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Law of Attraction and Destiny

The more you observe life, the more you start understanding that the truth is always found in the “grey” areas, rather than in a black and white form of thinking. Different teachings pertaining to the “law of attraction” have been around for a long time, and movies like “The Secret” created a form of mass […]

When Your Desire Feels Ordinary, It’s On the Verge of Manifestation

One of the misguided understandings people have, especially those who are learning about law of attraction, is that – “exhilaration is the highest vibration to achieve “, and that the more exhilarated they stay the quicker the manifestation. In truth, exhilaration is simply a state of transition when you are moving from a low vibration […]

Becoming A Deliberate Creator

The universe that you see around you was not created “randomly”, but it’s a creation of specific intent or “deliberate” intent on the part of the body of conscious energy that you essentially are. “Matter” cannot take shape in the absence of an “intent” for the creation of that matter. In fact, all forms are […]

The Value of Negativity

A lot of people who get some understanding on law of attraction seem to get even more rooted in fear because now they are afraid of their negative thoughts, because they feel they are going to “attract” negative realities every time they have a negative thought in their mind. This fear causes severe paranoia towards […]

Every Problem Manifests a Solution

When you think of a problem, you can feel a tug within you (we usually label it as “stress”) as if you are pulling away from a strong pull on the other side. Scientifically what’s happening, at the level of life energy, is that when you think of a problem you automatically desire a solution, […]

Become a Match to Your Desired Reality

One of the main reasons why people delay/block the manifestation of their desired reality is because they don’t allow a transformation to take place in themselves (in their outlook, personality, attitude, mindset) that would allow them to match up to this reality. In many cases, when you desire a new reality, in a lot of […]

Law of Attraction is the Basis of Creation

You cannot truly enjoy life until you align with your potential as a “creator”. The world you see around you is just “creation”, it’s just thought condensed into physical-ness. Who is focusing on these thoughts? And how are thoughts being converted to physical realities? Have you ever wondered who is keeping this entire physical reality […]

Stop Resisting Your Desires

Stop Resisting Your Desires There is a huge misunderstanding in the minds of many spiritually oriented people in that they think desire leads to suffering. Nothing could be far from truth. Desires don’t cause suffering, it’s the resistance to a born desire that leads to suffering. Once a desire is born, you can consider it […]

How Law of Attraction Affects the Thoughts in Your Mind

Are you constantly bombarded with thoughts that create feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, nervousness, jealousy, limitedness, or inferiority? Whether you are conscious of it or not, the fact remains that you are attracting these thoughts in your mind. You can blame your life situation, and circumstances, as much as you want but the truth still […]