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Overcoming Restlessness

Restlessness is an indication that your brain is on an over-drive, in that it has gained a lot of undue momentum. This happens when you lose touch with the space of “being” and get totally lost in the restless pre-occupation of the brain. In this society where being “stressed out” is considered normal, people may […]

Dropping the Baggage of Beliefs

You don’t have to hold any “beliefs”, you don’t need to hold on to any concepts, you don’t have to hold any blind faith in any teaching – this is what true freedom is, when you don’t have to carry a baggage of beliefs in your mind all the time. Everything that you need, to […]

Desire without Craving

Desire arises when there is an impulse to experience a new reality. Sometimes desires arises from a perspective of wanting betterment, sometimes from the need to express your creativity and sometimes it arises out of the want for a sensual experience. Desire is the “base” of physical creation, because it’s the energy of desire that […]

A Deep Appreciation For What Is

Do you feel a sense of gratitude, and appreciation, for what you have presently in your life or are you constantly looking forward to a future moment to satisfy you? Most people feel a sense of unease with what is, and though they are not even sure of what they are looking for, they always […]

Why Am I Finding it Hard to Stay Present?

The inspiration to write this article came from a comment by Cihan on one of my previous writings “How to slow down thoughts”. Thanks Cihan. Many people who are on the path of liberation often practice the technique of “Staying in the Now” or staying present. It’s important to understand that this practice is meant […]