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An Understanding of Creation and Evolution

The “creative impulse” is an inherent part of our nature as beings of life-energy – the impulse/motivation to create. I don’t mean something mystical when I use the term “creative impulse”, it could be something totally mundane like creating a craft, cooking up a meal, cleaning a room, preparing a report, organizing a house party, […]

Light and Dark Nature of Conscious Living

Like any reality of life, the experience of conscious living has its components of light nature and dark nature. To judge a dark nature as negative is simply a matter of perspective, the truth is that a dark nature is simply the balancing polarity of light nature. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I don’t […]

The Basis of Inner Freedom

When you align yourself with the reality of life you reach inner freedom very naturally. The simple reasoning is that there is no difference between you and life, because you are the same life-energy; life-energy is the only presence here, what’s called in spiritual teachings as the “I am that I am” or “All there […]

Understanding the Reality of Time

Einstein made a quote once stating that “time is an illusion”, his reasoning was that if you are doing something you enjoy one hour seems like one minute, and if you are doing something you hate (or are tormented by) one minute seems like an hour, so time is relative to your experience, and of […]

Beyond Enjoyment

The pointer of “follow your joy” is a temporary bridge to take you out of a fear-based mindset, or a struggle-based mindset. However, there is a drive far stronger than just joy, I like to call this drive as an wholeness based movement; this movement is not just dependent on enjoyment, rather it seems to […]

A False Sense of Extra-ordinariness

A reality based truth about life is that it’s always at square one, all the time, no matter what relative changes are perceived. When you deeply realize this truth about life it will unequivocally burst any bubble of extra-ordinariness that you might be holding on to, about yourself, about others, about a future event or […]

A Deeper Understanding of Wholeness

The state of wholeness may very well look like a “light natured” state on the outside, in many ways, but in truth it’s far more deeper than a light natured state. The experience of wholeness and the experience of joy are two different feelings altogether – joy is a purely light natured state, whereas wholeness […]

The Power of Allowing

The state of suffering is simply a state of resistance to what arises, the end of suffering is when you are fully open to what arises, without any fear. This does not mean that when you become open to what arises, you will end up in perpetual joy (light nature), that would be totally unnatural, […]

Healing the Imbalance

If you observe scientifically, you will notice that life-energy is a combination of two polarities, different teachings use different names to define these polarities – yin and yang, masculine and feminine, dark and light, high and low etc. The biggest misunderstanding is to assume that harmony can come by rejecting one polarity and clinging to […]

A Lesson In Humility

One of the most important understandings, we come to gain, through our physical journey, is the lesson of humility. The truth is that power can/will become corrupt in the absence of humility. As the famous spider-man dialogue goes – “With great power comes great responsibility”, and without a sense of humility we cannot stand true […]

About Karma

The word “karma” is from the Sanskrit language, and it just means “action”. This word has become pretty popular world over, and it’s usually used to indicate that your “past affects your present” – what you did in the past will come back to influence your present is what its conversational meaning seems to imply. […]

A Mind Conducive to Heart’s Expression

Whether it be in a man or a woman, the mind can be sensed as a “male energy”. In the context of this post, by “mind” I am simply referring to the thinking part of the brain. There is sense of “toughness”, rigidity and strength which is inherent to the way a mind functions, which […]

Ending the Search for Meaning

At some point in our life, if we have some awareness, we sense this feeling of meaninglessness about everything. Mostly this feeling comes in when we’ve lived life, or contemplated life, enough to see that nothing really matters from an absolute perspective – everything physical is temporary, all achievements get forgotten/dissolved at some point and […]

Aligning with the Call of Your Life-stream

The reason why an unconscious mind craves a defined “structure” is because it’s afraid of being open to the depth of life. Following a conventional, society-defined, structure gives it a false sense of security, status, and even self-worth, which allows it to feel that it has “fitted in” and thus it keeps trying to hold […]

Wholeness In Physical Life

Negativity, the way I define it, is simply a state of resistance to what arises. We reactively have the tendency to resist what does not feel good in the body, for example, a thought in the mind, or a physical situation (like a body pain), which creates bad feelings is immediately resisted by us. This […]

Understanding the Realm of Physical Reality

As a human being, you are participating in a “physical reality”, specifically on this planet we call Earth. Basically, who you really are is a stream of non-physical awareness that’s focused on this physical reality through this temporary physical form you identify as your human body. Before something becomes physical, it is non-physical – just […]

Your Body Is a Machine Designed for Physicality

The body is made up of skin, flesh and bones just as the tree outside your house is made up of wood and foliage, just as the mountain is made up of stone. There is essentially no difference between any object that you see around you and your body – in that all are physical […]

Embracing the Ordinariness of Life

To be grounded in “reality” is to be fully cognizant of what the experience of “Now” really is like. Take a few minutes to really gauge your experience of your present moment while you read these words. There are thoughts fleeting through the mind and there are feelings in the body – this is what […]

To Think or Not To Think

Take a moment to recognize what are the parts/functions of your body that you can “control” voluntarily. You can control your hands, your legs, the movement of your head, your eyes, your lips, your tongue etc, plus you can control your mind voluntarily, for a while, through focus and you can also control your breathing, […]

Balance Your Personal Perspectives with the Absolute Perspective

As a human being, our mind has the tendency to have many human, or humane, perspectives. However, when we are totally ignorant of a higher or absolute perspective, it’s possible for our “humane perspectives” to become a source of negative thinking. For example, a person who is against non-vegetarians, because he/she thinks that non-vegetarians bring […]

A Query on Fate and Greed

I received a query from one of the readers regarding fate/destiny and the nature of greed. I wanted to share this reader’s query, as well as my reply to it, because I felt the other readers might have questions in their mind along the same lines. The reader’s message is as below. do you believe […]

Are You Tuned Into Your Well-being

The energy that you are is “vibrational” in nature – and everything around you, including your body, is just this energy vibrating as different “forms”. If you were good at “physics”, during your school days, you would know that sight, sound and touch are all interpretations of your sense organs decoding the vibrations of different […]

The Science of Manifestation

There are many books being written on the law of attraction, and it’s a good thing because the more humans become aware of this truth the more deliberate they will be in their thoughts and alignment, and thus become conscious creators of their reality. When you understand that you have the choice to mold your […]

Your Physical Reality Is Your Mirror

When I was in my previous office, some 8 years back, my manager told our team a story that had a deep insight in it (which I did not really see back then, but something I realized later). Here’s how the story goes “There was a puppy in the woods, he was feeling sad and […]

A Few Insights About Physicality

Your physical presence as a human being, inhabiting this planet, allows you to have a certain unique way of experiencing life. Your body is the vehicle through which you experience and interpret life. As the universal consciousness, you are also experiencing life through many other forms like vegetation, animals, birds, insects and other living organisms. […]