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Finding Your Natural Expertise

When we talk about natural expertise we usually restrict our focus on defining the “area” of talent, for example, we might say “he is talented in singing” or “he’s talented with number crunching” – I would call this “area-based” talent. So, whenever you are asked to look within and find your natural expertise, you immediately […]

A Deeper Perspective on Money

Money is simply a representation of “energy exchange”, you can either take, give or accumulate energy, and your state of balance, or imbalance, dictates how you experience this energy in your life. If you have an inner state of balance, you should/would also have a balance in your financial condition – your financial experience will […]

Balancing the Energy of Discontentment

Growth is an inherent nature of life-energy. The term “growth” is just a pointer – it basically points to the dynamic nature of life-energy, which is also what is sensed as “aliveness”. The word “life” is more a verb than a noun, it’s not a constant, it’s ever-changing, always in movement. Life-energy is also an […]

A Total Inner Independence

There is a lot of talk about “detachment” in many spiritual teachings and an imbalanced ego can take up this pointer as a “practice” to execute. Trying to detach just becomes another attachment, an attachment to a “detached living”, and it’s just as dysfunctional as an imbalanced/fear-based attachment. An imbalanced ego force cannot really understand […]

Experiencing Abundance

Ultimately the whole purpose of coming to a place of conscious living is to experience abundance in your physical life. Abundance in your physical reality is the evidence of your alignment – there is no getting away from this truth. Your external reality will never lie to you, it’s always a precise reflection of your […]

Deluded Desires vs Aligned Desires

When we start exploring our world, the reality around us as we perceive it, the brain comes up with several desires based on its level of awareness, understanding, maturity and knowledge. In all of us there is this core desire to have a joyful experience of life. To meet this core desire for a joyful […]

Developing the Attitude of Learning

Your attitude towards life decides your experience of it. The attitude of looking to “learn” is the most powerful attitude to carry since it allows for an inherently positive experience of life. For example, when you are in a seemingly negative life situation, if your attitude is to just complain, and feel frustrated, you will […]

Conscious Joy

When your joy (sense of wholeness) is shaken by some thoughts in the mind it’s just an indication that you are yet to come to a place of stability within you and are still, in some way, a prisoner to your mind’s movements. You can’t ever hope to control the mind/brain permanently, you can control […]

How to Attract Financial Stability

A part of being aware of the reality of physical life is to understand that there is never a permanent state of “stability” in physical reality – if you sense that you have a stability in some aspect in your life, where you “presently” see no scope for improvement or betterment, you can be sure […]

Consciously Defining Your Priorities

Your priorities in life play a huge role in attracting your reality. In a simple sense, your priority defines what your “focus” is on, and your focus is the signal that attracts your reality. If you sense that your life feels disorganized or chaotic, it’s an evidence, or proof, of the fact that your priorities […]

A New Beginning

Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. Let this year herald well-being, ease, positive growth and abundance in every form, by staying aligned with your life-stream. Technically, a year, 365 days, is the time it takes for Earth to make one full revolution around the sun. So basically we can start a new […]

Overcoming A Negative Body Image

A physical body has its boundaries and limitations which are basically defined by the natural conditioning present in it (biologically it’s attributed to “Genetics”). Just like there no two blades of grass that are alike, there are no two human bodies that are exactly alike (even twins), so each body has its own unique features. […]

Personal Chat

Some readers have asked for the possibility of having a personal counseling or coaching with respect to understanding the process of inner alignment. I’ve considered opening up the possibility of having a personal chat session and anyone who’s interested in having a conversation can simply access me on chat whenever I am online. The most […]

Getting Used To the Vibration of Joy

Joy is a high vibrational state of being. If your body has been used to being mostly in the lower vibrational states, it’s bound to feel uncomfortable staying in joy for long – ironical as it might seem. Even your mind would find it uneasy to stay in a state of higher vibration when it […]

Being Joy Oriented From a Place of Inner Wholeness

In a society, where we are indoctrinated in the principle of “no pain, no gain”, and which places more importance on sacrifice than joy-orientedness, it’s difficult for the mind to imagine that it can be aligned with pleasure and be a beneficiary of life’s abundance. And yet, the principle of creation in this universe is […]

The Power of Positive Expectation

The way I define “positive expectation” is when you are not clinging to any particular result/outcome but are trusting life’s intelligence to bring forth the most congruent and positive reality, knowing that your life force has the bigger picture. You are not imposing narrow expectations on any situation, or a person, but are open to […]

Manifest a Relaxed State of Being First

At the core of all our desires is our desire to be in a relaxed state of being. We don’t want a problematic life because it causes us to be stressful and what we desire deeply is to be relaxed. The very definition of stress is a state that’s opposed to a relaxed state of […]

A State of Balance

The imbalanced state of being is always moving into extremes – you are either totally lost in physicality or you are trying to totally detach from physicality. It’s like swinging from one extreme to another. The state of wholeness is a very simple place of “balance” where you are resting in the fullness of your […]

When You Are Happy You Are Secure

A lot of people have it the other way round, they say – “I will be happy when I feel secure”, when this is your mindset you will constantly be chasing security and thus feeling insecure all the time. In truth, if you are aligned with happiness, security will follow automatically owing to the well-being […]

Going With the Pull of Life

When you realize that you have available to you the wisdom/guidance of a higher intelligence on a moment to moment basis, you feel deeply secure in your physical being. However, the only way to tap into this guidance is to “constantly” go with the pull of your life stream. How do you know if you […]

Do You Feel Whole Within Yourself

This is a very powerful question that can reveal your true state of being if you are totally honest/authentic with the interrogation that this question instigates within. Inherently there are only two states of being 1. A state of inner wholeness 2. A state of inner incompleteness If you are honest with yourself you will […]

The Universe Is Here To Please You

If you can resonate with the title it’s an indication that you are well aligned with your wholeness and have experienced/sensed the well-being inherent in your life-stream, and if the above title rubs you the wrong way it’s a pretty strong indication of you holding on to some negative patterns of thought. When you are […]

Are You Willing To Merge With Your Wholeness

To “merge” and to maintain a “separation” are two completely different experiences, when you truly merge there is no feeling/experience of separation. When the mind sees itself as a separate “entity” living in this universe, there is a creation of an “ego structure” in the mind, which actually serves a practical purpose. However, this ego […]

Freedom with Wisdom

In our planet, with a human populations of close to 7 billion, it’s quite a marvel to observe the order and structure that we as humans have established in a manner that allows for people (in most parts) to experience security, stability and freedom of expression without chaos. Of course, there are regions in this […]

Don’t Resist Your Natural Way of Being

It takes a lot of energy, from the mind, to sustain an unnatural behavior. Whenever you take on a behavior, attitude, lifestyle or way of being, that is not natural to the make-up of your mind, a tremendous amount of effort is put forth (by your whole body) to sustain the energy required to maintain […]