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Beyond Will Power

Working through will-power is the domain of the mind, however, it’s highly unnecessary to employ your personal will when you have your life-force providing the momentum to live your natural expression. The hatred dimension in our brain gives us the tendency to be “masochists” at some level or the other, in that we get a […]

Allowing the Tension of Creation

It’s easy to confuse the tension required for creation with the stress of resistance – the former is a natural movement whereas the latter is a resistance to this natural movement. Physical reality is created through the ebb and flow of life-energy, which means a constant movement of energy is required to keep the physical […]

Coming To A Passively Positive Mind

A lot of self-help books talk about “active positivity” where you are asked to hold positive self-talk, recite positive affirmation, do positive visualization, and basically do everything possible to suppress the negative thoughts. Anyone who has been down this path knows how much effort and frustration is involved in trying to be “actively positive”, fighting […]

Staying True To Your Comfort

Your comfort is of essence, and when you truly love yourself you will never want to put yourself in a situation that is not comfortable to you. The mind can come up with several excuses to make you do things that are not aligned with your natural inclination, and thus against your comfort – this […]

A Constant Self-Growth

In order to experience the manifestation of certain desired realities, it becomes imperative that we grow from within and be a different/better, or a more mature, person as a whole. Some desired realities just cannot manifest unless there is a deep change/growth in the mindset of the person involved, and thus what manifests is not […]

Do You Feel Good About Yourself?

Take a few moments to check within and get an honest answer to this question. The answer to this question will give you the reason your external reality is the way it is. If you answered an affirmative “yes”, then it’s a surety that your external reality is one that reflects a lot of well-being […]

Let Go Of the Effort to Make It Happen

As a human race, for long, we have always applauded the traits of grit, determination, effort, hard work, will power, discipline and struggle. These traits go hand in hand with the adage “No pain, No gain”. It’s very common for people to preach the values of hard work especially to kids, thus programming their minds […]