns of thought in your mind, you cannot dissolve it. In fact the very act of being aware of a negative thought pattern is enough to start its dissolution – nothing more is really needed. The problem is that most people who are stuck in unwanted realities […]

Freedom from Realities You Dislike

When you find yourself in the presence of a manifested reality that you “dislike” it’s an indication of a belief/thought in you that is contradicting your true nature. Since your true nature is rooted in love and abundance, any thought in you that is rooted in hatred, fear or lack will cause the attraction of […]

How to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs?

You can look at a belief as a “lens” through which you see reality. When you have a red lens on your eyes, you can only see red and when you replace it with a blue lens suddenly the reality is all blue – so what is the true color of reality? Quite simply “Nothing”, […]

Develop a Positive Self Image Consciously

The self-image that you have in your mind is a powerful “factor” in attracting your external reality. People who have a positive self-image always attract a positive reality around themselves while people who have a pre-dominantly negative self-image attract a negative reality. If you make an honest assessment of the self image that you are […]

Becoming Free of Thoughts of Limitation

The thoughts moving in the space of your consciousness have a “pulling” power (because thoughts are just forms of consciousness, and everything conscious has the power of “attraction”). A thought can strengthen itself, and become dense, when you give attention to it, or when you bestow “interest” in it. Remember that who you are is […]

How to Stop the Voices In My Head?

You cannot know what silence is if there was no noise. So the noise is essential for silence to know itself. In the same way, the formless one consciousness takes form in order to “know” itself. Negative thoughts, or the rampant voices in your head, are nothing but subtle “forms” that arise in the space […]