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Deepening in Inner Freedom

Sometimes the journey towards inner freedom can feel like a paradox, for example, there may be a phase where there is a movement towards freeing you from your ego and it can be followed by a phase where there is a movement towards freeing you from trying to be “egoless” – you can see how […]

Living Oneness

The ones among you who have been privy to spiritual teachings would be very familiar with terms like oneness, non-duality, emptiness and “nothingness”, used by some teachers to point to the sense that one has in the state of wholeness. These terms can be quite flabbergasting to someone who has no real perspective on what […]

The Value of Pointers

If you look at it, the process of becoming free of negativity, and coming into alignment with yourself (with your life’s calling), just requires two steps 1. Develop your awareness by becoming “observant” of your thought/emotional space, instead of being lost in it 2. Go through a phase of letting go of the past negativity […]

Understanding the Oneness of Life

There are two ways to perceive life – 1. from a point of separation 2. from a point of oneness. When you perceive life from a point of separation you can’t help but suffer because it disconnects you from the inherent truth of life, which is “oneness”. When you perceive life from a point of […]

Seeking Enlightenment

I call this the age of awakening because it’s very evident that a lot people are ready to wake up from unconscious living, to move into a new way of living which can be called conscious living or aligned living or enlightened living (the labels don’t matter, as long as they help as pointers). The […]

Moving Towards a Mature Mind

The natural outcome of awakening out of identification with the mind is to allow for the development of a “mature” mind. In the absence of awareness it’s not possible for the mind to develop an all-round maturity. So waking up from being lost in the mind is the first step, but eventually it’s about bringing […]

Awakening, Transcendence and the Return of Focus – Part 2

Awakening to the truth of your “being nature”, and understanding the dynamics of your “human nature”, is all part of phase 2, where you are deepening in the true understanding of all your aspects. However, unless you realize that in the end all the “understanding” is essentially so you can let go of trying to […]

You Are a Happy Being

When the cloud of negativity fades away it becomes very apparent that the being that you are, and have always been, is a happy being. There are no exceptions to this fact, every being is essentially a happy being at the core and all the negativity is basically created from the unconscious identification to fear […]

Happy Without a Reason

The place of “happy without a reason” is not what your mind imagines it to be – it’s not a state of constant exhilaration but one of “stability”, it’s calm and yet alive. Happiness is just a term we humans have coined to describe the “feeling” of experiencing the natural vibration of life that happens […]

Awareness Will Eventually Touch Your Dark Side

As I mentioned in the post “The Descent of Awareness in You”, the movement of awareness is always all encompassing, it does not deny or avoid (or conveniently ignore) any aspect in your human/physical consciousness, rather it moves constantly towards touching all aspects, be it dark or light, within you, and it brings a wisdom […]

Know Yourself In Your Wholeness

“You” are everything and the more you understand yourself the more you understand everything and this is what enlightenment is. The starting point is always at a limited understanding of who you are, you see yourself through a very narrow perspective as a “body” that has a name and a gender, that has a race […]

The Descent of Awareness in You

Each of us is at a certain level of awareness and the outlook/preferences we have at any particular point in our life is determined not only by our external conditioning, and natural make-up of our brain, but also by the level of awareness that’s present in us. As the level of awareness keeps increasing in […]

There Is No Final Destination To Reach

In .life, you will never reach an “end point” where you feel you have finally made it. Even death is not an end point because your energy will continue further into new experiences of the non-physical nature and may further manifest into a new physical form as a matter of movement. There is no “end” […]

Knowing Yourself Is Enlightenment, Aligning With Yourself Is Freedom

Who you are is not a mystery but a very available truth, which you have access to if you would allow yourself to inquire into it deeply enough. The more time you spend with yourself, allowing your awareness to touch every aspect of you fully, the more you know yourself as who you are and […]

What Is Happiness?

If you look deeply enough you will get a sense that happiness is simply a state of being which is free of “fear”. Since fear is created only in the human brain, you can realize that happiness is the natural state of life and the only reason a human being does not experience happiness as […]

Everything Is You

This is not a philosophical statement or a spiritual one, but rather a highly scientific truth. Everything is just you, there is nothing else present here except you. However I would like to clarify that by “you” I don’t mean the “you” of the brain, because every brain has a “me” thought about itself which […]

What is Enlightenment and How Does It Unfold?

Everything I talk about is not something you need to accomplish, but it’s something that you will naturally start unfolding in you as you start awakening to your truth. It’s important to not label awakening as something “extra ordinary” or something mystical, because it’s simply a return back to your natural way of being, your […]

End of Negativity is the Beginning of Innocence

Who you are in your essence is a deeply innocent being without any guile or shrewdness, you are unconditional love itself. This deep innocence is present as the natural state of every living being and you can see this so clearly in the animals, birds and nature as a whole. There is a deep innocence […]

Freedom Arises With the End of Duality Within

The root cause of suffering is the “split” within the consciousness that is identified with duality based thinking. There is no “split” in reality, so when you create an illusionary split through duality based thoughts, you end up suffering. People who practice staying as a “field of awareness” can also move from a place of […]

The End of Duality

Life is just “one” thing, but thoughts have the ability to create the illusion of “separation”. If you don’t have access to the dimension in you that’s before thought, you will find yourself living through a very wrong vision of what life is. When you are lost in the illusion of separation, there is an […]

A Deep Desire for the Truth

For most people life is just about “crisis” management. Look back upon your life, and ask yourself if the whole journey till now has been just about “problem solving”, in most cases the answer would be “Yes”. People bring the same attitude towards “awakening”, their primary objective is – “how can awakening solve my problems”. […]

Allowing a Deep Inner Transformation

Life is in constant movement, in a forward motion towards continuous expansion. There is no “static-ness” in life and so if you are not willing to allow for a constant transformation, you become a source of resistance. The feeling of suffering within, is simply your resistance to the movement of life. You have to be […]